Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays 14th - 21st September

I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to do this, this week. I have been engaged in a project that has kept me totally busy and focused and I have managed to forget everything else. Please forgive me.

Happy Birthday to:

14th: imsodirtyhoney,
15th: rhinemaiden, xenelle, solookup,
16th: superfirechild, [personal profile] kieslin, abykitten,
17th: ericamalfoy, [personal profile] misterwalnut
18th: bloodstaindnght, [personal profile] romerose
19th: thilia, [personal profile] hils
20th: mieka_writes/[personal profile] mikea_writes, mikaiyawa,arrmaitee,
21st: dusk037, [personal profile] admiral, elyxer, [personal profile] dusk037, sarahtales, tiggerdabounce2,jamie2109

Many Happy Returns to you all.

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