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Birthdays for 20th July - 2nd Aug

My apologies for not posting last week and for being late this week - I came down with a nasty stomach flu on the Saturday before last that refused to remotely let go until the Wed and I've been playing catch up ever since.

Happy Birthday to:

20th: [personal profile] arineat
21st: paradise4writin
22nd: fangirl_07/[personal profile] fangirl_07, tazza_di_jo
23rd: tigertale7, [personal profile] kellyfaboo, wendywoo, [personal profile] mandaplz
24th: [personal profile] badfalcon
25th: [personal profile] lena204
27th: fyredancer/[personal profile] fyredancer, dramaphile
28th: 69512
29th: koyappi, [personal profile] argylepiratewd, eyoko
30th: lksnarry1, [personal profile] jadehunter, terrayndian/[personal profile] terrayndian, moniquemo, [personal profile] wolfangeldeath, txrabbit
31st: tarnationawaits, [personal profile] ampersandjay
1st: siyavosh, [personal profile] lrndng, leebenoit, [personal profile] glorafin, ggslash22, lrndng
2nd: damn_imasquib, [personal profile] melissar2112, tardis_stowaway, serpentsortiam

Many Happy Returns to you all.

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