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Fic: Black Magic By Moonlight 23 of 35 (HP/AB xover) [NC17/18]

WARNINGThis chapter contains adult content of an explicit nature. Rated NC17/18WARNING

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Title: Black Magic by Moonlight - A Harry Potter/ Anita Blake crossover
Chapter: 23 of 35 - Binding and Unbinding (NC17/18)
Author: Beren
Pairings: Asher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/Micah
Rating: NC17/18
Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?
Chapter listing: click here for other parts, publishing schedule and A/N
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and Laurell K. Hamilton, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, Orbit books, Time Warner Book group, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post Harry Potter and the OotP and post Incubus Dreams and therefore has SPOILERS for all previous books. If you don’t want to know anything that went on in or before HP book five or AB book twelve do not read this story.

Chapter 23 Binding and Unbinding (NC17/18)

It had been three days since the incident with the man from Harry's vision and the police still knew little more about him than his name which they had tracked down through missing persons. Anita had been somewhat annoyed for about a day over the whole incident, but something Jean-Claude had done had mellowed her attitude eventually. Lieutenant Storr seemed to be taking much more of an interest in Harry now that two of his leads had paid off, seemingly proving it was not a fluke, but the man did not seem to understand that Harry had no control at all over the link.

It wasn't even as if it was anything like the connection he had had with Voldemort, this one was only there if they chose to use his blood, and for all anyone could tell, that part was over. So when the doorbell rang while Lieutenant Storr was trying to wring out details that he did not have for what felt like the hundredth time, Harry decided that answering it himself would be a fantastic idea.

His still growing lycanthrope sense gave him an inkling of the fact that there was one of his kind outside, and by the time he opened the front door he knew enough to realise that there would be werewolf standing outside. The problem was he had assumed it would be Jason or one of the other locals and it was someone far more familiar.

"Remus," he said, completely shocked, "what are you doing here?"

"Your fire call to the Burrow was cryptic, Harry," Remus said looking at Harry in such a way that he just knew the werewolf sensed something about him. "When you become cryptic we all start worrying and eventually we can't stay out of it. I won the toss to come and find out what on earth is going on. If I don't report back in three days the cavalry will arrive."

Harry winced, he could just imagine the Order descending on St Louis; it would not be pretty.

"Oh," he said and stepped out of the doorway, "come on in then. Everyone's in the front room; first door on your right."

This was going to be interesting, especially since the police were here. As he followed Remus down the hall, something niggled at him. He could not work out what it was, but something about Remus was putting him on edge. Following his friend into the front room he tried very hard to figure out what it was.

"Everyone, this is Remus Lupin," he introduced as the werewolf's eyes tracked around the room. "Remus, standing in the corner is Lieutenant Storr, on the sofa we have Anita Blake and Nathaniel Grayson, and you know Draco."

"Pleased to meet you," Remus said politely, but the werewolf's voice was rather tight and he did not appear particularly pleased.

"Let me take your coat," Harry offered in a bid to break the awkward silence that seemed to fill the room.

The moment he touched Remus he felt pain and anguish and rage. It was the rage that took his breath away and he whimpered, but he could not take his hand off his friend's shoulder. It was not Remus in pain, well not exactly, it was his friend's wolf, and it was crying out in its fury and its agony.

"Oh god," Harry whispered, "what did they do to you?"

Remus' eyes met his and he could see the battle being fought deep within his friend. Harry sank into those eyes looking further with senses he had barely ever used before and he found what was wrong almost immediately. Silver chains could bind a lycanthrope, but it was not silver which bound Remus' beast it was magic. He saw it as thick magical ropes all over the wolf living inside his friend and it was terrible to behold. No wonder Remus' wolf hated humanity and wanted to destroy it if this was what it had done to him.

The pain was too much and Harry couldn't bear it. He did the only thing a rational human being could; he tried to help. Under the force of his magic the binding shattered in an almighty explosion and he was thrown back into the real world. He could feel tears on his face and Anita and Nathaniel were both on their feet behind him.

Remus was still standing in front of him, a look of complete shock in his expression before his features contorted in agony. The familiar feel of lycanthrope power filled the room.

"He's shifting," Anita said and from the sound of her voice Harry knew that she most likely had her gun in her hand.

He did not want Remus shot, and he knew what was happening. The werewolf's beast was free and having been caged so long it wanted to rage. Rationally, Harry realised that what he had just done was incredibly dangerous and incredibly stupid, but what was done was done and now he had to make sure no one was hurt. There was only one thing in the room powerful enough to stop an enraged werewolf that did not involve silver bullets, and that was him. Without another thought he shifted, clothes splitting like so many rags as he grew into his catman form.

He barely felt the pain when his physical shape changed as he focused entirely on Remus. By the time he was fully shifted there was a snarling wolf in front of him, one that wanted blood and revenge. When the wolf sprang he moved to meet him and they collided with a loud thud, but he did not give ground. As the werewolf scratched and tried to bite him he used his own strength and body weight to throw them down onto the floor with him on top. He had no intention of letting Remus near anyone else in the room and he pinned his friend under him, absorbing the struggles and taking the wounds that Remus' sharp teeth and claws were inflicting.

"He's going to kill him," Dolph sounded ready to inflict serious damage.

Harry was not an alpha werewolf, he was a leopard and as such his beast could not control Remus'. Having Jean-Claude or one of the alphas of the local pack would have been the perfect solution, but neither of those was available. Jean-Claude had told him that Philip had been able to call the wolf as his animal, but Harry had never shown that ability. With desperation born of the knowledge that Anita would kill Remus if she had to and this was all his fault, Harry reached for his vampire and sought the ability he was supposed to have. He had shown so many vampire traits, but his wereleopard nature seemed to have suppressed this one.

Remus was still trying to break free and the wolf had his jaws wrapped around Harry's shoulder, but he was not about to give up. It had to be there, some trace of the power of the vampire he had absorbed. When he found it, it was like the sun coming out after the rain as warmth and power flooded him. A connection opened to Remus in his mind and he pushed his power down it immediately.

The wolf stopped struggling on a physical level and whined, but the beast that had been caged so long did not want to be caged again and tried to resist Harry's dominating presence. Harry knew he could not let it go, but he did not want the distressed part of his friend to be hurt either. Following instinct rather than knowing what he was doing Harry sent calming feelings and a sense of pack and reassurance to Remus, for once finding that his cat was not objecting to the wolf instincts. Remus' wolf had never known pack and power and freedom, or security and the joy of the moon. This wolf had only known fear and pain and Harry showed him what could be.

He could have commanded, he could have forced this wolf into submission, but he knew that then he would never be able to let him free again. He wanted Remus to know the joys of his disease as well as the pains and the only way was to bring the wolf back from the brink of insanity.

How long it took he had no idea, but eventually Harry felt Remus begin to calm. The wolf was wild and angry, but as he calmed it, the man began to come back to the beast and he could feel his friend in the animal. Both Remus and his wolf were in a confused sort of daze by the time Harry used just a little of his dominance to push Remus into a shift back.

He came back to the awareness of the real world to find Remus almost back in human form and as his friend looked up as him he could see confusion, wonder and a touch of fear in Remus' eyes.

"Harry?" the werewolf managed to put every emotion into that one word before he closed his eyes and passed out.

Harry climbed off, shifting back to human form as he did so, and he could not stop the tears that fell as he reeled in shock. The agony of Remus' wolf was so clear in his mind that it cut straight through him, and he retreated into the corner of the room, tucking his legs up in front of him, almost as if trying to ward it off. It was too terrible; too awful to think about. What his world had done to Remus was an abomination.

"How could they do it?" he whispered to himself.

There was blood all over him, he could smell it, but he felt no pain. Either the shifting had healed everything or shock had taken away any reaction to it.

"Harry," it was Draco's gentle voice that made him look up. "Love, what happened?"

For a moment Harry just looked at his lover, the thoughts going round his head too horrible to speak out loud.

"It was in such pain," he said eventually in a tiny little voice, unable to hide any of the revulsion he felt at the idea. "I had to free it. How could they do that? It was ... it was ... How could they do that?"

Draco moved then and gathered Harry into his arms, seemingly unaware of what the blood was doing to his pristine white shirt. Harry did not resist and he buried his head into his lover's shoulder and cried. He let the tears fall for Remus, for all the pain and suffering his friend had been through because a wizard somewhere had decided that it was best to cage the beast inside the werewolf. Everything they were taught was lies. There were not different types of werewolf as he had had to conclude on meeting people like Jason; it was all a fabrication by a world that was afraid of people like Remus. No wonder there were no other Lycanthropes in the Wizarding world; they had probably been wiped out.


Harry calmed down eventually, but the whole experience had left him so dazed he was no use to anyone. The blood loss probably hadn't helped. About all he figured out was that Anita had called Richard as the Ulfric of the local pack and Lieutenant Storr had had to leave on police business. Harry had never met Richard, but he had heard so many speak about the man that he knew enough of why Anita would bring him in on this. The Ulfric had not arrived by the time Harry had been whisked off to his bedroom when Nathaniel and Draco had insisted on putting him to bed. Anita and Nathaniel, under Draco's direction, had already done the same with Remus by the time they made it to Harry and he really had not had the strength to argue.

All the wounds he had suffered at the claws of the enraged werewolf had gone thanks to some combination of magic he did not want to think about, but the bite, although not bleeding, had still been raw, so Nathaniel had dressed it for him rather than Draco risking a healing spell on him in his delicate state. Personally he had not thought he was that delicate, but that hadn't stopped him falling asleep almost instantly.

It was a pull on his magic that eventually woke him and he realised that the connection to Remus was still there. It was faint, but it was a shift in it that had dragged him back to the land of the living. Whatever it was seemed to be gone after a moment so he had no time to analyse it and he let if fade to the back of his mind.

Sitting up he noticed it was dark and that his shoulder didn't hurt any more. Peering under the bandage he couldn't see anything so he took it off. Most of the wound was complete gone, but he had two lovely round scars where two of Remus' teeth had punctured the skin very deeply. He probably had matching ones on the back, but he was not really interested.

He wanted to see Remus, but he could still detect the faint odour of blood on himself, even after the wash Draco and Nathaniel had given him. First order of business was to be clean; things always looked slightly better when there was not encrusted blood under your finger nails. Anita had told him that and he had to agree.

Climbing out of bed he padded towards the bathroom and turned the shower on, moving back to the sink as the water warmed up. He studied himself in the mirror for a few moments letting his eyes run over his own naked body. The spell was still easily visible in silvery lines across his skin, but it looked months, possibly years old rather than the days it had been. Other than that and the other scars he had gained over his stay in St Louis, he looked exactly the same as he had when he stepped out of the taxi. Mid-height, wiry build, still growing thankfully; messy black hair; a face that was the picture of his father's at the same age; and eyes the colour of a forest on a summer's day. Nothing he could see indicated at all what lurked underneath.

Picking up his toothbrush he shook the philosophical contemplations out of his head and brushed his teeth. If he wanted a deep and meaningful discussion he'd track down Jean-Claude later.

When he finally stepped into the shower he walked under the spray and just stood there letting the water rain down on him in massaging waves. The Wizarding world was very fond of baths, but there was nothing like a good shower sometimes. He was enjoying the sensation so much that he quite lost himself in it and it was only a hand sliding around his waist that brought him back.

"Feeling better I hope," Draco all but purred in his ear and he moved back against the body which pressed against him.

They had been together for such a short time that every touch was still new and exciting and Harry let himself focus only on the now. There was a heat between them that had nothing to do with the warmth of the water. It felt wonderful, but then he felt his beast stir. Doubt entered his mind and he realised this probably wasn't a good idea. His self control was good, but not that good and he could not help the moan as Draco ran one of his hands a little lower.

"What with... oh that's good ... Remus and every... ah," his lover's other hand had been missing for a few moment and when it returned it was covered in suds that Draco began spreading over Harry's abdomen, "thing, my control is... oh god... wrecked."

It took a lot of effort to speak when someone was moving slippery hands over your nether regions, and Harry didn't think he deserved the laugh he received from Draco. He was a teenage boy and he was trying to do the right thing, but his hormones were speaking just as loudly as his brain, it wasn't his fault.

"Then I'll just have to make sure I do all the work," his lover whispered in his ear.

One hand moved up to lather his chest and tweak his already erect nipples and the other slipped between his legs so that skilful fingers could play with his balls. Harry's mind almost deserted him completely.

"But what... mmmmmn... if," the sensations were so good he really didn't want to argue, "I go... don't stop... furry?"

"Then we find out what wet cat fur smells like," Draco said and for the first time Harry realised that his lover really wasn't bothered at all. "I want to see you come, Harry, and I don't care if you're furry or human."

With a moan, Harry leant his head back onto Draco's shoulder and gave up fighting against the inevitable. His body wanted this and he was through trying to convince himself he didn't. Draco's body was warm against his back, and his lover's clever hands seemed to be everywhere at the same time as they washed and teased him with equal measure. The water pounding down on them did nothing but heighten the sensations and as his body became more and more aroused Harry could feel his beast moving under his skin.

Sex fed the hunger of the beast, but not quite as well as meat and as Draco brought him towards climax Harry could not help the images of the hunt that occasionally invaded his thoughts. Rather than detracting from what he was feeling they heightened the experience and as his lover coaxed him higher and higher he knew he was not going to be able to control this one.

"Let go, Harry," Draco whispered in his ear. "Let the passion out."

One of Draco's hands was working his balls and the other his shaft and he was so close that all Harry could managed in reply was a growl, somewhere between human and cat. He was almost there and it felt wonderful.

"I love you," the sound of those words in Draco's sincere, sexy voice, were all Harry needed.

With a cry he came, shuddering into his lover's hand, and he shifted. At his release his beast broke free and fur erupted all over his body, but he felt surprisingly little pain. What he did feel added to the experience rather than taking away from it and he did not try and analyse that. The spasms throughout his entire body took a long time to die away and he came back down very slowly. When he finally had enough brain power to take stock of the situation he realised that Draco was still holding him close and they still fitted together almost perfectly, which was odd.

That caused him to look down at himself and was quite surprised but what he saw. Yes he was covered in fur and when he stretched out one hand and flexed it, claws erupted from the tips of his fingers, but mostly he was not that much different. A bit bigger in some areas, but nothing like the huge creature he had become when he had flattened Micah at the full moon.

"You make a very cute pussy cat," Draco said, running hands through Harry's rapidly soaking fur.

Harry wasn't really sure what to say to that. He had rather expected to be a full cat or possibly the huge beast that had so effectively swatted the Nimir-Raj of the pard and Remus without even trying. That he was mostly his normal self with extras was quite a surprise.

"I think I need to see myself," he decided quickly, the afterglow forgotten in his shock.

"As long as you don't stop me looking as well," Draco said playfully, "I have no problem with that idea."

Backing off a little, his lover gave Harry room to turn off the water and then walk out of the shower. The glass of the mirror had an anti-fogging charm so Harry had no problem seeing himself in it.

His green eyes were the more golden kitty green he had seen on other wereleopards and now they looked out of a furry, slightly feline face, complete with whiskers. He had cat ears, but the shape of his head was still human and it was almost as if he still had normal hair. The rest of him was bulkier, but mostly human covered with fine black fur. He could definitely see why Draco had called him a pussy cat.

[Fanart by pandora_gold - "Black Magic Kitty" (ao3)]

Looking over to Draco he saw his lover smile at him and there was desire in Draco's eyes. Letting his eyes travel lower, he could see that desire was not only encapsulated in Draco's grey irises. Harry might have reached orgasm, but his Slytherin lover was definitely a little behind and still standing to attention. He felt his own body respond to the sight and had to wonder at lycanthrope stamina. Nathaniel had mentioned something about going all night, but Harry hadn't really believed him.

The only obstacle was that he was furry, and shifting back now, even for him, was likely to dampen his sex drive to only just above zero. He really didn't want to leave Draco stranded, but he didn't dare go near his lover's more delicate areas when he had claws and teeth that could easily do damage.

"You're beautiful," Draco's voice pulled him back from his thoughts and the sight of his lover striding across the bathroom towards him was almost enough to banish sensible thought.

If Harry was ever beautiful then Draco had to be godlike, Harry knew it. Draco had always moved with a grace beyond his years, showing his breeding in every breath, where Harry had fumbled his way through adolescence with the rest of the boys his age. It seemed Draco had barely become wet as his platinum hair fell around his face in soft tresses. The Slytherin's chest glistened in the light and, as Harry's sharp cat eyes watched several droplets run over pale sculptured flesh, it was all he could do not to lick his kitty lips.

Draco picked up a towel from the rail to Harry's left and after brushing it lightly over his own chest, seemingly fully aware of the scrutiny Harry was giving him, the Slytherin pushed it against Harry's damp fur and began to dab lightly. Fur was designed to resist water and it was already drying, but Harry held himself very still while Draco saw to the rest. With his beast whispering in one ear and his libido in the other he felt it best to keep his claws a long way from his lover.

"Draco," he said as the towel brushed his already sensitised cock for the umpteenth time, "I have claws, I should shift back."

He didn't want this to end, but he didn't know how much longer he could control himself.

"And lose all that lovely fur," Draco said with a seductive smile, "that would be such a shame. We'll just have to find you something to occupy those claws. You need to learn, Harry, and this is a perfect opportunity."

There was no arguing with Draco when there was that look of determination in his eyes, and Harry was only a whisker away from forgetting sense anyway.

"Turn around, kitty cat," Draco said, dropping the towel on the floor, "turn around and grab the rail."

It was do as he was told or have to exert his own control, and right about then, following instructions worked better for him. His beast was alpha, dominant, but there was danger in Draco; there always had been and Harry had seen his lover fight and kill some of the strongest wizards. They were equals, at least as far as Harry's psyche was concerned, and he could make his beast submit to that. He gripped the rail, curling his fingers round it tightly and waited.

When Draco moved up behind him he could not stop the low rumbling in his throat as he perceived a possible threat, but it rose in pitch as his lover pushed up against him and rubbed up and down. The hardness of Draco's erection pushed against him and any thought of danger turned to sex. When a hand slipped between his thighs he shifted his legs apart without even having to be asked.

Draco was moving against his fur and making the most delightful noises and Harry had to make himself keep hold of the rail. He wanted to see his lover, help him find his peak, but he knew he could not let go for fear of damaging what he loved. Fingers danced lightly over his entrance and he mewed, the smell of arousal in that air pushing at his control.

"Merlin, I want you," Draco sounded as if he was almost beyond thinking as well.

"Then take me," Harry all but growled back.

For just a moment the movements stopped.

"Do you mean that?" his words seemed to have brought Draco back to his senses, but there was still heat in the Slytherin's voice.

They had done many things, but so far neither of them had had penetrative sex with the other. They had used Nathaniel as a substitute as each of them found their way through this, and they had worked each other with fingers, but they had never taken the next step. Harry could understand Draco's hesitance, but he was not in the mood for it.

"Yes," he said and turning to his lover without taking his hands from the rail he flashed his teeth.

It was part challenge, part come on and Draco took it.

"Hands and knees," his lover said without ceremony, and Harry did as he was told.

He heard rather than saw Draco reach for something on the side and then his lover was rubbing their bodies together again. There was trembling in Draco's muscles as the Slytherin pushed against him, and Harry could feel every tiny shudder.

"If it's too much, tell me to stop," Draco told him even as eager fingers, now slick with something, began to play at his entrance.

Harry just growled in response, claws ripping out of his fingers and scratching at the tiles of the floor. His beast was free and he did not need gentle handling, he needed power and passion. When he pushed back against the massaging fingers Draco took the hint and he mewed as his lover breached his entrance. Spreading his legs he lowered his head and lifted his arse further into the air, accepting the intrusive fingers and giving in to the penetration as Draco worked him loose.

He was fully hard again and aching already and he could smell Draco's arousal. His beast was rippling above and below his skin, demanding to be fed and he was running out of patience as Draco tried to make sure he was ready.

"Now," he growled, letting his need into his voice, "take me now."

However hesitant Draco may have been when they began, Harry's impatience must have been rubbing off, because the Slytherin removed his hand immediately. What pushed against him next was a lot bigger than a finger and it burned as Draco eased into Harry. The pain excited the beast and he pushed back wanting everything Draco had to offer. The feeling of being taken and dominated conflicted with the alpha need in him and adrenaline flooded his system, but the arousal and pain fought with the need to be in control and he all but purred.

"God, Harry," Draco sounded breathless and only just hanging on.

Harry was beyond words and he opened himself to the sensations running through his body. The mewing that came out of his mouth as Draco slowly began to move was completely involuntary and he was quite incapable of stopping it. It did not help that the gasps and small moans coming from Draco were adding to the fog of arousal in Harry's brain. Time vanished in the confusion of sensation as he held his beast in balance with the human part of him and allowed Draco to make love to him.

Although afraid of hurting Draco with an accidental claw, he was not so worried about himself and he braced his weight on one arm and reached for his aching cock with the other. As he touched himself Draco sped up and he could feel the sexual power building up around them. They were both close and Draco's breathing was becoming erratic. Harry began to stroke himself hard and fast as Draco pounded into him.

Draco was becoming more and more vocal and the Slytherin was losing some of his poise and perfect timing. So lost in his own body was Harry that it almost came as a surprise when Draco moaned very loudly and shuddered against him, buried deep within his body. Something of his vampire finally took notice, and although not cursed with the ardeur, Philip had been of Belle Morte's line and Draco's release woke up the part of Harry which was Master vampire. The heightened sensation of the vampire threw him over the edge as he changed yet again. As he came he felt his perception of the world change completely and the now familiar ache in his gums told him his fangs would now be longer and whiter than those of a cat.

He braced himself as Draco slumped against him and tried to reassert his equilibrium. That had been quite literally mind blowing and for a little while there he could only just about tell up and down and anything more complicated was a lost cause. With his vampire out he could feel the need to feed and he realised he needed to change back to normal as soon as possible. In his current position, however, he was pretty sure he would end up face first in the tiles if he tried so he moved his hips slightly in an attempt to move Draco.

"Mmmnn," was the only response; Draco seemed to still be enjoying the post coital haze.

"Draco," Harry insisted, and moved again, "I need to shift back."

"But I like you soft and furry," Draco complained, but he was very grateful when his lover did pull back.

"Well I'm hungry," Harry replied as he pushed himself onto his knees, "so staying like this is a bad idea."

At that, Draco sobered and nodded. If there was one thing the Slytherin took very seriously it was Harry's needs and Draco did not even try and argue.

"I'll put the shower back on," Draco said, pulling himself up on the towel rail, "we need to clean up. Will you be okay?"

Harry smiled, which was quite difficult with cat features and very large fangs.

"As long as I shift," he replied.

Vampire hunger combined with lycanthrope physique was not a great idea, but he was not afraid. Fear was bad for his control; he had learned that much and he definitely did not want another breakdown. Concentrating hard he found the power inside of him and he quite firmly caged it. There was a little pain, but nothing that remotely bothered him, and he grinned triumphantly when he looked down at perfectly human hands and body. He cast a quick cleaning charm on the floor with his hand and then pulled himself to his feet. It was time for another shower.

End of Chapter 23
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