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Fic: Black Magic By Moonlight 21 of 35 (HP/AB xover) [NC17/18]

WARNINGThis chapter contains adult content of an explicit nature. Rated NC17/18WARNING

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Title: Black Magic by Moonlight - A Harry Potter/ Anita Blake crossover
Chapter: 21 of 35 - Hardly Even There NC17/18
Author: Beren
Pairings: Asher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/Micah
Rating: NC17/18
Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?
Chapter listing: click here for other parts, publishing schedule and A/N
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and Laurell K. Hamilton, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, Orbit books, Time Warner Book group, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post Harry Potter and the OotP and post Incubus Dreams and therefore has SPOILERS for all previous books. If you don’t want to know anything that went on in or before HP book five or AB book twelve do not read this story.

Chapter 21 Hardly Even There NC17/18

Part of Harry was completely terrified, but the part that seemed to have the majority control at the moment followed Draco and Nathaniel out of the den and up the stairs without a word of protest. They had both looked at him after their conversation, but there had been no real words between them and he had simply indicated the door. It was, however, as he reached a different door, the one to the bedroom to be precise, that the gravity of what was going on hit him right between the eyes and he froze.

He was so not ready for this. It was possible he was the most powerful wizard on the planet and put him on a battlefield and he was in his element, but as far as it went with sexual maturity he was about two years behind all his friends. While they had been fumbling under the Quidditch stands and having clandestine meetings in the Astronomy tower, he had been practicing his hexes and having meetings with the Order about Voldemort's movements. In the last two years he had had no time to think about love or sex, even after the final battle it had been the clear up and exams.

Draco was his first real relationship and he hadn't even quite put his head around that yet, and here they were talking about sex. He was pretty sure his boyfriend was experienced, most of his friends were, after all it had been wartime and few had held back what they might have done in peacetime. Even Harry had realised that, although he had had no time for experimentation of his own. He suddenly thought he understood what a virgin bride might have felt like on her wedding night.

"Harry," Draco's voice made it into the panic that had taken over his mind.

He blinked and found his boyfriend was standing in front of him looking concerned. He had to have been frozen in the doorway for some time if Draco's expression was anything to go by.

"It's okay, Harry," Draco said, reaching out and touching him on the arm, "we don't have to do this now."

Harry's eyes flickered to where a concerned looking Nathaniel was standing a few feet behind Draco. Both of his friends were wearing almost identical expressions of worry, but he couldn't find anything to say to help.

"Harry," Draco said, taking hold of his chin and bringing his attention firmly back to his boyfriend, "are you okay?"

Harry just looked at the Slytherin in what he thought must have been a very stupid manner. What was he supposed to say? His beast was moving under his skin, demanding that he do what it wanted of him, that he claim this human as his mate, but the part of him that was just Harry could barely breathe he was so scared. There was the fear that he would hurt Draco even with Nathaniel there to help and there was the fear of the act itself. It was all so overwhelming.

"I..." he tried to say something sensible, but the words would not come.

"We can wait, Harry," Draco said, obviously upset by his reaction. "God, I'm sorry, I didn't think. We don't have to do this now; it's up to you when. This must be terrifying for you."

Draco did not usually babble, but that was the only word Harry could think of that described what his boyfriend was doing now and it had the most remarkable effect on him. It suddenly occurred to him that Draco was almost as scared and confused as he was, no matter the calm Slytherin exterior, Draco was afraid. That was all Harry needed to find his own courage. Draco was scared, but he was willing to do this for Harry so there was no way Harry was going to succumb to his fear and not do this for Draco. He knew that the Slytherin would be mortified about babbling, especially in front of a witness, so Harry did the only thing he could think of at the time to shut him up; he stepped towards Draco, took his boyfriend's face in his hands and kissed him.

His beast reared at the touch and tried to rise, but he held it back, instead putting all his energy into the kiss. He knew Draco's mouth rather well by now and he used everything he had learned until his boyfriend pushed back against him and gave in to the kiss. When he finally pulled back, Draco's face was flushed, but serious grey eyes still observed him.

"Are you sure?" his boyfriend asked, the tone of his voice telling Harry to think very carefully before answering.

"Terrified," he said eventually in little more than a whisper, "but definitely sure."

Looking over to Nathaniel he took all his courage and tried to smother his fear.

"What should we do?" he asked, deciding that up front was the only was to deal with this.

"Have either of you ever..." Nathaniel started to ask.

"I have," Draco replied confirming Harry's suspicions, "but I think I'm right in saying all this is new to Harry."

Harry just nodded when the other wereleopard looked at him for confirmation. There was no point in being coy about his virginal status now.

"Ever thought about it and looked it up?" Nathaniel seemed to be trying to figure out exactly how clueless Harry was and it made him blush.

He was going to have to admit quite how little he knew, but at least he felt safe. He knew neither of the men in the room with him would use this against him.

"No," Harry replied, trying not to go too red, "I've been kind of busy."

"The whole dark wizard thing?" Nathaniel enquired in a sympathetic tone.

Harry nodded and his friend gave him a sympathetic smile as Draco squeezed his hand. He could do this, he really could, if he could just hold off the urge to flee.

"Well there are usually some preparations to make," Nathaniel said, dropping the small bag he had with him on the bed and calmly pulling off his t-shirt.

Harry would have looked to Draco for advice at that, but his attention was taken by the marks that were all over Nathaniel's chest. It looked as if he had been attacked.

"What happened to your chest?" Harry could not help himself as he almost forgot his embarrassment in his worry for his friend.

Nathaniel looked down at himself and smiled fondly in a way that rather confused Harry. His friend seemed happy about the small wounds that were all over his upper body.

"I told you I asked permission," Nathaniel said in a completely open manner. "I am Anita's and this is her mark. I will always be Anita's no matter what we do here."

It struck the human part of Harry as rather barbaric and it must have shown on his face because Nathaniel gave him another sympathetic smile.

"I asked her to do it," the wereleopard said simply, and that seemed to be the end of the matter as far as Nathaniel was concerned. "Since I'm the go-between I already made the preparations; Draco can explain them to you later."

"There are spells for everything," Draco said when Harry looked to him for confirmation, trying to stop himself wondering about the marks on Nathaniel, "I'll teach them to you."

Would he feel the need to do similar things to Draco, or was this just part of the peculiar pain/pleasure thing Nathaniel seemed to enjoy. Swallowing around the lump in his throat Harry gave another nod and put such ideas to the back of his mind. Neither of his companions seemed to think he was an idiot, which was at least one good thing.

"We're going to need to be comfortable with each other," Nathaniel said with a smile as the wereleopard continued removing his clothes, "so now might be a good time to get naked."

It wasn't as if Harry had never been naked in front of Nathaniel and Draco before, but being naked for pard stuff and being naked for sex were two entirely different things. The way Nathaniel just casually slipped out of his clothes seemed so relaxed and Harry wasn't sure how his friend did it. When Nathaniel was naked, the wereleopard hopped onto the bed and lounged as if it was the most natural thing in the world. There was no doubt Nathaniel was beautiful, mostly smooth skin and deep auburn hair, and very male; definitely very male and interested in the proceedings.

Harry had not moved, but he was a little pleased that neither had Draco. Nathaniel didn't say anything; the wereleopard just patted the bed.

Harry looked at Draco who was looking straight back at him, and then the Slytherin moved. Harry really couldn't help staring as he watched his boyfriend shed his shirt without any sign of the awkwardness Harry was feeling. It was a captivating sight as pale, perfect flesh was revealed, even more so than when Nathaniel had stripped, since Harry felt his beast shifting in response to Draco's actions. The part of him that was animal wanted to take Draco there and then, whether he knew what he was doing or not, but he pushed it back down.

Taking his eyes from the sight in front of him was not an option and he drank everything in hungrily as Draco divested himself of the rest of his clothing. There was strength and beauty in the naked Slytherin that was different from the controlled power in Nathaniel. They were both slim and smooth, but where Nathaniel was lycanthrope warmth, Draco was Wizarding cool. His pale eyes, pale skin and pale hair made him almost ethereal, and Harry could almost sense the wizard's power flowing through his boyfriend's veins. Draco was intoxicating.

"You have too many clothes on," the Slytherin said with a small smile and stepped back towards him.

Harry did not try and resist at all as Draco calmly began to release the fastenings on his clothes. Inside, his beast was moving, shifting under his skin and pushing at its boundaries, and it seemed almost impossible that it wasn't showing on the outside as he slowly let himself be undressed. He watched every move Draco made, followed every casual brush of fingers against cloth or skin with his eyes, only moving to allow an item of clothing to be removed. It felt as if, if he moved of his own will it would be impossible to keep the beast inside, but if he followed it could not escape.

When the last garment had been discarded Draco ran pale eyes over him from head to toe and then the Slytherin gently took his hand. As he was led to the bed, it was as if all he could see and smell and sense at all was Draco. His boyfriend filled his senses and it was not until they moved onto the bed that Harry remembered they were not alone. Looking at Nathaniel he fought the urge to expel the interloper.

Nathaniel's lilac eyes were filled with desire, but there was also a firm grasp of reality in the wereleopard's face. It was that link which brought Harry back from the euphoria he had been feeling and he took control of himself.

"Keep going," Nathaniel said in little more than a whisper; "forget that I am here and if your beast begins to rise, pull back. I won't let anything happen."

Harry turned back to Draco and when his boyfriend gently pushed him down on the bed he did not resist. As Draco lowered sinful lips towards his chest, Harry closed his eyes and let the heady sensation of skin on skin wash over him. His beast moved as his arousal grew, but it seemed satisfied that it was being given what it wanted and his vampire was strangely silent.

Draco's mouth left cool trails on his chest and the little nips his boyfriend gave him made him mew and arch into the touch. They had never come this far before, never without clothes and Harry revelled in the sensation. Draco's skin was warm against his as his boyfriend lay against him and Harry let his mind and body wander through the experience, trying to understand what drew his beast forth with the small part of his brain that could still think.

He was doing well, drowning in the sensations that Draco sent shooting through his body, but keeping his preternatural abilities deep inside and then Draco moved against him, shifting in such a way that Harry could not fail to notice that his boyfriend was hard. The dampness against his thigh had the most incredible effect on his senses as everything sharpened even further and the scent of sex saturated him. His whole world shrank down to that one smell and his beast and vampire reacted at the same time.

Before he realised what he was doing he was moving and he did not come to a stop until he had Draco pinned beneath him. The feeling of power and dominance that ran through him made him smile as he looked down into the shocked features of his boyfriend. His cat really wanted out and he could feel the vampire pushing at his control as well. A gentle hand on his shoulder brought him back from the edge, but it did not stop him taking a deep breath and inhaling Draco's scent as completely as he could.

"You smell wonderful," he said as he buried his face in the curve of neck and shoulder, rubbing himself against Draco as he did so.

The move actually lessened the demand he could feel inside of him and it slowly dawned on him that when he followed through on some of the instincts running through him it took away the need of his preternatural parts to take over. The pressure below his skin was bearable again and so he tried following another urge. Moving down Draco's body a little, he ran his tongue over one pink nipple, tasting his lover, but in a non-intrusive way. The noise that Draco made drew a silent purr from the cat inside him and he continued, enjoying the feeling of possession and the pleasure he was bringing to his lover.

Exploring, he learned Draco's body as if he was creating a map of his lover in his mind and when he became too lost in what he was doing, a gentle touch from beside him brought him back. Without realising it, he was working lower and finally he was face to face with the erect evidence of Draco's arousal. The smell was almost overwhelming so close and he really wanted to taste the prize in front of him, but he did not dare. The hunger of his beast and the vampire swam through him as he held himself directly above Draco's hips and he knew he could not have what he wanted yet; he did not have enough control to take that step yet.

Pushing himself up, he came to a kneeling position and demanded that his preternatural aspects obey him and remain in their cage. He was hard and aching and arousal thudded through his veins with the heady desires of his beast and vampire, and he wanted nothing more than to devour Draco in anyway he could, but he held himself still. If he acted he knew he would damage the fragile human he desired, and what held him back was that the preternatural sides of him knew that as well and parts of them wanted to do just that.

Harry did not take his eyes off Draco as Nathaniel slowly moved between them; pulling Draco into a sitting position and bringing their bodies close together.

"Make me smell like you," the wereleopard whispered as he nuzzled against Draco, "prepare me for your mate."

The vampire liked it when Draco started to touch Nathaniel; it enjoyed the pure lust that the movements caused, but Harry's beast was not so sure. The scent of another male caused him to growl low in his throat, but Nathaniel brought Draco's hands back to his body when the Slytherin went to break away. Then the wereleopard reached out and caught one of Harry's hands, bringing it to the marks Anita had left on his chest.

"Nimir-Ra," Nathaniel said firmly, allowing Harry's fingers to feel one of the bites, and that Harry's beast understood.

This male was marked; this male was taken by the leader of the pard; this male was not a threat. The cat shifted under Harry's skin, but it was content to just watch and Harry relaxed slightly, much to his vampire's pleasure.

Draco appeared to take this as permission and began to slowly rub himself against Nathaniel. The wereleopard made no sound, but Nathaniel did put his head back and closed his eyes, passively allowing Draco access to his body. As Draco moved, covering Nathaniel in his scent, Harry just watched, enjoying the small noises of arousal that came from his lover every now and then. The smell of Nathaniel was dimming against the heady scent of Draco's desire and Harry held himself still, knowing he could not have what he wanted yet.

Nathaniel went wherever Draco directed and Harry finally lost contact with the two of them when the Slytherin urged the wereleopard onto his hands and knees. The scent of the other male became stronger again, but Draco did not give Harry a chance to react to it. Holding out his hand, Draco summoned something from the bag Nathaniel had left on the bed, and under Harry's watchful eye Draco opened the tube the Slytherin now had in his hand.

When Draco began to slowly rub the clear gel from the tube into the crack of Nathaniel's arse the wereleopard made a noise for the first time. The breathy moan caused desire to course through Harry in renewed vigour and he held himself very still while watching. This was something Harry had never seen and he was fascinated and aroused as his lover worked his fingers into yielding body offered wantonly before them both.

As Draco continued his ministrations Nathaniel's auburn braid slid off his back over his shoulder completely obscuring the wereleopard's face, making him almost invisible in a personal sense. Now Harry understood the 'hardly even there'; with his scent being more and more obscured and his face hidden it was almost as if Nathaniel was not Nathaniel any more.

Looking at Harry with hungry eyes Draco reached out and took his hand, pulling him closer and squeezing some of the gel onto his fingers. Then Harry found his fingers being guided to where Draco's had been.

"Push gently," his lover whispered to him, "feel the muscle giving under your fingers."

Draco had done most of the work, but, as Harry allowed three of his fingers to be guided into Nathaniel's hot body, the resistance made his groin throb. His imagination did not need any help to come up with ideas of what it would feel like to be buried deep in that tight muscle. As he moved his hand against the compliant body he found his eyes running along the hard lines of first Nathaniel's and then Draco's bodies and the small part of his mind that was not completely taken up with sex could not quite believe the perfect specimens of manhood that he was being presented.

Under his gaze Draco reached to cup his own erection in slick fingers and Harry's breath caught in his throat as the Slytherin began to move his hand up and down. The moan that escaped Draco's throat was pure, wanton lust and Harry pulled his hand back for fear of hurting Nathaniel as unbridled desire ran through him. He wanted Draco so much that it almost hurt and yet he would not reach out for fear of hurting his lover. He had not shifted yet, not even slightly, but if he lost control for just a second he could kill or maim Draco and he would not risk that.

Stroking himself Draco moved closer to Nathaniel, so close that for a moment Harry thought his lover was going to take the wereleopard in front of him. His beast rebelled at that, his dominance flaring, but Draco did not close the final distance between himself and Nathaniel. The Slytherin was rubbing faster now, eyes closed and little noises of pleasure falling from pinks lips as Draco brought himself towards orgasm. Harry wanted to touch, he so wanted to touch, but he did not dare.

When Draco put his head back and came with a shuddering cry, Harry almost lost it. As white ribbons of liquid splashed onto Nathaniel Harry had to hold on with every ounce of control he had and part of him realised what Draco was doing. His lover's scent slammed into him and Harry needed no urging to move forward as Draco moved out of the way.

The beast needed to own what was his, wanted everything his lover had to give and although the human part of him was unsure and nervous the rest was not. Leaning forward he sniffed at the scent covering Nathaniel's and without hesitation moved to taste it. The taste filled his senses, speaking to him of human, of mate and of sex and it did not matter that Nathaniel's taste was under it all.

When Draco pulled him back into an upright kneeling position he went and as their lips met he shared the taste that had him so captivated. Draco was his; Draco had given of himself, but the beast needed completion. He let himself be guided as Draco urged him into place behind Nathaniel and he took hold of the slim hips in front of him. Draco's hand positioned him at Nathaniel's entrance and then Harry was pushing forward into the tight ring of muscle.

It was incredible; hot, moist and encompassing and his groan of bliss was swallowed as Draco reinitiated the kiss. He heard Nathaniel's quiet moans under everything else, but it didn't matter; as the three of them began to move together it was almost as if Draco and Nathaniel were one being as Draco's dominating scent filled his senses.

The beast wanted out and so did his vampire as he slid in and out of Nathaniel, but he held on. He wanted this, needed it, but he could maintain control; he had to. Each move brought with it ecstasy that he had never felt before, a mixture of arousal, dominance and hunger that tried to take his mind away. He pounded into Nathaniel, eventually breaking the kiss in his need to finish this, and as he felt his orgasm coming it felt as if all his efforts would be in vain. Both beast and vampire were so close to the surface that at the last moment he thought he would lose control.

With a cry he came, losing his body to unstoppable shudders, but with everything he had he clawed onto the creatures that lived under his skin. His grip on the hips under his hands tightened just that little too much, but he did not shift into lycanthrope or vampire as he collapsed over Nathaniel.

His orgasm was mind blowing, but it was hanging on to his beast that was exhausting. For long moments he could not move and only as hands gently pulled at him and helped him sit back did sense begin to return. Nathaniel collapsed to the side with a quiet sigh, the evidence that the wereleopard had found his own orgasm clearly visible on the sheets once he moved, but Harry was move interested in any damage he might had done.

His eyes scanned his friend and there were angry red marks on Nathaniel's one visible hip, but they had been made by human fingers, not claws.

"You didn't shift, Harry," Draco whispered to him as the Slytherin pulled him to lean back against his chest. "You didn't shift."

Harry sagged in his lover's arms, amazed relief joining the heady afterglow of powerful sex. Nathaniel smiled up at him from the bed, a sleepy content smile and for the first time in days Harry could empathise. The pressure inside of him that had been building and building was gone and all that remained was sated contentment as he rested in Draco's arm. He had his mate and his control; two things he had thought were totally incompatible.


That Nathaniel had been gone when he woke had sent a pang of something he couldn't quite identify through Harry and it had sent him on a hunt through the house in nothing more than his boxers, which he had grabbed off the floor. He wasn't sure what he expected to find, but he found himself hovering in the doorway of the den when he eventually tracked his friend down. Nathaniel was curled up on one end of the sofa with a book, his long hair falling into his lap almost obscuring what he was reading from Harry completely.

It seemed he was not the only one who had not stopped to put on many clothes since Nathaniel was only wearing jeans. It was this more than anything that reminded Harry that he was nearly naked and probably looked rather silly. The moment he stopped, Nathaniel looked up and smiled at him, before closing the book and patting the sofa beside him.

"You were gone," Harry said as he took the invitation without allowing his higher brain to object, "I didn't know what to think."

His human instinct was to sit a little away from his friend and hold himself separate until he understood what was going on, but the cat in him wanted to be close to Nathaniel. He was confused and unsure and he needed the comfort, so he chose a spot almost touching his friend, but not quite. Nathaniel shifted almost immediately so that their legs were casually brushing each other and Harry let out an audible sigh of relief.

"I thought you and Draco would like to wake up together," Nathaniel said in a soft voice, "I didn't mean to frighten you."

Draco had woken up when Harry had, and it had been nice until Harry had realised that Nathaniel was no longer on his radar. It wasn't that he felt the same way about his friend as he did Draco, it was that he felt as if he'd somehow driven Nathaniel away, and everything inside him that was pard hated that idea. Harry knew he loved Draco like he would never love anyone else, but he loved Nathaniel as well, the way he loved all his friends, and for a while he had panicked. Draco had seemed to understand and had let him go with a kiss.

"We did wake up together," he said wanting to lean closer to Nathaniel, but resisting for now, "it was good."

He looked straight into the wereleopard's lilac eyes and felt such gratitude that he didn't know how to express it. Nathaniel had given of himself so that Harry could come to understand what it meant to be a lycanthrope in a relationship and Harry did not think he could ever repay that.

"Thank you," he said, unable to find any other words.

Then he gave in and leant in to Nathaniel allowing his beast to rise a little closer to the surface so his friend would feel it. There was tension in Nathaniel that Harry had had no idea was there until he felt it melt away and they ended up half leaning against each other.

"You're welcome, Harry," Nathaniel said quietly, "I was glad to help."

They sat perfectly still for a good few minutes and Harry felt the worry he had been feeling since he woke up slowly seeping away. He was no longer simply human and he felt it very keenly at times like these. He had always had to make his own family, since the one he had hated him, and the pard were becoming as important to him as his friends from home. Leaving and returning to England was something he knew he was going to have to do, but he knew he'd be leaving a part of himself here as well.

"Is it always as difficult as the first time?" he asked eventually, his mind finally turning back to the problem they had been trying to rectify in the first place.

Nathaniel pulled back a little bit now and Harry found himself being watched. It was a while before his friend spoke.

"No," the wereleopard replied, "but you can never let go completely, not unless you are with another preternatural, someone who can deal with your strength."

Harry could not help thinking that it would be far easier for him and Draco if he completed the marks; then Draco would for all intents and purposes be a preternatural. The thought danced across his mind and then he squashed it ruthlessly. He was not about to force Draco into anything simply for his peace of mind, they would manage the way they were.

"Do you think..." Harry started to ask and then paused; he couldn't help feeling embarrassed even after what they had been doing. "Will I..."

He knew what he wanted to ask, but he just couldn't find the right words. When they had had sex Harry remembered fighting against the beast, keeping it inside and winning against its ferocious need to control him, but he was not sure how much of that had been him and how much had been Nathaniel's careful guidance of the experience.

"Will it be the three of us again?" he finally managed to ask.

There was the feel of eyes on him and even though he did not dare look up he knew he was being scrutinised. It wasn't that he didn't desire Nathaniel; the wereleopard was beautiful and sensual and any man who swung that way would be hard pressed not to be attracted to Nathaniel, but Draco was Harry's focus. Draco was the one he wanted for a lover, for a mate and he wanted him alone. It finally dawned on him that the silence was becoming longer than he expected and he had no choice but to look up. Nathaniel was regarding him thoughtfully.

"I don't think you will need me again," the wereleopard said eventually and gave him a small smile. "You will need to be careful, and no sex before a full moon for a while, but I think you have it."

Harry felt his face break into a beaming smile; it was more than he had been expecting. Parts of his first sexual experience had been almost overwhelming, but somehow he had managed to hang on. He could actually do this and he would be able to make love to his boyfriend without hurting him. It was an almost euphoric feeling.

"And you know what they say," Nathaniel said with a far too innocent expression on his face.

Harry frowned, not sure what his friend was getting at.

"Practice makes perfect."

For a moment he sat there, not quite sure he had heard Nathaniel correctly, and then he burst out laughing. The knowing grin on his friend's face made him blush and he buried his head in Nathaniel's hair to hide his embarrassment. Okay so there wasn't anything of him that the wereleopard hadn't seen, but that didn't mean he could lose the Gryffindor bashfulness all in one day.

"Well isn't this sweet?" the voice from the doorway made him freeze.

Draco's words threw him into a sudden panic as he imagined what he and Nathaniel must look like. The last thing he wanted to do was give his boyfriend the wrong impression. It had taken a great deal for Draco to allow Nathaniel into their bed and if the Slytherin thought for a second that it was more than necessity the relationship would be over before it had begun.

"Well if you will let Harry run around the house half naked, what do you expect?" Nathaniel's casually amused tone made Harry panic a bit more.

Very slowly he turned his head, peering at where he knew Draco was through Nathaniel's hair.

"Maybe I need a lead as well as a collar with a bell," Harry nearly stopped breathing as Draco joked back at the wereleopard.

His lover was rolling his eyes and smiling where he was lounging in the doorway in a pose so languid he almost looked like a lycanthrope. With his heart in his throat Harry pushed himself away from Nathaniel and looked at Draco properly for the first time and he almost let out a slightly hysterical laugh. Draco was amused, but Harry's beast and quite a percentage of his human half as well, had been convinced that the Slytherin would doubt him. It was irrational, but Harry had never been particularly confident when it came to his relationships with other people.

"Harry," Draco said as he finally looked at him rather than Nathaniel, "are you okay? You've gone awfully pale."

"I'm fine," Harry managed to force out from between his teeth, but his heart was still hammering and coherent speech was not easy.

Draco looked worried for a moment and then realisation worked its way across the Slytherin's face. When it came to reading Harry, Draco was an expert and Harry knew he had been analysed in that one moment.

"Oh you idiot," Draco said, walking over to him and dragging him close in a way that left no room for argument, "I was being my normal sarcastic self. I know you would never do anything to hurt me."

Harry melted to the Slytherin without even trying to reply. Draco was his, he was Draco's, that was all that mattered and although he was pretty sure there would probably be idiotic incidents in the future, after all he was a Gryffindor, for now, everything was just how it was supposed to be.

"Now that really is sweet," was Nathaniel's succinct opinion on the matter.

Harry swiped at him blindly with one hand, but missed completely because he was unwilling to let Draco go for a second.

End of Chapter 21
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