Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Argh! Smashwords did it AGAIN!!!!

I am getting really p.o'ed with Smashwords.

At some point, I have no idea exactly when, but I know they didn't have it for my first couple of years I was publishing, or at least it never came up, they decided the name on the cover of the book has to match the name of the author account it comes from (I believe it's because Apple can be awkward).

Ever since I started publishing there I put Natasha Duncan-Drake (the name on the author account) on the front of books that are for all ages and Tasha D-Drake (see what I did there) on the front of books that have adult content. Until last year I never had a problem, but now, every time, they refuse to put it in the Premium catalogue until I write to them and explain that there is precedent (Apple have accepted my books in the past and seem to continue to do so) and they have given me an exemption.

The last rep I spoke to said they can't put a note on the account, they can only put it on the book.

Well they approved Dreams and Reality, but clearly no one put a note on the book because I added a new piece of information in at the end in the notes and re-uploaded it and now it's excluded again.

Their multiple author option also seems to be a hack and doesn't actually show all the info for both authors on a book page. It's been in beta for a very long time now.

I am getting fed up of this. I used to love Smashwords, I want to support them, but jumping through these hoops is getting really, really annoying. They always do their best to fix it when I contact them, but I don't want to have to wait for someone to not approve the book and then write to them every single time.
Tags: info: smashwords

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