Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Have shiny new permenant account :D - time for more AB icons and some new HP ones too ::g::.

Happy birthday to tealin, hope you have a lovely day.

Had another odd dream last night that I actually remember this morning (I think the Stella must be halucenagenic or something ::g::). I was at a wresting match (WWE type thing) and managed to scupper one of the wrestlers (don't remember how), and ended up taking his place. Had to do all of these weird acrobatics and crashing into things and dreams-self noted that nothing hurt. Most odd.

Then went back stage where had to pick up my belongings and clothes (at somepoint between the audience and the ring I'd miraculously changed into wrestling gear - don't you just love dreams), and my clothes were in this sack with a whole load of treasure. The wrestler who had just thrown me all over the ring did not seem to find this odd.

Then my cat turned up in the dream, the wrestler petted him for a while and I woke up to find that actually there was a cat on my chest trying to get my attention because it was breakfast time. See, I told you it was weird :).

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