Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Good morning...

Was having a really odd dream when I woke up this morning, and what is even odder is the fact that I remember is still. It was to do with having been on holiday and packing to go home. everything was going fine - had the suitcase packed, was going to be dropped at the airport (that was on the top of a mountain - well it was a dream), and then suddenly there was all this other stuff that hadn't been packed and we were leaving in five minutes. Woke up in a mild panic :). Weird!

So, onto the birthday greetings - first off I would not be an HP fan if I did not wish Draco Malfoy a Happy Birthday for yesterday. Now we have the canon it makes GTS canon inaccurate, but works right into my hands with another fic I have on slow simmer ::g::. My semagic did not give me any birthday reminders for yesterday - so sorry if it ballsed up and I missed you.

Happy birthday to halatia, the_red_queen and confusedreality - many happy returns.

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