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Jupiter Ascending - Musing on Plot Holes

Okay, so a friend on Tumblr said they'd be interested in seeing my musings on the things that were left out in Jupiter Ascending, so here there are.


So one of the really important plot points that was never properly explained is Caine Wise's attack on a royal. I haven't read any of the fanfic or any meta on this yet, so apologies if someone has already said all this :).

We're never told who Caine attacked or why he did it.

So this is what Rob and I (we were discussing it in the car on the way home) thought might be what they haven't told us, and maybe they are saving it for a sequel.

  • The person he attacked was Balem - it would explain the collar and the weird whispering - they said he ripped an entitled's throat out, not that he killed the person.
  • The reason Caine attacked him was because Balem killed his mother and Caine used to be part of her royal guard (in the scene where Jupiter gains her inheritance she is given a pass to get a royal guard from the legion).
  • Caine doesn't remember the details because he was wiped after he saw what happened (not sure why he wouldn't just be dead - maybe they missed their chance in all the confusion and Stinger was able to step in).
  • The reason he feels so close to Jupiter is that he was close to her in her previous life, he just doesn't remember it.
  • Maybe he was the reason Jupiter's previous incarnation began to rethink her universe view - if that wasn't all just complete hogwash on Titus' part (they say the best lies are built on truth after all)?

So what do you all think? Logical or completely not?

It raises questions about time frames etc, but then no one ever bothers to explain how long engineered humans live or what Caine has been doing before he took the bounty on Jupiter. Doesn't explain how long Stinger has been on earth or anything like that. I don't remember them mentioning how long ago her majesty was assassinated either. All of which could have a bearing on any theories :).

We also may have missed things because we have only seen it once.

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