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Opening Lines - Short Story Open Submissions

So BBC Radio 4 is accepting submissions for their Opening Lines, Short Story program.

I saw this in a blog post and I can't remember where it was linked from or who posted it now, but I thought there might be some people on my flists that would be interested so I decided to mention it here (it could have been linked from Tumblr or it might have been Twitter or here - sorry, brain like a sieve).

The full submission details for Opening Lines are here, just click the link.

This is the key information they list:

  • Writers who have previously had a story/stories broadcast on network radio or have substantial writing credits in other areas of radio (e.g. comedy and drama) are not eligible for this series.

  • We only accept one story per writer.

  • Please don’t re-submit stories that have previously been considered for Opening Lines

  • Stories must be between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length.

Submission period is 5th Jan - 13th Feb 2015

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