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Meme: Just post something - Grand Budapest Hotel

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So Rob and I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel on Sky last night and I'm still not sure if I really enjoyed it or not.

There were bits I thought were amazing and other parts I found deeply unsatisfying. Like the end for instance. I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil anyone, but I found it too fast. I wanted more detail about what actually happened. Other sections were simply brilliant - like the whole bit with the monastery, which I also won't elaborate on.

The cast of this film is simply breathtaking. Blink and you might miss several famous names. Ralph Fiennes is brilliant as is Tony Revolori as Zero and I have absolutely no complaint about any of the the acting. Willem Dafoe is superb as well and I could go on.

However, I was still left feeling a bit meh, at the end. It was very annoying because most of the rest was awesome. Y'know when you read a great book or great fanfic and then right at the end you get a whole info dump because it seems the writer couldn't be bothered to elaborate on the roundup - it felt like that. I'd still recommend the film wholeheartedly, I just didn't like the end. I suspect some people absolutely loved the end and possibly I am just being greedy :)

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