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Vampire Archetypes and The Characters They Spawn

So I have been in a vampire mood lately because I've been trying to sell my book The Avebury Legacy and I got to thinking about all the different kinds of vampire we see in fiction, be it written or on the screen. I like all kinds of vampires so I decided to write about what I see as the main groups and some of vampires in fiction that fall into these groups.

My post is over at the Wittegen Press blog:

Vampire Archetypes and The Characters They Spawn

Oh and I forgot to add:

I've just had an awesome review for The Avebury Legacy at A Creative Mind, which is a great blog with great reviews. I recommend it thoroughly. She was also wonderful and posted it on Amazon where it translates as 5 star :).

The Avebury Legacy (Vampires: The New Age #1) by Natasha Duncan-Drake Review @ A Creative Mind

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