Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Have had an awesome weekend!

It was our annual Christmas/Birthday bash this weekend and it was brilliant!

Thank you to everyone who came and *hugs* to everyone who couldn't make it, whether due to other commitments or illness (we missed you!).

I had a really wonderful time even if my feet did decide they would not let me stand for very long after about 7:30 on Sat, just as the party started.

My husband, sister and I are all 42 this year so of course the party was Hitchhiker's Themed - thank you Douglas Adams. We had several bowls of petunia's, including me, but the award has to go to alyse, moonlettuce and ngaio who were all literally dressed as petunias and started off by carrying around their bowl. Rob was Zaphod from the movie in his red jacket, shorts and cowboy boots with a towel wrapped round his head. My father was Ford Prefect, another friend was Zaphod's psychiatrist, another was a telephone sanitiser and we had many, many, many people in bathrobes and pyjamas and a few with just towels (not naked, I hasten to add ;)).

BTW - who doesn't know where their towel is, because we have gained a grey and white striped one? You know how important your towel is!

We made pan galactic gargle blasters (lite and will blow your head off) and had much food including cheese footballs and cupcakes which I am assured mean something to the hard core Hitchhiker's fans :).

It was awesome!
Also, thank you so much to all for the pressies, we finally had time to open them yesterday afternoon and much awwwing and oohing was done.

SO many DVDs to watch :D and I now have a Stilinski 24 t-shirt of awesome (I seem to like that word at the moment). I also have a secret agent game which I have yet to figure out - looks fun though :D - and the whole of Earth 2 to watch - yay! I haven't seen it since a friend used to record it off Sky for me and lend me the tapes. Also have Tremors the Series *does happy dance* - yes, I know that would horrify some people ;). Then there are horror movies and fantasy movies and all are awesome. I am adding all the DVDs to my DVD profiler right now. There were also edible gifts which have all been nibbled and my little Loki collection now has a little gold sceptre and other things too! Just amazing.

I still think starlaces is just trying to torture us all by giving us little crosstitch kits - I haven't done one of those since I was a pre-teen - I will even have to put my glasses on!

Thank you everyone, you are all wonderful. It was so lovely to see you all.
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