Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Adventures in batheing

Wow, I do not want to start a day like this again in a while, thank you.

I was happily showering this morning when the floor suddenly turned into an ice rink (I think it was my conditioner and a blocked plug hole to blame) and down I went. Don't worry, not too hard, the worst injury is a battered little toe and I will likely have a lovely bruise on my hip, but otherwise all okay.

No it was when the adrenaline wore off that was the really nasty bit. I was fine while I had to figure out the logistics of turning the floor back into floor rather than the slipperiest surface known to man and actually getting out of the shower, but once I was back on solid ground it just hit me. I burst into tears and couldn't catch my breath and basically just had a melt down. Had to ring Rob at work to talk me out of it. Must have been the shock I suppose.

So I am having chocolate for breakfast and no one can stop me!

Also, on a brighter note, had some nice news when I logged into email this morning. A very nice reviewer had accepted The Avebury Legacy for review, so yay! I do hope she likes it.

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