Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Good morning

Forgive me if I seem a little vague this morning, I only managed to get 2.5 hours sleep last night.

First off, sorry to those whose birthday's I missed, and Happy Birthday to ajaye for today.

It was Nana's funeral yesterday and we gave her a great wake. Drank a wee bit too much once everyone was gone (didn't have much time to drink while serving all the food ::g::). There's nothing like a good send off and I can honestly say we gave her that.

Now on to the more interesting bit ;) - pic spam from the holiday. At some point I shall write an entry with more info, but for that I require a brain and I've misplaced mine ::g::.

This is a picture from the glass floor in the CN tower - those are my feet ::g::. Poot Rob was a little scared and wouldn't walk on it, hence the lack of good photo taking since I had to do it ;).

Another of my shots (I took a total of 3 the whole holiday ::g::). This is my arty shot of the CN tower, up through the leaves of a tree under which I was sitting.

This is a piccie Rob took of Niagra from the helicopter. This is the Canadian falls, also known as the horseshoe falls.

Another arial shot with the Canadian and the American falls.

This is the Canadian falls from inside the Maid of the Mists boat as we approached them. Cool, ne c'est pas?

A couple of piccies of the melanistic jaguar at the Toronto Zoo where she was posing nicely with a stick she had just fished out of the water.

Also from the zoo, a sheep sunning itself ::g::.

This is Casa Loma - a large manor house built in Toronto. Very nice interiors and well worth a visit. Be aware, however, the instructions on the City Pass (a very good idea if you want to see lots of the Toronto sites - $47 per person for CN tower, Art Gallery, ROM, Science Museum and Casa Loma rather than between $12 and $19 dollars per exhibit) on how to get there involve a lot of steps.

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