Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

NaNoWriMo - Update 3

Just had to play catch up again today. Yesterday was almost a complete loss, only had a chance to write 300 words.

Our new Wittegen Press site is based off of Wordpress and one of the plugins is playing silly buggers so I spent yesterday trying to fix it. Problem is I can't repeat the problem on the test site. *bangs head on table*

Anyway, today was all about writing this morning and I am back on track, so yay! And no, I still don't know who did it, but I have some ideas ::g::. I better decide soon!

This afternoon it's back to stripping the study and then painting it. We've been working on it since Wednesday and we have one more bookself to empty and take down, then we can paint :). One of the hardest parts was the weights machine - we had to dismantle it so we could move it and it was a right pain. At the moment the front room and the old dining room are stuffed with books and craft stuff and basically the contents of the study :)

P.S. This extension OneTab for Chrome is so useful. It takes all the tabs you have open and puts them in a web page list and if you click them opens the link in a new tab and takes it off the list. If you have two windows it gives you two lists on the same page. Awesome if you're like me and end up with dozens of tabs open, but don't want to lose them.

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