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First mention of Harry Potter on my LJ

Okay so this is the first entry mentioning Harry Potter on my LJ and it isn't even on this one. This LJ was created specifically for my HP fanfic and then it grew (the first post here was on 19th June 2003), so my first mention is on my other (defunk) account tasha27. It's all private these days, so you won't see anything over there, but it's all still there :).

Date: 02 June 2003 @ 17:02

Okay, I admit it, I've picked up another fandom: Harry Potter, Draco/Harry to be precise.

I was only looking for something to read while I was waiting for some more decent Mutant X fanfic to come out and suddenly I have a whole new fandom to deal with. I've finally gotten around to reading the books and watching the second movie (which has been hanging around our DVD shelf since the day it came out) and I'm hooked. Yes, I have book five on order :-).

The funny thing is as far as I'm concerned there is no Harry/Draco in the books, not a whit, don't see it at all when I'm reading J.K. but there are some fantastic fanfics written for it that have me believing I'm reading about the same characters. I must say it's actually nice to be in a fandom where there are so many rec sites - no hours of aimless searching, it's just there. Happiness is mine ::g::.

Ooh which reminds me, must send Mutant X fic to Soph for beta.
Tags: fandom: harry potter

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