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Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

First off, welcome to my LJ and thank you so much for writing for me. This is the first time I've finally been organised enough to join up for Yuletide so I hope I am doing this right. It's far more complex than any fest I've been in before and I can only imagine how much work it takes, so thanks to the organisers too.

So there are a couple of things I really don't like that I thought I'd get out of the way, sorry:
  • permanent character death,
  • depressing endings,
  • cheating (open relationships and polygamous relationships are fine, but cheating is a no-no),
  • rape/non-con,
  • mundane AUs for those fandoms not mundane already
  • humiliation

Things I love:
  • slash,
  • happy endings (this is the most important),
  • love,
  • bonds,
  • hurt/comfort (I totally blame Empire Strikes Back for that),
  • magical creatures (vampires, werewolves, elves etc)

Yes I know some of them don't really look like they gel with some of the fandoms I have chosen, but, for example, if you want to add vampires into a universe that doesn't have them, please, feel free to go for it. Of course this is not remotely compulsory, but I know I am occasionally taken with these kind of urges so I thought I would let you know it's fine by me if you are too :).

I am happy with any rating of fic you wish to write from G to NC17, so feel free to go with whatever you are comfortable with.

Welcome to the Punch (2013)

For me this fandom love is all about the relationship between Max Lewinsky and Jacob Sternwood - I so want them to end up together, even if they are completely dysfunctional.

Angry sex to forget their screwed up lives and all their losses that turns into more would be awesome if you like to write that kind of thing.
At the other end of the spectrum a story that is more about plot after the end of the movie in terms of what happens to Max after he is arrested and how Jacob gets away and all the police procedural stuff with only a background of something brewing between them would be great too.

Or anything in between, however, I would like definite interaction between them please (could only be conversations, could be full on sex :)).

Some possible plot bunnies (just some ideas, feel free to ignore them if you have other ones :)):
  • Jacob breaks Max out of jail because he's being railroaded into a conviction
  • Max is exonerated, but can't go back to being a cop because he grassed up his colleagues so Jacob gives him an alternative.
  • Jacob is providing stress relief while Max is going through everything involved in the investigation of what happened.

Fright Night (1985)

I'd love to see Charley losing to Jerry and becoming a vampire, but not so that he is tortured for eternity :).

I don't mind if he starts revelling in all things vampire, or if he just comes to terms with being one of the undead, but I would like him to be at least vaguely okay with it by the end of the story, please.

If you feel like writing slash, Jerry/Charley would be awesome.

If you feel like writing ménage, Jerry/Charley/Amy would be fab.

If you want to make it humorous that would be fine too - anything goes as long as, in the end, Charley is a vampire and he's okay with it. Ta muchly :)

(Not that every time I watch Fright Night II I kind of wish they hadn't managed to rescue Charley before he turned and my windows splash screen isn't vampire!Charley or anything like that... ;))

The Listener (TV)

Having just seen the final episode what I really, really would love is something more about Toby and his mom now that they are finally reunited.

I've been waiting for this since season 1 and we got five mins - admittedly it was a good five mins, but I want more :).

I would love to know how communicating mind to mind with his mother makes him feel. What it's like for him to have another telepath right there.

If you would like to include some of the intrigue about their pasts that would be cool, but totally unnecessary.

If you would like to include reactions from the other characters that would be fine too, but also, not necessary.

Back in season 1 I used to ship Toby with Oz, but I have to admit, ever since Tia arrived I am a big Toby/Tia fan, so please don't split them up. If you want to add in a slashy side and bring Oz into the relationship with them though, I'd be totally fine with that :). (I am kinda dying to know who Oz would eventually take to Sandy's wedding, but that's probably totally irrelevant ;)).

So, yeah, Toby and his mom with anything else you want to put in there really :).

Thank you for reading. May the bunnies be kind :).

P.S. I'm beren over on AO3
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