Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

This LJ banning a whole bunch of us Sky customers ... round 2

I feel like I'm getting more and more confused.

Like I've told several people I left my question about the whole IP address thing open and this afternoon I had a reply:

Your internet service provider is routing you through a proxy, which uses
the IP address you saw listed on the error page, but, as you noted, that is
not your actual IP address.

Community Care Team

Now I took this to mean that the server is masking all of our IP addresses and giving it's own. So I rang Sky to find out why. Problem is, they say they don't do this. I asked if they could check the server to see if it is acting as a proxy when it shouldn't be, but clearly that was out of my service chap's remit because he just kept suggesting I reboot my router and see if that changed anything and that the problem has to be at LJ's end.

I tested it out on Dreamwidth and they record my proper IP, however, on a traceroute they don't seem to go through the same server, and neither do any of the other sites where I can see my IP address. So now I'm out of empirical data.

a) LJ is not registering individual IP addresses - which I have asked them to clarify They have responded and they do register individual addresses.
b) that particular server is incorrectly configured and is acting as a proxy
c) LJ blocked a server IP by accident (but then I don't understand why this is registering as my IP when I post anonymously)
d) something else is happening that I simply do not understand

I is still confuzzled.
Tags: info: lj

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