Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

So was anyone else with Sky broadband blocked from LJ for half of today (11thOct)?

I know there are at least three of us that were affected.

We had "Access Denied" messages and it was listing this IP for me, which isn't my IP, but I assume has something to do with the ban.

I'm not 100% clear how IPs work so I'm curious what they had to ban to catch mine too. My IP only has the 90. in common with the one that was listed on the Access Denied message and so did Soph's, but I'm wondering what range they could have blocked.

[Edit: Now that's interesting - when I leave an anonymous comment and when someone else left me an anonymous comment we are both listed as having the same IP address - - how does that work? That is the one that was banned.

I know what my IP address is - I checked it with several different whois sites and I always check it everyday for security when I'm dealing with the Wittegen Press site. It is not and as far as I know it has never been Are we all being routed through the same gateway to get to LJ or something? I is confused. Someone who understands this stuff please explain it to me.]

[Edit2: I did a traceroute from me to LJ and it seems the banned IP is the 5th hop on the route. Why would LJ register this as my IP address?]
Tags: info: lj

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