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Fic: Black Magic By Moonlight 11 of 35 (HP/AB xover) [R/15]

WARNINGThis chapter contains adult content of a semi-explicit nature. Rated R/15WARNING

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Title: Black Magic by Moonlight - A Harry Potter/ Anita Blake crossover
Chapter: 11 of 35 - Identity
Author: Beren
Pairings: Asher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/Micah
Rating: R/15
Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?
Chapter listing: click here for other parts, publishing schedule and A/N
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and Laurell K. Hamilton, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, Orbit books, Time Warner Book group, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post Harry Potter and the OotP and post Incubus Dreams and therefore has SPOILERS for all previous books. If you don’t want to know anything that went on in or before HP book five or AB book twelve do not read this story.

Chapter 11 Identity (R/15)

Harry had appeared somewhat shell shocked after the hunger had taken him over, and Anita couldn't blame him; she remembered the first attack of the ardeur and it had upturned her world. Once Jason had recovered enough to be joking around again, Jean-Claude had packed his pomme de sang off to recover properly and sent Harry and Draco, under Requiem's care, to find something to do to take Harry's mind off his recent experience.

Explanations and deep conversations had been promised for later, but Jean-Claude had insisted that some relaxation was in order. That left Anita alone with her two favourite vampires and a sudden desire to feed her own hungers. They headed back to the bedroom with little to no discussion.

Once, if Anita had suspected Jean-Claude of sleeping with another man she would have dumped him faster than it took to be told, but she had mellowed. It had taken her a while to accept the idea, but she knew Jean-Claude and Asher were together in the true sense of the word. They had avoided pushing the issue when Anita was with them for several months, but one night, in the heat of passion they had forgotten themselves, and Anita had discovered why women were known to buy gay porn. They still shied away from full intercourse when she was there, but most other interaction had ceased to be taboo.

Anita could not help being reminded of this when Asher immediately set about disrobing Jean-Claude as soon as they stepped through the door. She noted absently that the bed sheets had been changed since they had returned to the living room earlier, but she was far more interested in the way Asher had loosened Jean-Claude's shirt and was running his hands over his fellow vampire's chest.

The little noise Jean-Claude made in the back of his throat was very enticing. When midnight blue eyes opened from where they had fluttered closed and looked at her, Anita did not hesitate. She walked across the room and stood in close to the side of Jean-Claude that Asher had not possessed and allowed her hands to join Asher's much bigger ones on Jean-Claude's chest.

The power of the ardeur was lurking there below the surface for both her and her vampire master, Anita could feel it, but the electricity she felt running down her arms was all sexual energy, not metaphysical feeding. When she brushed against Asher she almost reached for him as well, but managed to hold off for now.

Tag teaming Jean-Claude was quite a new game, but it was one that Anita was beginning to relish. Asher had had decades of practice in making Jean-Claude putty in his hands and Anita was a quick study. As Asher kissed and nibbled his way down the left side of Jean-Claude's neck, Anita mirrored his attentions on the right side. Jean-Claude did not seem to know which way to move, and when Anita ran her hand down over his perfect chest and one finger under the waistband of the black leather pants the moan from his lips was very gratifying.

Jean-Claude turned his head towards her as she lifted her face to look up at him and he leant down to catch her lips with his. Opening her mouth without hesitation she allowed his tongue to slip between her lips and she could not suppress the tiny moan of pleasure as she allowed Jean-Claude access to her body in only the first of oh, so many ways.

They were moving backwards as she wound her arms around him and she knew Asher was lowering Jean-Claude to the bed, taking her with them. As Jean-Claude allowed himself to relax back onto the sheets, Anita climbed on beside him, never allowing the kiss to break. She forced her own tongue into Jean-Claude's mouth and disregarding years of practice she deliberately nicked herself on one of his fangs.

Fear of being food had long since left her, Jean-Claude had already fed, as had Asher, so they could both control their blood lust, but a little blood increased the heat and excitement. Anita would let Asher bite her properly later, but for now it was Jean-Claude she wanted to excite. He arched into her, lifting himself back off the bed as if Asher's weight holding him down on the other side was nothing. Anita's body tightened in response and a throb of desire ran from her head to her toes taking in some very significant areas.

Jean-Claude's hand came up and forced the kiss harder so that their lips were grinding against each other. At that moment Anita wanted nothing more than for the kiss to go on for ever. So enthralled was she by the taste and feel of her lover's mouth that until a hand brushed her hips she had completely lost track of what Asher was doing. When she finally broke away and looked the throb of desire that ran through her almost brought the ardeur crashing to the forefront of her mind; Asher had removed his own shirt and was currently relieving Jean-Claude of his pants.

Giving in to the ardeur would have been easy, but after all the strangeness that had been going on since she found Harry chained to the ceiling, Anita needed to feel in control. Using the ardeur and making it bow to her will was what she needed now and she forced it back, knowing that she would free it later and feed.

She returned to the kiss with Jean-Claude, even as Asher's skilful hands reached around her body and quickly released the buttons on her top. Taking it off would have to wait until she was not otherwise engaged, but she made no move to resist as Asher's hands continued their progress under her clothes and effortlessly released the hooks on her bra. Even Anita couldn't undo her underwear with such ease and it briefly made her wonder how many times Asher would have done such a thing, but when the vampire began to touch the areas of flesh he had freed, she rather forgot about the question entirely.

Moaning into the kiss she moved her position so that Asher had better access, and Jean-Claude decided to join in as well. With two sets of skilled hands on her, Anita could not help shivering as fingertips ghosted across her skin. When the ridged underwire of her bra brushed against a very sensitised nipple it dawned on her that the clothes, although hanging off her were plain in the way and she broke the kiss with Jean-Claude, sitting up and efficiently removing her upper body garments with one pull. Jean-Claude smiled up at her as she knelt beside him for a moment and then he was pulling her back down, brushing his thumbs across her nipples as he demanded more of her mouth.

Anita had again lost track of what Asher was doing until Jean-Claude broke away, putting his head back and making a deep sound of appreciation in the back of his throat. When she turned to find out what was going on, Anita was captivated by the sight of Asher's perfect mouth enveloping Jean-Claude. The vision of male beauty and male arousal sent shots of desire all over her body and she could not help the whimper that came out of her own mouth. When pale blue eyes looked up at her though long lashes as that sinful mouth drew more encouragement from Jean-Claude, Anita almost let the ardeur flood out of her.

She had seen this before, but it never ceased to send wonderful messages to every erogenous zone in her body; a reaction that in the cold light of day never failed to make her blush, but in the heat of the night filled her with such desire as to take her breath away. Laying her head on Jean-Claude's chest she watched as Asher knelt between Jean-Claude's legs and devoured Jean-Claude as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Absently, Anita played gently with one of Jean-Claude's nipples, listening to the sounds of pleasure rumbling through her lover's chest and captivated by the erotic beauty before her.

In the end Anita had not idea how long Asher played Jean-Claude, all she knew was the sounds and the writhing of the body beneath her head, moving with her lover and watching the fallen angel between Jean-Claude's legs as he performed. When Jean-Claude cried out and bucked into Asher's sinful mouth, Anita took in the wave of Jean-Claude's release, shuddering as if it was her own and coming to rest only when her lover had ridden the fire of his sexual peak.

Still she held the gaze of Asher's pale blue eyes and when the vampire finally released his prize, having taken everything Jean-Claude had to give Anita was moving as if she could read Asher's mind. She met him halfway as he came towards her and their mouths met in a passionate kiss, lips opening and tongues darting through, battling to taste the other.

She wanted, no, she needed more and even as they kissed her hands scrambled for the fastenings on Asher's pants. Caught in the passion, everything seemed to take too long and when other hands joined hers to relieve Asher of his remaining clothing she moved on to removing her jeans instead. She wanted to keep kissing her vampire lover, but there were certain times when practicality had to take over from passion and she pulled back, pushing her jeans and panties down, fumbling to move them off one knee and then the other before kicking them off the bed. By the time she had finished Asher was kneeling on the bed, proud and erect, waiting for her, Jean-Claude sitting beside him with desire burning in his deep blue eyes.

Asher literally picked her up, pulling her into the middle of the bed and manoeuvring her until she was lying on her back. There was no hesitancy in his movements as he loomed above her and she relaxed back on the bed, inviting him in. She did not need coaxing, or preparation, the little show she had been watching had seen to all of that and as Asher moved into her in one smooth stroke she arched into him and moaned her desire.

"Je t'adore, ma cherie," Asher whispered as he pulled back and thrust into her again, grinding their bodies together.

The ardeur beat at the bonds she had placed on it and she wanted to let it go. With Asher buried deep within her and Jean-Claude beside her she felt the need to release it.

"Not yet, ma petite," Jean-Claude's voice was low and demanding, almost commanding in its intensity and she mewed her need. "Hold on and I promise it will be worth it."

The ardeur was rising, but at the promise it was as if it was a sentient thing and knew that the pledge would bring more of what it needed. It burned under Anita's skin as Asher drove into her in slow, urgent circles as he lifted her hips from the bed and she put her head back, eyes closed, trying to hold on. It was frustrating and incredibly arousing at the same time, however, what was not arousing was when Asher placed her back on the bed and withdrew. Her growl of outrage was very heartfelt and she opened her eyes to glare at the vampire.

What she saw was Asher and Jean-Claude swapping places and Jean-Claude had a knowing smile on his face.

"My turn, ma petite," Jean-Claude said, the heat in his eyes reaching out the swallow her, and Anita could not fail to notice that he had recovered from his earlier exploits.

What surprised her was that he did not move closer and take her as Asher had done, what Jean-Claude chose to do was lower his head between her legs and bring one hand up to join it. As a warm, urgent mouth closed on her Jean-Claude touched her intimately and her fit of pique was forgotten. She was reminded sharply that Jean-Claude had over four hundred years experience at this and as his fingers brushed just the right spot inside her she surrendered to him completely.

Jean-Claude used his talented tongue and mouth to push her close to the edge and then bring her back; he teased her and almost seemed to be taunting the ardeur, all the while loosening her with ever moving fingers. When he pulled her back from completion for the third time Anita thought she was going to go mad, especially when Jean-Claude sat up, removing his delightful lips from what they had been doing.

She looked up to see both her vampires looking down at her with lust in their eyes, Jean-Claude between her legs and Asher just behind him. In that second she felt more desired than she thought she had any right to be.

"Now you are ready, ma cherie," Asher's voice was husky with sex and spoke to her of secret things only passion could explain.

Lying down beside her, Asher stroked one finger down her body, from her neck to the nest of hair between her legs as Jean-Claude moved away slightly. Then Asher turned onto his back and two pairs of hands were urging her up to straddle him.

"Sink down on him, ma petite," Jean-Claude said from where he was now behind her, "and lift your hips."

With Asher back where he had been earlier she felt good, but Jean-Claude had deliberately relaxed her and Asher was not longer enough to satisfy her. When Jean-Claude moved in behind her and she felt him press close she realised what the whole cycle had been about. Before she could be afraid and begin to tense up Jean-Claude was pushing into her as well and if it had not been for Asher's steadying arms she would have fallen on him.

"Oh god," was about the most sensible thing she could manage to say as her vampire lovers filled her almost more than she could bear.

"Relax, ma petite," Jean-Claude whispered in her ear, "relax and let us love you."

To have them both was more than she deserved, more than fate should have allowed, and all she could do was give herself to them. As Jean-Claude and Asher began to move in perfect rhythm she let them hold her in place as she surrendered completely. As both whispered to her of passion and love, the ardeur would be denied no longer and it burst from her, demanding everything her men had to give. She was lost in a sea of sensation and feeding as their three bodies moved together in an ancient ballet. Jean-Claude's need joined her own becoming completely overwhelming, and when Asher's fangs finally pierced her flesh, she screamed and let her body surrender to its sexual zenith.

Vampire powers and hungers all combined as sexual completion took her beyond reality and for what could have been seconds or eternity she was lost to the world. When she came back to herself she was lying on Asher's chest, completely incapable of moving more than her head. Jean-Claude was lying beside them, looking at her, and when she opened her eyes he smiled. There was something sated and happy about him, and she found that she could only agree.

"I believe, mon ami," Asher said as Anita smiled at Jean-Claude in a very contented way, "that our Anita found that pleasing."

If she'd had the strength she might have had something to say about that, since she was not the only one who seemed to have had a very good time, but as it was her bones felt like water and she could not be bothered.

"Je vous aime," she said, looking between both men, "je vous aime beaucoup."

Just for a while nothing else mattered and she closed her eyes, letting herself enjoy the warmth of the body below her. A vampire was only ever quite so warm just after they had fed and, where once the idea of giving blood to a vampire had horrified her, now it seemed perfectly logical. Closing her eyes she basked in the afterglow, letting her mind roam free.


When Harry walked back in to Jean-Claude's rooms his brain totally failed to process all the information he received. Firstly Anita was sitting next to Asher on a rather nice chaise, as in almost in his lap, and there was an ease between them that told Harry the pair were very relaxed; then there was the fact that both Asher and Jean-Claude had changed clothes since he last saw them; and finally he could smell something on the air, something that made his skin prickle and parts of him sit up and take notice.

In fact, every instinct in his body screamed sex and he came to a halt only a few feet into the room, totally unable to stop looking between Anita and the two vampires. He might have been able to cover it if it had just been Asher and Anita, after all he had noticed something the previous evening, but the way Jean-Claude was lounging in a chair watching the other two made Harry think all sorts of things he didn't really want to think.

While trying to stop himself staring he forced his gaze elsewhere and it fell on the picture above the fireplace. There were three people in the painting, and with a start he realised it was Jean-Claude, Asher and a woman. Their poses were relaxed and happy and Harry could not help looking at the painting and then looking at Anita, Asher and Jean-Claude.

Anita looked up and caught him staring, at which point he blushed, but did not look away. It was when Anita's eyes flicked towards Jean-Claude that Harry felt something even more peculiar. It was almost as if there was a television turned on without any signal or sound as his head tingled with white noise for no more than a moment. He shook his head and frowned, trying to figure out what had happened, but it was gone.

"Something distresses you, mon enfant?" Jean-Claude asked sitting up in his chair.

Harry was used to strange things happening to him, it seemed to be part of his lot in life, but he had fed for the first time that evening, and some of his reactions to the full moon had taken him by surprise, so instead of brushing off the enquiry he decided to answer truthfully.

"It felt like I had static in my head," he said, trying to isolate the memory and analyse it better. "Just for a second, when Anita looked at you."

Jean-Claude's eyes remained fixed on Harry, but the feeling flared again and he had to blink it away.

"There is was again," he said, chasing the feeling even as it vanished. "It's really strange."

Climbing to his feet, Jean-Claude walked over and Harry felt cold power reach out to touch him. Whatever Jean-Claude was doing, the vampire seemed satisfied after a moment.

"I believe you are picking up the connection between Anita and myself, probably because you have fed and your vampire is closer to the surface," Jean-Claude said simply. "There are ways Master vampires may connect themselves to humans and Anita and I are so connected. It is a long and complex subject, which I believe would be better left for another time. If it bothers you, Anita and I shall attempt to maintain our bond at a lower level unless necessary."

"No," Harry said quickly, not wishing to disrupt the lives of those helping him any more than he already was, "that's fine, it was just odd. As long as it's nothing bad, I'm okay."

Jean-Claude really did have the most breathtaking smile when he wanted to and Harry found himself smiling back without thinking about it.

"Come," Jean-Claude said and indicated the empty chairs, "let us sit down. I trust Requiem has entertained you."

"Yes, thanks," Harry replied.

The Circus was still one of the strangest places he had ever been as far as Harry was concerned, but seeing it from backstage had given him a glimpse into a world that worked along the same lines as most other places of employment. One thing Harry had never expected to see was a vampire hopping up and down on one foot, swearing colourfully because someone had stolen the boots that went with his costume and the new ones didn't fit. It just seemed too mundane.

"The young gentlemen decided to sit in on Melanie's performance," Requiem said in the same polite manner Harry had come to expect of the vampire over the last hour or so.

Harry had hoped that where they had actually been would not have come up, but it had only been a faint hope. Quite frankly Melanie scared him, but she also fascinated him for reasons that were not solely to do with teenage hormones. When they had wandered past the sign advertising her stage performance Harry had been unable to resist, and Draco had followed along with nothing more than a raised eyebrow.

"Melanie is a fascinating monster, is she not?" Jean-Claude said as if the news was not news as all, but Harry could see Anita sitting straighter next to Asher.

"I'd have said scary," Harry replied since the memory of the woman changing into part snake made him shiver.

He liked snakes, something to do with being a Parseltongue giving him an affinity for them, but seeing a woman grow scales had been a little too much even for him. When the performance had been over she had thanked him for coming and reiterated her invitation to talk some time, all in the sibilant hisses of the snake tongue only he could understand. Requiem had seemed impressed that Melanie was taking any notice of anything but her snakes, and considering that reading Requiem was sometimes like reading blank stone; Harry thought it might be significant.

"She's dangerous, Harry," Anita said and sounded very adamant about the subject.

"I know," he replied, choosing to sit on the sofa where Draco had just sat down.

Talking about this was not on the top of his to-do list. He wasn't quite sure what he was thinking himself, so explaining it to anyone else was difficult to say the least.

"Would anyone care for a drink?" Jean-Claude offered, reading Harry's reply as an end to the topic.

It was not long before Harry found himself accepting a glass of the same red wine he had had earlier. He had never been a wine drinker, or a drinker of any sort for that matter, but it actually wasn't bad and Draco appeared to be impressed so Harry just followed suit. It gave him something else to think about other than the scene from when they had first returned, which was a blessing. Jean-Claude had admitted to a connection with Anita and maybe she had one with Asher too and he was picking up on that and interpreting it incorrectly, but it was too much to think about.

"How are you feeling, mon enfant?" Jean-Claude asked when everyone was settled again.

"Fine," Harry replied, not liking being the centre of attention, but understanding that it was a sensible question, "and very, very awake."

Having been plagued by nightmares for the last few years Harry was used to surviving with little sleep, usually gained in the early morning when his body finally had to shut down, but when it came to the current time of night he was still used to feeling the effects of over exertion. Considering the fact that he had nearly died, been through a full moon, and had a run in with his subconscious in the past few days he had not been expecting to feel quite so alert. However, ever since he had fed he had had even more energy than the moon had sparked in him.

"That will be the vampire in you," Asher chose that moment to give his opinion. "We have but two states, awake and dead."

"I think it would be far easier if humans had only two states as well," Draco said and the Slytherin was smiling just slightly when Harry looked over, "you should try dragging Harry out of bed in time for breakfast some time."

"Hah," Harry replied before he remembered where he was, "so says Mr I'll-sleep-until-noon-if-I-want-to."

"There is a difference between choosing to remain in a warm, comfortable place, and being comatose," was Draco's come back, and the knowing smirk on his face told Harry that his friend was enjoying this.

"You'd make a better cat than I do," was the only thing Harry could think of to say in return.

That earned him a real grin and when he looked back at Anita and the vampires they appeared amused as well. Asher was observing and barely seemed to be reacting, but both Anita and Jean-Claude were smiling. The look in Draco's eyes as Harry turned to him again was one that said 'mission accomplished'.

"All is well with you then, bon," Jean-Claude said, accepting what Harry had told him. "What you must watch for are signs of the hunger, mon enfant. I do not believe you shall be plagued by such things every night, but we shall make arrangements so that should you feel the need a donor will be available."

There was one thing that had been bothering Harry, and he finally plucked up the courage to ask.

"So the feeding was normal then?" he said, trying not to blush in embarrassment. "I didn't do anything too weird?"

"Non, mon enfant," Jean-Claude replied, seeming to understand Harry's reluctance, "what you did was quite normal until the very end. You rolled Jason's mind when you fed, a skill that usually comes with age, but in your case is not unexpected. The healing of the bite was the only unforeseen occurrence, and that appeared to increase my pomme de sang's enjoyment, so it is unlikely you will ever have any complaints."

Now Harry did blush, but he had to know. Vampires in Muggle books were usually sexual creatures, but everything about them in Wizarding literature was very dry and scientific.

"So, um, his reaction was, um, okay then?" Harry had not had the guts to ask Jason after the werewolf had recovered, or Jean-Claude just after it had happened, but he found that he needed to know.

The smile he received at that enquiry was knowing, but sympathetic.

"I believe Jason would say 'it was more than okay'," Jean-Claude replied with a gentle laugh.

Harry wanted to disappear through the floor, but it did make him feel a little better to realise that he hadn't stepped over any lines. Jean-Claude appeared to be about to say something else, but there was a knock at the door and Jason appeared as it opened. Harry tried very hard not to blush even more.

"Sorry to barge in," the werewolf said and grinned at Harry as if he knew exactly what Harry was thinking, "but the information on the dead vamp just came through."

Jason handed a folder to Jean-Claude and then stood next to the sofa on which Harry was sitting. Harry found this very distracting even though the werewolf's attention appeared to be firmly on the Master of the city. He could smell clean skin and shampoo, and the musky scent that had drawn him to Jason before. That and the fact that he could faintly sense Jason's beast on what seemed to be a lycanthrope and a vampiric level was most disconcerting and he had to try hard to keep from turning to look at the werewolf.

"Philip Torres," Jean-Claude read from the folder and dragged Harry's attention back to the issue in hand, "from New York. He was fourth to the Master of the city and has been missing for three weeks. I did not know his face, but I have heard his name; he was one of Belle's conquests when she reached her influence into Spain. I believe she exiled him for killing one of her favourites in a jealous rage."

Asher nodded as if agreeing.

"It was just before we returned to her," the blond vampire said. "She has been punishing him by leaving him in exile ever since. I did not know he had come to America."

"Well he's not being punished anymore," Anita gave her opinion on the situation. "Is there anything significant about him that might give us a clue as to who the crazies are who killed him?"

Jean-Claude was scanning the document in his hands quickly and Harry was almost ready to ask his own question when the vampire finally spoke.

"Non, ma petite," Jean-Claude replied, appearing apologetic, "I see nothing particularly significant. Perhaps this is where your police friends would be far better than we are?"

The frown that graced Anita's features suggested to Harry that she had hoped for more, but she appeared thoughtful rather than anything else.

"You're sure that giving this information to Dolph won't cause complications?" Anita asked.

"There are two documents, ma petite," Jean-Claude said quite openly; "one with all the details of Philip, and one with the details that may be released to the police. I suggest you read both and give Lieutenant Storr the second."

This did not seem to faze Anita at all, which said quite a lot about the way she dealt with things if Harry was any judge. It was clear to him that even though she was a Federal Marshal, Anita did not play by the rules.

"Then I'd better be going," she decided, standing up. "The sooner Dolph can start on this the better."

Harry wasn't sure what to do, the plan had been that Anita would drop him and Draco off home before she went back to her place, but it wasn't so straightforward anymore. He did not relish the idea of going to the police station, but Anita seemed to want to get the information to the police as fast as possible.

"Do not worry, ma petite," Jean-Claude said when Anita's eyes came to rest on Harry, "we shall see Harry and Monsieur Malfoy safe tonight. I believe Harry and I have some further discussion to make before he is ready to leave us."

Anita's concerned gaze clearly asked Harry what he thought of this and he nodded; he did want to speak to Jean-Claude, especially now they knew who the dead vampire was, and it seemed silly to cause extra hassle just because he was feeling a little insecure.

"Okay," Anita agreed, taking the file from Jean-Claude when he offered it, "but anything happens, anything at all, you call."

She was looking at no one in particular, but Harry had the distinct impression that every man in the room knew if they failed to obey that instruction there would be big trouble. If he hadn't been one of those on the receiving end, Harry would have laughed.

End of Chapter 11
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