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EYM - Bring Back The Listener

The Express Yourself Meme (EYM) is a weekly blog hop run by Jackie at Bouquet of Books and Dani at Entertaining Interests. Each month they post a Gadget with a question/task for each week in the month. Participants then answer the question in a post during the correct week. (Sorry I totally forgot about it last week).

There is a list of the participants at the bottom of this post.

This week's question/task:
Name ONE Cancelled/Retired TV Show you would love to see back on the air.

Now this one has only just finished, literally the last ep of the 5th season was shown on Aug 18th 2014 and it is The Listener. I have loved this show from the first ep to the last and wish it wasn't ending.

In season 1 Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik), our hero, is a paramedic with a big secret - he can hear people's thoughts. No one except the man who helped him control his powers when he was a kid knows, but slowly, through the season, people find out. Because of his ability he ends up helping Charlie Marks, a detective with the Toronto police department. Charlie also helps Toby when his past comes to haunt him  (Lisa Marcos) and she protects him.

The second most awesome character in the show is Oz (Ennis Esmer), Toby's EMS partner.

The show was actually cancelled after season 1, but was so popular in foreign markets they brought it back, however, it changed a bit.

In season 2 Toby is still a paramedic, but becomes a consultant for the IIB, the serious crimes department of the Toronto police force. Here he helps Sergeant Michelle McClusky (Lauren Lee Smith) on cases while struggling with the side effects of his telepathy with the help of Olivia Fawcett (Mylene Dinh-Robic), his doctor friend and ex.

In season 3 Toby becomes a special consultant full time for the IIB; they present him as a face reader and this continues through season 4 and 5.

I love this show. It's Canadian for a start so people don't just get shot for no reason. You may not have noticed this, but if you watch a Canadian show (and I mean one set in Canada, not one pretending to be the US just filmed in Canada) characters are much more likely to walk away alive at the end. It's not always true, but the deaths usually mean more. I mean there's a whole episode where Toby has to shoot someone and then deal with the PTSD.

The characters are engaging, the plots are good, there are lots of female characters and I wish there was going to be more.

 So do you have any favourite TV shows that are no more and you wished would come back?

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