Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Firstly, Happy Birthday to akui_kun, sid, maytimemagic and supergirl69187, may you all have a lovely day.

I'm looking forward to going on hols next week, but life seems to be conspiring against me. I think I have tendonitis in my left ankle, it's a little swollen at the back and hurts to walk on. Nothing new to me, but I could live without it just now.

And on top of that my Nana is dying. She's a very old lady and has been very ill for a few months (they expected her to go when she was first taken into hospital three months ago) so it's not a surprise, and I'm actually quite pleased that she seems to be slipping away peacefully because she hasn't been happy since she had to leave her home. I'm just worried about my mother who will take it hard.

Nana is in a nursing home at the moment and they aren't sure how long she'll last, but they say she has massive heart failiure, so not long. The staff there are wonderful, and I'm very glad she's there because she was in hospital until a couple of weeks ago, and it just wasn't the same. If she had been moved there before I think she would still be with us, but when she was in hospital she didn't eat and there was no one to help her, or make sure she did. She's become so frail that her body is just shutting down.

It's like in the hospital her legs were covered in red patches and ulcers because of poor circulation (she hasn't been able to walk since she went in). Within a week at the home they had her legs healed and almost all the patches gone because of the therapy she was being given. In the home she's a person not a statistic.

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