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02 December 2003 @ 14:01 Memories
Harry Potter Fanfic Communities  
This is a list of all of the Harry Potter communities I look to for fic. If anyone knows of anymore good ones then leave a comment and I'll add them.

accio_gents - Accio Harry Potter Boys
blond_azkaban- Draco Malfoy's favorite dive
caput_draconis - Draco, please pass the Harry
dracomalfoyfans - Draco Malfoy Fans
dracomalfoys - Draco Malfoy Fan Community
harrydraco- The Shippers of Harry and Draco's Angsty Love
harrylovesdraco - ..\\.Harry <3's Draco.//..
harryslash - Harry Potter Slash
hogwarts_grads - Hogwart's Graduates: Adult "Harry Potter" Fans
hp_fanfiction - Harry Potter Fanfiction
hp_fictrack - HP Semi-Popular Fanfiction Track Service
hp_hardcore - HP Hardcore
hp_password - Platform Nine & Three-Quarters - journal codes
hp_slash - Harry Potter Slash (another one)
hpfanfic - Harry Potter FanFiction (another one)
hpfic - The Quill & The Scroll
hprecs - Harry Potter Fanfic and Fanart Recs/Links!
hpslash - Harry Potter Slash (number 3)
ill_faith - Domus ex Improbitas Fides
malfoy_slash - Malfoy Manor
malfoyswh0re - Harry Potter Slash (number 4)
quibbler_recs - The Quibbler Harry Potter Recommendations
restrictsection - The Restricted Section
slash - Slash Writers
snape_potter - Greasy old git and impertinent brat
the_pimp_cane - The Pimp Cane where pervies come to play

From [info]katemonkey
[info]hp_girlslash</span> - for femslash
</a></b></a>pornish_pixies - short and hardcore
</a></b></a>hpdrabble - for short pieces
</a></b></a>pottersandwich - Harry/Hermione/Ron

From [info]thallos
[info]veelarecs (how could I forget this one :))

From dorrie6:
A recs-only community : </a></b></a>hp_for_lotrips

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Forever flirting with sanity: pervydacro on 2nd December 2003 15:22 (UTC)
saved to favorites!
*kisses you*

Berenberen_writes on 2nd December 2003 15:40 (UTC)
I suddenly realised that everytime I want to know what communities I'm on for HP fic I have to go to my user info and search through them all, so I thought to myself that it might be useful to have a list :).
Forever flirting with sanitydacro on 3rd December 2003 06:56 (UTC)
I love it!
Tabitha R. Jones: smartcookietabitharjones on 2nd December 2003 16:18 (UTC)
What a helpful list! Thanks so much for posting this, it really helps out a newbie-to-LJ like myself. ^_^
strangerette in a strange land: l333333tkatemonkey on 2nd December 2003 16:49 (UTC)
hp_girlslash - for femslash
pornish_pixies - short and hardcore
hpdrabble - for short pieces
pottersandwich - Harry/Hermione/Ron

Me? Nerd.
thallosthallos on 2nd December 2003 20:18 (UTC)
what a list !
here i see this one too ^^ :
windtossedwindtossed on 2nd December 2003 22:58 (UTC)
Not exactly a community, but I friended silver_and_gold, which is a recs journal. Also, veelarecs (a community) is always a good place.
(Anonymous) on 4th December 2003 12:39 (UTC)
another good one
Ink Stained Fingers is good also
The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.: d/h mood swingsdorrie6 on 13th December 2003 21:28 (UTC)
A recs-only community : hp_for_lotrips

(ps: I have been enjoying your epic fic very much. I haven't feedbacked yet, I know, but I wanted to say at least that.)
Berenberen_writes on 15th December 2003 08:33 (UTC)
So added.
Glad you're enjoying my fic, thanks.
Veerlemefeather on 19th March 2004 05:58 (UTC)
Wow what a list. I know there is a yahoo group called veelainc which has a lot of hp/dm fics. Another yahoo group called glassreflect also has a lot of hp/dm.
I am not sure whether you also like other pairings because I am a member of several others but maybe the pairings squick you: hp/ss, hp/lm, hp/sb
And I am a member of several specific fanfics like mirror of maybe (which is hp/ss and au).
Let me know if you want other groups as well and I will give you a list of those.
Berenberen_writes on 19th March 2004 06:45 (UTC)
Thank you very much for the suggestions, I'm on most of those lists as well :). I have no pairing squicks except anything with Dumbledore (just bad mental images ::g::), but I was trying to gather a list of HP LJ communities rather than Yahoo! groups.

Come to think of it it might be an idea to do a list of Yahoo! groups as well - hmm ... might have to do that. If you could list all the ones you'd recommend that would be cool, thanks.
Veerle: night_lily - draco - do I look like I camefeather on 19th March 2004 08:46 (UTC)
Yahoo Groups
Ok since you asked so nicely *grins*
Hold on ... because the list is *cough* longish.

After_class - SS/HP

attywmfmh - started as a group for a fic now a group for the write Sandra Solaria Dees

because_you_are_mine - group for fic because you are mine

Bluedemon - writer of The man who was the boy and Pirates at the Hogwarts Sea

borgin_and_burkes - for fic searches

canis_major - SB/HP

enahmasworld - for fic triloy Happy days in hell

Faith_and_Emeralds - I joined this group for the fic Faith, a Harry betrayed fic




HP_Betrayed - for the fic Betrayed by Kateydidnt

HPBabies - for the fic Never too late by Rosaleen

HPforGrownups - hp theories and such

HuntressSmiles - writer of fics

Jendrafic - writer of fics Jade Green Eyes and Beyond Expectations as well as WIP Mythic Alliance

lady_foxfire_HP - writer of fics

lordandladysnape - SS/HG


m_gsfi - for fic Gold Silver Fire and Ice by Ankha

Mirror_of_Maybe - for discussions and cookies inspired by MOM there is also a group which only lets you know when MOM is updated but I find this one funny sometimes

mirror_of_paradox - fics by Yih


psa-security - passwords for the site of glassreflect

roughside - HP rough, bdsm and such



starkindler - writer of fics






BTW there are a few which I enjoy regularly and some which I occasionally follow. For instance: glassreflect, HarryxLucius, Jendrafic, Mirror of Maybe, because you are mine, faith and emeralds, hp betrayed and canis major I enjoy almost daily *grins*
But as you can see I am a Yahoo Groups junkie.
painless_j: minervapainless_j on 1st April 2004 07:37 (UTC)
have a look here
I made a listing some time ago, maybe there's smth (and sorry for not doing it by myself - a work suddenly tumbled down on me). And if you don't mind I'll give a link to this post, too. May I?
Beren: power wolfberen_writes on 1st April 2004 07:49 (UTC)
Link away, and thanks :).
I have about twelve more I must add at some point as well, thanks for reminding me ::g::. New ships, new communities to read ;).
May I link to your list in the main post please? I will of course credit you :).
painless_jpainless_j on 1st April 2004 10:28 (UTC)
Sure, feel free to link.
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