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07 October 2004 @ 15:49 Memories
Fic: Nothing Like the Real Thing - NC-17 Het  
Ooh, my bunny for the Adopt a Bunny challenge has been posted [Yes I wrote het!]:
Title: Nothing Like the Real Thing
Rating: NC-17
Author: Bunny-keeper beren_writes (email: beren@dtwins.co.uk)
Warnings: PWP
Description: Narcissa has a fantasy about her cousin Sirius, and she has a way of playing it out.
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The content of this post can now be read here.
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SJtsukinobun on 7th October 2004 12:29 (UTC)
Oh, dear god...
that is the hottest piece of het I have read i a *very* long time.
You are amazing. More!
Beren: madness/loveberen_writes on 8th October 2004 02:09 (UTC)
Thank you, so pleased you liked it. I haven't written het in ages and it was fun for a change. Of course I had to change it into a threesome :) ... but I did make sure it was a het threesome, rather than a slash threesome, as it were, in case the bunny originator was not into slash ;).
Forever flirting with sanity: dacro on 7th October 2004 15:13 (UTC)
I commented over on the site, but just wanted to say again.
yes! Hot, sexy and brilliant het! *claps*
Your Narcissa is perfect, and Sirius...well he was just on the edge right where I like him. I saw the whole thing play out. Oh the images.
Beren: hermione sane?beren_writes on 8th October 2004 02:14 (UTC)
Thank you *hugs* - I've been meaning to comment on your drabbles, but I haven't had a chance yet (and I'll do the voting form for hpvamp tonight or tomorrow - everything always happens at once!).

To which site are you refering?

So pleased you liked the het - I haven't written it in so long, but I guess it's like riding a bike; you never forget how ::g::.

*pulls out the smelling salts*
Forever flirting with sanitydacro on 8th October 2004 06:07 (UTC)
This Adopt a bunny...but I'm looking and I don't see my comments! gack. Maybe they didn't go through.

Well, I did love it, and I thought the het was wonderful. I'd love to see you write more Sirius (only for selfish reasons) because I thought his voice was perfect!
No hurry on reading the drabbles, although I do want to know what you think. I wrote chan for Switch...*blush* and another hot all dialogue H/D that makes me giggle...
but enough about me! *hugs* Thanks for doing the poll. I wish I could be more help there.
Beren: Snape Cynicberen_writes on 8th October 2004 06:37 (UTC)
Chesty just replied to a testing comment I put up and said that there was something wrong with the post, but it's fixed now. LJ hickup I believe.

I have a Sirius/Remus/Harry fic I'm working on. Started it to see if I could write beastiality and guess what, I can, and the PWP is 70 pages long so far ::g::.

I've read most of your drabbles (like them lots), but I keep getting dragged away before I can think of something sensible to say, and when I get home I'm so knackered that I mooch in front of the TV. I'm still recovering from the weekend which doesn't help, but almost back to normal :).
Forever flirting with sanitydacro on 8th October 2004 06:51 (UTC)
Yeah. You had such a busy weekend. Take time for yourself. Comments can wait. *hugs*
Sirius/Remus/Harry..70 pages?
OH MY! I can't wait to see it!
Beren: Draco corruptberen_writes on 8th October 2004 07:01 (UTC)
The problem I'm having at the moment is that there is this big bit in the middle that just says "stuff happens" and I don't know what goes there :). I may just gloss over it since the important stuff is at the beginning and then end, or I may break it into two stories where one is the sequel to the other - not sure yet.

It's called "The Mating Habits of Animagi and Werewolves" :) - just so everyone knows what to expect, and for some reason, in a fit of madness I decided that every chapter title had to start with the letter 'A'. No, I can't figure out why I did it either! ;)
Forever flirting with sanitydacro on 8th October 2004 08:16 (UTC)
Sounds wonderful. I've been having a "staff happens" moment in something I've been working on too. I'm going to try poking it with a sharp stick today and see if that helps.

I think it's cool that chapters all start with the same letter, something new! :)

Oh...I'm excited to read it!!!
Beren: Lucius Insipidberen_writes on 8th October 2004 08:49 (UTC)
"staff happens"
Was that deliberate or a Freudian slip? ::eg::

going to try poking it with a sharp stick today and see if that helps.
I'd use the pimp cane rather than a sharp stick - that tends to get results ::g::. Oooh, and that reminds me: we played slash pictionary at the con and I had to draw Lucius Malfoy - all I had to do was draw the cane and hair ::g::.
Forever flirting with sanitydacro on 8th October 2004 11:43 (UTC)
Frulian slip
heh! *laughs through the medication*
Cold pills are fun!!! :D
*shakes head* staff happens I came in on the special bus today. *groan*

Lucius pictionary? ROCK!
winstonmomwinstonmom on 7th October 2004 21:49 (UTC)
Please, someone call the paramedics.......it is really hot in here...

PS You are one of a kind, good job
Beren: Remus Friendshipberen_writes on 8th October 2004 02:14 (UTC)
Thank you. *turns the aircon on full* ;)
bloodyfire: rorosebloodyfire on 3rd August 2011 08:11 (UTC)
I've been lurking your fic for a while now (yay xmfc) and I decided to check this out. holy fuck am I glad I did! this was seriously hot and I loved it <3
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