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05 October 2009 @ 15:03 Memories
The Anonymous Fluffathon  
Okay, so we;re all very familiar with Anonymous Kinkathons, but I thought it might be fun to have an Anonymous Fluffathon.

You all know you have them; those achingly sweet half formed ideas in your head that you wish someone would write. Now is your change to request them :)

♥The Anonymous Fluffathon♥

How to play

To request:
  1. Click the reply/post a comment link.
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Submit your fluff prompt,
    e.g. Bill has an owie, Tom makes it better for him
    or Harry feels Draco might not love him anymore, Draco proves him wrong.

Please if you would like more than one fic with different fluffy prompts, separate the requests into more than one comment. If you want all the fluffy ideas in the same fic keep it as one comment.

To respond to a request:
  1. Click reply to the comment which contains the fluffy request. (A request may have as many responses as writers who feel they wish to fulfil it - this is NOT a one request, one response kind of thing :)).
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Paste or type in your response to the fluff request and click go (you may use as many replies as it takes if your fic is longer than the max number of characters (4,300 with spaces) for a comment)
    If the fic is a very long one and posting it in comments would be a royal pain, email me and I will sort out an alternative solution :).

N.B. If you want people to be able to see your fic clearly when scrolling down an un-exanded list, I suggest you give it a title and a part number (title can be Untitled Story number 3 if necessary :)).

  1. This game is open to fandoms (RPS and FPS) and genres, gen, het and slash and ratings.
  2. The request must be fluffy in some way, but smuff (smutty fluff) and flangst (fluffy angst) are welcome as well as pure fluff.
  3. Please make sure to specify the fandom you are talking about in the request rather than just character/people names to avoid confusion.
  4. You may repost an answer to a fluff request anywhere you like 30 days after you posted it here, but here, everything must be ANONYMOUS.
  5. No chan - please do not request anything with characters under the age of 14. This is a fluffathon so let's not even think of going there :).

Suggestions to Participants, Readers and Writers Alike
  • Please try and leave feedback for the writers. You may leave feedback anonymously or under your LJ name, but if you are the requester and are going to mention is, please comment anonymously. If you wish the writer to know how pleased you are under your real account name then you can tell them once they repost it somewhere else or once the 30 days are up :).
  • If you are a writer please try to respond to the requests as well as making them, if you are a reader only, please feel free to still make requests. You may make as many requests as you like and respond to as many requests as you like.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for more info from a requester, just remember to do so anonymously :).
  • Play nice :). If you do not like someone's kink, please ignore it, flames will be deleted.
  • Please pimp this fluffathon to all your friends :)

There is no time limit on this Fluffathon, it will go on as long as people wish to play :)

Pimp code:

Prompt Replies
  1. Fluff request: Panik: Jan and Juri - "Under the stars" Would like kissing involved.
    Orion's 'Sword' (Author may repost on 05-Nov-09)
  2. Fluff request: Cinema Bizarre: Kiro is a changeling, unbeknownst to him, and now his fae magic is starting to show in odd and amusing ways.
    Flowers and Glitter (Author may repost on 06-Nov-09)
  3. Fluff request: Harry Potter: Harry finds out Draco is an animagus, but Draco refuses to tell him what his animal is. It turns out it's unbearably cute.
    Deja vu (Author may repost on 07-Nov-09)
  4. Fluff request: Harry Potter - Harry/Draco Draco throws Harry a birthday party.
    Untitled (Author may repost on 15-Nov-09)
  5. Fluff request: Tokio Hotel RPS: Georg is usually the strong one, the big brother. But now he's sick and the twins decide he needs taking care of.
    Honey and Lemon (Author may repost on 14-Nov-09)
  6. Fluff request: Tokio Hotel: Any twin hurt/comfort would be wonderful. Bill is sick and Tom flutters anxiously over him?
    Sniffles (Author may repost on 15-Nov-09)
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(Anonymous) on 5th October 2009 15:15 (UTC)
Harry Potter: Harry finds out Draco is an animagus, but Draco refuses to tell him what his animal is. It turns out it's unbearably cute.
(Anonymous) on 6th October 2009 20:50 (UTC)
Deja Vu
“Come on, just tell me. I promise I won’t laugh.”

Draco raised one sleek eyebrow in barely hidden disbelief.

“Well not that hard anyway.” Harry conceded. The blond just huffed and walked off.

Harry grabbed his arm in a desperate attempt to keep the peace. After all they had only just started...well whatever this was between them. He wasn’t sure that their pre-sex relationship was strong enough to survive a blow up argument.

“Hey, I was only kidding. If you don’t want to tell me you really don’t have to. I promise I won’t pester you about it.” Draco nodded and took Harry’s hand again their steps soon fell into a slow time with each other.

“Seriously though what is it?”

Fuck this, Draco thought. I’m going to go have a drink at the three broomsticks.


Harry spent the past four months trying to work it out. He’d tried spying, he’d tried asking at unexpected moments to surprise the answer out of him, he’d tried bribing, god had he tried bribing, he’d even threatened to withhold sex (though that plan had lasted all of about two hours.). He was this close to slipping veratsium into Draco’s pumpkin juice.

Contemplating how best to obtain some veratsium Harry stared out of the window of his and Draco’s terrace house. If it was a clear day they could see right over onto the fields. It was almost a shame that the fog liked to roll across the park most days blocking the view. Just in the line of sight there was a disturbance in the grey morning sky.

As the shape got closer he saw it was two animals, it wasn’t an unusual sight this time of year, the birds of prey had just moved back to the area and the larger ones often picked fights with rabbits and other large rodents that, unimpressed with having been picked up by a feather brained bastard turned on the bird to attack them with a vengeance.

The duelling duo swooped straight passed the window causing Harry to jump back in alarm. He’s managed to get a look. He didn’t know what the bird was, but its prey was a snow white ferret, small and juvenile looking, the kind of animal that you’d find in a pet store with a pink bow on its head. Harry had no clue what it was but it strongly reminded Harry of one it’d seen before.

Poor thing probably wasn’t going to win this fight though; he could already see that its shoulder was pretty badly mauled. That was the balance of nature he supposed. Not wanting to look at it further he walked towards the kitchen, but he was interrupted by Draco who apperated into the hall then collapsed breathless onto the floor. Harry felt sick, not his Draco, these were supposed to be the good times, the times where bad things weren’t supposed to happen.

He was failing to keep the hysteria out of his voice. “Are you ok? Who was it? What did they do?”

“Harry, shh love. It’s ok I just got into a stupid fight with someone bigger than me, it’s nothing serious.”

Harry wasn’t so convinced as he saw the blood of the man he loved stain the wall he was leaning against. Harry got to work quickly patching up the small scratches, stemming the flow of blood and putting salve on some of the deeper wounds before trying to heal them. They both sat in silence. Harry didn’t know what to say. Seeing Draco come in like that made Harry the most scared he’d been since the wars.

Suddenly something clicked. He knew why he recognised that animal. There was no way to put the question but bluntly.

“You’re a ferret?”

Draco said nothing, though a delightful flush of pink made itself apparent on his face.

“It’s ok.” Said Harry admiring the beautiful blond, “Ferrets are cute, they make brilliant pets too.”He stroked his thumb along Draco’s cheekbone. “You’ll be my pet won’t you?”

“That was too cheesy for words.”

“Ah, who needs words? Talking means less time for kissing you senseless.”

And that was how Harry spent the rest of his afternoon.
(Anonymous) on 7th October 2009 06:27 (UTC)
Re: Deja Vu
Aww thank you, that is adorable. *happy sigh*
(Anonymous) on 7th October 2009 14:59 (UTC)
Re: Deja Vu
You're quite welcome! It was fun to do.
(Anonymous) on 7th October 2009 16:09 (UTC)
Re: Deja Vu
I loved this ficclet, especially the little bow on ferret!Draco's head.
(Anonymous) on 7th October 2009 17:55 (UTC)
Re: Deja Vu
I'd forgotten I'd witten that! Pink bow... I'm so dumb.