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Listing of All My Cinema Bizarre Fanfiction

As of April 2011 all the fanfic content apart from drabbles has been moved to beren_fic_only - my fanfic comm. All links here after that date will go straight to that comm.
Cinema Bizarre Fics

Title/LinkAO3Pairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
What Is Realor on AO3Kiro/StrifyPG132,13517-Jul-09
Summary:There are rules, even to being a vampire and it can make life lonely.
Opportunities Takenor on AO3Bill (TH)/KiroNC17/185,76717-Aug-09
Summary:Tokio Hotel/Cinema Bizarre: When Kiro overhears Bill and Tom talking at a party he decides to take the opportunity for fun that the knowledge offers. Of course, everything has consequences.
Almost Realor on AO3Kiro/StrifyNC17/183,82027-Aug-09
Summary:Sequel to What is Real? - Kiro and Strify have some fun the morning after the night before.
Images of the Heartor on AO3Kiro/Strify/YuNC17/188,29009-Sep-09
Summary:Strify looks where he is not supposed to be looking and finds out some things he was never meant to know. This puts him in a dilemma and he has to deal with the consequences, along with Kiro and Yu.
Biologyor on AO3hints at Yu/KiroPG134,23324-Sep-09
Summary:When you're an elf living in the human world things can be problematic at times and Yu has a bit of an embarrassing predicament which makes life a little difficult for a while.
Costumesor on AO3Kiro/StrifyNC17/181,61202-Nov-09
Summary:Strify decided costumes were the way to go for Halloween and so what choice did Kiro have?
Flowers and Glitteror on AO3Kiro/StrifyPG2,83915-Dec-09
Summary:Fluff request: Cinema Bizarre: Kiro is a changeling, unbeknownst to him, and now his fae magic is starting to show in odd and amusing ways.
Blood Magicon AO3Kiro/Strify/YuR143305-01-2012
Summary:Kiro has a little run in with some vampire blood smugglers who want him to open a vein; his friends come to the rescue.

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If you would like the stories downloaded I suggest you go to the AO3 links and use their download option. They offer PDF, Mobi, ePub and HTML.

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