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This post is so I can link to it in fic - nothing new here that isn't in the side menu :)
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Listing of All My American Idol FicsFiction mostly about the musician Adam Lambert and those who have been associated with him.RPF
Listing of All My Anime FicsFiction about Anime (Japanese cartoons) fandoms.FPF
Listing of All My Avatar FicsFiction based on James Cameron's AvatarFPF
Listing of All My Avengers FicsFiction based on Avengers 2012 and the other movies in the series.FPF
Listing of All My Blood Ties FicsFiction based on the Blood Ties TV show (vampires)FPF
Listing of All My Cinema Bizarre FicsFiction about the German band Cinema BizarreFPF
Listing of All My Crossover FicsListing of fiction that uses two or more universes.FPF, RPF
Listing of All My Harry Potter FicsFiction for JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels.FPF
Listing of All My Highlander FicFanfiction for Highlander the television show.FPF
Listing of All My Ice Skating FicFiction about ice skaters, most notably Johnny Weir.RPF
Listing of All My Jrock FicsFiction about Japanese rocks stars, mostly Hyde and Gackt.RPF
Listing of All My Killerpilze FicFiction about the German band KillerpilzeFPF
Listing of All My Merlin FicsFiction about BBC's MerlinFPF, RPF
Listing of All My Moon Child FicsFiction for Gackt's movie Moon ChildFPF
Listing of All My Panik FicsFiction for the German band Panik (previously known as Nevada Tan)RPF
Listing of All My Primeval FicsFiction for the Primeval TV show.FPF
All My Sherlock FicsFiction for Steven Mofat's Sherlock.FPF
Listing of All My Supernatural FicsFiction for the Supernatural TV show.FPF
Listing of All My Teen Wolf FicFiction about the TV show Teen WolfFPF
Listing of All My Tokio Hotel FicFiction about the German band Tokio HotelRPF
Listing of All My Trek FicsFiction for the reboot Trek movie.FPF
Listing of All X-men First Class FanworksFiction and art for the X-men: First Class movie.FPF
Listing of All My Misc Fandoms Fics(fandoms that probably will never have more than one or two stories)FPF,RPF