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19 May 2009 @ 14:07 Memories
Listing of All My Supernatural Fanfiction  
Supernatural Fics

Title/LinkPairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Summary:A demon reveals the truth to Sam and brings the Winchesters' world crashing down around their ears.
Summary:Dean knows what Sam does when he thinks Dean's off with some woman, but Dean like to sneak back and watch. (written for MMOM 2006)
Secret ShameSam/othersNC17/1824802-May-06
Summary:Sam knows there is one thing from which he cannot run. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean needs a date with his hand and he needs it now. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam has to sacrifice something to free both himself and Dean from a sticky situation. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean finds out why they're called handmaidens (written for MMOM 2006)
Dean and the Butt PlugSam/DeanNC17/181,39406-May-06
Summary:Dean needs to sort a few things out in his head, so he experiments. (written for MMOM 2006)
Flying SoloSam/OMCNC17/181,09207-May-06
Summary:Sam has needs only they're different from Dean's and he doesn't want his brother to know. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam finds himself in a velvet cage and then is forced to face the fact that there are other far more fundamental barriers in his life. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean has an encounter with a female vampire that isn't how he expected at all. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam is the bait to catch a monster and it goes horribly wrong. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean can't resist danger, even when it comes to sex. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:One of Dean's one night starts off more interesting than usual. (written for MMOM 2006)
Sunday FunSam/JessNC17/182,41413-May-06
Summary:Sam wants to make the morning special for Jess and he knows exactly how to do it. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam is confused and angry until he has an unexpected visitor. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:For the first time Sam admits who he really is and finds out what he really wants.(written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:  (written for MMOM 2006)
Cuffs and StuffSam/DeanNC17/182,65617-May-06
Summary:Dean surprises Sam on the way out of the shower and shows him who's really boss. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam has found something very interesting in a shop that he knows Dean's going to like. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:There are naked women all round Dean and they aren't touching him! (written for MMOM 2006)
Seed of LifeSam/OMCsNC17/181,80120-May-06
Summary:Sam has been kidnapped and his kidnappers need something from him before they end his life of sin. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean wakes up in quite a predicament after being knocked on the head by a mischievous poltergeist. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam really didn't mean to get trapped with the demon, really he didn't. (written for MMOM 2006)
IllusionsSam/Meg, Sam/Dean3,749Wd Count23-May-06
Summary:Meg is up to no good and Sam is right in the middle of it. (written for MMOM 2006)
Play ToySam/DeanNC17/181,79924-May-06
Summary:Sam has some fun with his developing powers. (written for MMOM 2006)
Dinner EntertainmentSam/DeanNC17/1855725-May-06
Summary:Dean interprets 'please pass the pepper' as an opportunity for some fun. (written for MMOM 2006)
The BetSam/DeanNC17/181,04726-May-06
Summary:Sam's in a bit of a predicament because he lost a bet with Dean. (written for MMOM 2006)
Phone CallSam/DeanNC17/1857627-May-06
Summary:Dean's on the phone and Sam is not letting that stop him. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean's asleep and Sam's not and what else is a hot bloodied male supposed to do by jerk off ... quietly? (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam's been having visions of a sex demon and now they've become a little to much for him to deal with. (written for MMOM 2006)
Stress ReliefSam/DeanNC17/182,21431-May-06
Summary: Sometimes saving the day does not mean saving everyone and Dean knows this, but Sam can't always handle it. (written for MMOM 2006)
More Tentacles (Sequel to MMOM 22 - Tentacles)Sam/OMC, Dean/OMCNC17/18 Date
Summary:Sam's friend from the basement is back and as horny as ever.
Dec 09nonePG10009-Dec-06
Summary:Drabble so no summary.
Dec 11nonePG10011-Dec-06
Summary:Drabble so no summary.

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Yuvi: Dean - I'm Batmanyuvi on 19th May 2009 13:30 (UTC)
o.O I had no idea you wrote SPN!

Although.. I can't really slash Dean and Sam >.> they are brothers. lol... but give me Dean/Castiel any day ^_^
Beren: Sup - Dean knew not to argueberen_writes on 19th May 2009 13:33 (UTC)
I wrote SPN way back before the end of Season 1 :) I haven't written any since though. I have yet to catch up with seeing all of s2, s3 and s4 ::g:: I have all of it on DVD, just haven't gotten around to watching it (well apart from the second half of s4 which isn't out yet).
iyoredelric on 21st May 2009 08:47 (UTC)
That feels kind of like blasphemy. When I say that you wrote SPN fics, I was so excited and wanted to see if you'd written anything about the recent finale, but then my hopes and dreams were crushed. But fifth is supposed to be the last season, so you won't have too much more catching up to do. I can't wait to see what you write when you do watch it.
Aylaaylarouge on 20th October 2009 22:43 (UTC)
holy shit, you write Sam/Dean? One of my favourit Harry/Draco writer writes my Supernatural OTP? Holy shit, I think my heart just stop. *happy dance and giggles*

Ok, now I'll stop and go read the yummy Sam/Dean
dark_karidark_kari on 13th April 2010 13:42 (UTC)
I agree, Id like to see some Cas/Dean from you

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