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Supernatural Fics

Title/LinkPairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Summary:A demon reveals the truth to Sam and brings the Winchesters' world crashing down around their ears.
Summary:Dean knows what Sam does when he thinks Dean's off with some woman, but Dean like to sneak back and watch. (written for MMOM 2006)
Secret ShameSam/othersNC17/1824802-May-06
Summary:Sam knows there is one thing from which he cannot run. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean needs a date with his hand and he needs it now. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam has to sacrifice something to free both himself and Dean from a sticky situation. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean finds out why they're called handmaidens (written for MMOM 2006)
Dean and the Butt PlugSam/DeanNC17/181,39406-May-06
Summary:Dean needs to sort a few things out in his head, so he experiments. (written for MMOM 2006)
Flying SoloSam/OMCNC17/181,09207-May-06
Summary:Sam has needs only they're different from Dean's and he doesn't want his brother to know. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam finds himself in a velvet cage and then is forced to face the fact that there are other far more fundamental barriers in his life. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean has an encounter with a female vampire that isn't how he expected at all. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam is the bait to catch a monster and it goes horribly wrong. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean can't resist danger, even when it comes to sex. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:One of Dean's one night starts off more interesting than usual. (written for MMOM 2006)
Sunday FunSam/JessNC17/182,41413-May-06
Summary:Sam wants to make the morning special for Jess and he knows exactly how to do it. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam is confused and angry until he has an unexpected visitor. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:For the first time Sam admits who he really is and finds out what he really wants.(written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:  (written for MMOM 2006)
Cuffs and StuffSam/DeanNC17/182,65617-May-06
Summary:Dean surprises Sam on the way out of the shower and shows him who's really boss. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam has found something very interesting in a shop that he knows Dean's going to like. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:There are naked women all round Dean and they aren't touching him! (written for MMOM 2006)
Seed of LifeSam/OMCsNC17/181,80120-May-06
Summary:Sam has been kidnapped and his kidnappers need something from him before they end his life of sin. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean wakes up in quite a predicament after being knocked on the head by a mischievous poltergeist. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam really didn't mean to get trapped with the demon, really he didn't. (written for MMOM 2006)
IllusionsSam/Meg, Sam/Dean3,749Wd Count23-May-06
Summary:Meg is up to no good and Sam is right in the middle of it. (written for MMOM 2006)
Play ToySam/DeanNC17/181,79924-May-06
Summary:Sam has some fun with his developing powers. (written for MMOM 2006)
Dinner EntertainmentSam/DeanNC17/1855725-May-06
Summary:Dean interprets 'please pass the pepper' as an opportunity for some fun. (written for MMOM 2006)
The BetSam/DeanNC17/181,04726-May-06
Summary:Sam's in a bit of a predicament because he lost a bet with Dean. (written for MMOM 2006)
Phone CallSam/DeanNC17/1857627-May-06
Summary:Dean's on the phone and Sam is not letting that stop him. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean's asleep and Sam's not and what else is a hot bloodied male supposed to do by jerk off ... quietly? (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam's been having visions of a sex demon and now they've become a little to much for him to deal with. (written for MMOM 2006)
Stress ReliefSam/DeanNC17/182,21431-May-06
Summary: Sometimes saving the day does not mean saving everyone and Dean knows this, but Sam can't always handle it. (written for MMOM 2006)
More Tentacles (Sequel to MMOM 22 - Tentacles)Sam/OMC, Dean/OMCNC17/18 Date
Summary:Sam's friend from the basement is back and as horny as ever.
Dec 09nonePG10009-Dec-06
Summary:Drabble so no summary.
Dec 11nonePG10011-Dec-06
Summary:Drabble so no summary.

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