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Listing of All My Killerpilze Fanfiction

Misc Fandom Fics

Title/LinkPairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Encounters of the Close KindFabi(KiPi)/Linke(Pnk)NC17/183,68013-Jan-09
Summary:Killerpilze/Panik RPS: Fabi has a question to ask Linke.
DeclarationsBill/Gustav, FabiPG132,68917-Mar-09
Summary:Killerpilze/Tokio Hotel RPS: Bill and Gustav make a new friend in the form of KiPi's hyperactive drummer, Fabi.
The Good StuffFabi/Mäx (one sided)NC17/182,39509-May-09
Summary:Fabi is confused and having trouble sleeping, and when he catches Mäx in the act, he's even more confused. (written for MMOM 2009)
Jan SandwichJan/Juri/FabiNC17/182,19227-May-09
Summary:Jan is in for a surprise thanks to Fabi and Juri. (written for MMOM 2009)

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