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Listing of All My Blood Ties Fanfiction

As of April 2011 all the fanfic content apart from drabbles has been moved to beren_fic_only - my fanfic comm. All links here after that date will go straight to that comm.
Blood Ties Fics

Title/LinkAO3Pairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Reactionsor on AO3Mike/HenryNC17/181,34829-May-08
Summary:Mike no longer reacts to Henry the way he knows he should, but he can't help himself. (written for MMOM 2008)
Fanning the Flamesor on AO3Mike/HenryNC17/182,55530-May-08
Summary:Sequel to Reactions - Mike just can't resist Henry's allure and Henry seems to enjoy making him remember that every time they meet. (written for MMOM 2008)
Mistletoeor on AO3Mike/HenryPG1310009-Dec-08
Summary:Drabble so not summary.
Winteror on AO3noneG10017-Dec-08
Summary:Drabble so not summary.

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If you would like the stories downloaded I suggest you go to the AO3 links and use their download option. They offer PDF, Mobi, ePub and HTML.

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