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07 July 2008 @ 08:00 Memories
Anonymous Band Kinkathon  
Righty ho, some people said they would be interested, so let's play :). Think of this as the place you can make requests for thinkgs that you wouldn't put into your average prompt exchange ::eg::

The Anonymous Band Kinkathon

How to play

To request:
  1. Click the reply/post a comment link.
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Submit your kink prompt,
    e.g. Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel with chocolate sauce and ice cream
    or David and Timo from Panik, David dominating Timo and making him do unmentionable things with his tongue.

Please if you would like more than one fic with different kinks, separate the requests into more than one comment. If you want all the kinks in the same fic keep it as one comment.

To respond to a request:
  1. Click reply to the comment which contains the kink request. (A request may have as many responses as writers who feel they wish to fulfil it - this is NOT a one request, one response kind of thing :)).
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Paste or type in your response to the kink request and click go (you may use as many replies as it takes if your fic is longer than the max number of characters (4,300 with spaces) for a comment)
    If the fic is a very long one and posting it in comments would be a royal pain, email me and I will sort out an alternative solution :).

N.B. If you want people to be able to see your fic clearly when scrolling down an un-exanded list, I suggest you give it a title and a part number (title can be Untitled Story number 3 if necessary :)). Sorry, this only just occured to me when looking this morning.

  1. This game is open to all bands of all nationalities since some people asked that it should be, and you may mix and match bands of course. You may also mix other celebs/characters in as long as one of the main players is in a band.
  2. The request must be kinky - no vanilla in this game :) Requests may be very detailed, or as simple as a band and a kink (toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme is what this is based on so go look at that if you want some ideas :)).
  3. Please make sure to specify the band(s) you are talking about in the request rather than just member names to avoid confusion.
  4. You may repost an answer to a kink request anywhere you like 30 days after you posted it here, but here, everything must be ANONYMOUS.
  5. No chan - please do not request anything with characters under the age of 14. This is a kinkathon, it's supposed to be risque sexual situations and I simply do not feel comfortable having fic here with characters under that age in such positions.

Suggestions to Participants, Readers and Writers Alike
  • Please try and leave feedback for the writers. You may leave feedback anonymously or under your LJ name, but if you are the requester and are going to mention is, please comment anonymously. If you wish the writer to know how pleased you are under your real account name then you can tell them once they repost it somewhere else or once the 30 days are up :).
  • If you are a writer please try to respond to the requests as well as making them, if you are a reader only, please feel free to still make requests. You may make as many requests as you like and respond to as many requests as you like.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for more info from a requester, just remember to do so anonymously :).
  • Play nice :). If you do not like someone's kink, please ignore it, flames will be deleted.
  • Please pimp this kinkathon to all your friends :)

There is no time limit on this Kinkathon, it will go on as long as people wish to play :)

A very useful link borrowed from toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme: eliade's List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés.

And just a note, if you want to keep up with the entries on this post then the best way is to "track it" with the pin icon at the top :).

Disclaimer: This is a bit of fun, none of this happened and no one is suppose to think it did. K'thnx :)

[Edit: oh my, you kinky beasts you ... this is already going so well ;)]

[Edit2: Y'know writers live on feedback :). We have had two stories so far and a grand total of three people have commented on them, and one of those was me! If you want lots of juicy stories, feed the writers, pretty please :D (or are you all busy beavering away on your entries, in which case, keep writing?)]

[Edit3: This is just getting better and better, thank you everyone who is playing.]

[Edit4: It has come to my attention that someone is afraid to post because IP logging is on. So I thought I would address the point.
1) Only I can see the IP addresses
2) Why did I leave it on? - It never occured to me to turn it off.
3) Will I do anything with IPs? - Nope, I didn't even realise they were there until someone mentioned it
4) Will I turn IP logging off now? - No, thinking about it it is the only defence again Trolls. I will not look at IPs; I will not publish IPs; I will not even think about IPs; unless you start flaming or playing troll games. Then I will only use them to make sure you cannot spoil other people's fun.
5) If you are that worried, send me your request or your fics via email and I will post them for you.]

[Edit5: Can I just say how pleased I am that people are still playing, thank you *hugs*.]

Links to stories so far:
  • Kink request: Panik/Killerpilze Jan/Fabi
    I'd like something with these two in a "first time" situation in a semi-public place (ie. a closet) where there's a chance they might get caught.

    Untilted Fic 1 (Author may repost on 07-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: I would love to see some Bill/Andreas action. If I remember correctly Andreas is/was in a band, though I have no idea what it was called. lol
    Kink rough sex with Bill up against the wall, top Andreas. Punishment is good too.

    In The Air Tonight(Author may repost on 07-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel/Panik (Tom/David/Timo) Tom is sick to death of playing his role in Tokio Hotel; David and Timo know a couple of ways they can cheer him up. Threesome, established relationship between two of the characters.
    Making Friends(Author may repost on 08-Aug-08)
    Working It Out (scroll down) (Author may repost on 08-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: I would very much like to read Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel picking up a groupie and taking her back to his hotel room, only to have her find Hamburg VSD (Saki and Tobi at least) waiting inside. The security team runs a train on her (double penetration is ok too) while Tom watches and gets turned on by calling her a slut. After she leaves, Tom goes to Bill's room for gentle love making.
    Being Straight (Author may repost on 09-Aug-08)
    Mary Sue mit ein Twist (Author may repost on 10-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Jost/Bill with Jost as a sexual mentor for a fully consenting and fully of age Bill (the age difference is the kink). I'd like to see a Jost who is gentle and loving, and a Bill who is innocent but enthusiastic.
    The Joy of Sex (n.b. kinkier than the prompt suggests) (Author may repost on 10-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Man, I'm starting to think I'm not very kinky at all. I want some Torg with Georg rimming Tom and it being Tom's first experience with rimming.
    There's A First Time For Everything (Author may repost on 11-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - one of the twins being fisted by one of the G's with the other two watching and getting off on it. Bonus points if the mobile twin is telling the G doing the fisting what to do.
    The Games We Play (Author may repost on 12-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: For his birthday, Timo from Panik jokingly tells his best friend that he wants twins for a night, and just for a laugh, David arranges for Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel to come over. Timo gets the joke but they are both shocked when it becomes apparent that the twins aren't kidding. David watches Tom doing things to his little brother and it's the hottest thing he's ever seen. Bill and Tom then lure Timo into their game, with certain rules. Timo isn't allowed to fuck Bill, but he can do whatever he wants to Tom. David becomes increasingly more jealous as he watches his best friend have sex with the older twin, exposing feelings he didn't know he had. Of course Bill notices and subtly brings David into the mix, soon arranging things so that Timo and David are kissing and touching, until the friends are all over each other, which is Bill and Tom's queue to quietly make their exit.
    Good One! (Author may repost on 16-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Rough sex outside (hotel roof or in a deserted street or something) at night in the pouring rain. Bill bottoming. Tom/Bill OR Bushido/Bill
    Fire No Rain Can Quench (Author may repost on 10-Sep-08)
    A Place in the Sun (scroll down) (Author may repost on 16-Sep-08
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
    A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (Author may repost on 10-Sep-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel. Please will someone show me why it is that Gustav is so good at getting Georg out of handcuffs. Thanking you in advance.
    Where's the Key? (Author may repost on 11-Sep-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Tom likes sticking various bits of food up Bill's ass and eating it out of him.
    A taste for butter (Author may repost on 12-Sep-08
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Bill/Gustav in a dom/sub or master/slave situation with Bill as the master.
    Fluch (Author may repost on 11-Oct-08)
  • Kink request: Panik. The whole goddamn band. Bonus for any/all of the following: object insertion, humping of inanimate objects to orgasm, voyeurism, gangbanging. All the boys need to come at least once. Everything else is up to you.
    All For One and One for All (Author may repost on 17-Oct-08)
  • Kink request: Gustav/ Georg - Bill and Tom always hear loud noises coming from the G's room when they stay at hotels. What are they doing? Something that would be considered kinky IRL - (nothing too squicky D: no blood or rape)
    My One (Author may repost on 01-Now-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel request. Keyword: EROTIC MASSAGE I don't care about ages (though young twins would be adorable) and it can be any pairing of Bill, Tom, Georg or Bushido. The focus needs to be on the massage, not just a shoulder rub and fuck. Complete PWP, the more erotic details the better. Thanks in advance.
    Simple Touch (Author may repost on 28-Nov-08)
  • Kink request: something with Juri from Panik and Gustav from Tokio Hotel with Gustav all tied up, extra points for being snowed in somewhere.
    Helpless (Author may repost on 30-Nov-08)

( Read 456 commentsLeave a spell )
(Anonymous) on 11th September 2008 10:25 (UTC)
Gustav/ Georg

Bill and Tom always hear loud noises coming from the G's room when they stay at hotels.
What are they doing?
Something that would be considered kinky IRL

(nothing too squicky D: no blood or rape)

(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 16:48 (UTC)
My One 1/?
lets see how this goes... Unbetad and has some WAFF bits... No blood just a bit of rope and a gag and Implications... :)

My One

At first it was just the odd loud *thump* for the next room, or a short series of rattles like the wind driving sleet into a windowpane. Then it progressed to loud thumps on the wall followed by laughter which was quickly followed by moans. Moans some times got followed up by rhythmic banging and either Georgs’ wild yell or Gustavs’ howl which usually made Tom glare at the conjoining wall and curse that they got lucky and he was sleeping alone. Lately it was a series of thumps and bangs with snapping or slapping sounds and if he wasn’t already asleep it made it impossible to get to sleep. Bill was lucky he tended to have the room on the other side of his. The last few hotel room nights though Tom had made excuses to go sleep with his twin. Bill teased him about it, but a good night’s sleep away for the weird noises was worth a little teasing.

Tonight though the hotel had screwed up the reservations and there were only two rooms available to the band itself. A huge king bed and two doubles, and neither was a suite. The twins had scored the doubles, leaving the single bed to the G’s. Georg had pouted, but without his usual intensity and Gustav had accepted things with his usual stoicism. Or so Tom thought, until Bill had asked why their friend had suddenly had a light come up behind his eyes and why Georg had started breathing a bit funny. Tom had given his brother an ‘are you crazy’ look when he’d asked him in his oh so innocent tone why their friends were acting like they did around pretty girls. And Bill adored mysteries that he could poke into and solve.

Thus their current situation, standing outside the door of the G’s shared room with a key acquired by Bill with a grumpy complaint about Gustavs’ black Samsonite bag looking to much like one of his own and how neither was answering the door. Bill had claimed he just wanted to swap bags before the others came up from the hotel bar and Gustav discovered the bag with his precious drumsticks was missing and raised the roof with his roars. Saki had just sighed, rolled his eyes and handed over the key card.

The noises from behind the door sounded like moans, the heated ones Georg made when he was fighting hard not to come. Bill made a ‘hurry up’ motion to Tom who was hesitating with the key card just above the lock slot. How the fuck had Georg gotten a girl up here? They’d all come up together after dinner and there hadn’t been any likely females in the hotel bar when he’d gone down with them. After a moment Bill just grabbed his hand and forced him to use the key. Tom followed his brother into the room, quietly thanking hotel maintenance for the small mercy of the door opening in total silence. He turned and very carefully shut it behind him. When he turned around he stared past his frozen twin to the tableau on the bed.

The noises Georg made were fully explained, but he hasn’t snuck a girl up. Gustav was securely tied to the bed, arms outspread to the upper corners of the wide mattress. He was gagged and making hot desperate moans behind it, sounds that the closed door had silenced.

Bill had stuffed both of his hands in his mouth to stop the squeak that had almost escaped him when he saw their bassist kneeling up between their drummers muscled thighs holding Gustav up so his shoulders only just rested on the bed and pounding hard. Tom was frozen in shock as well as Georg made a few more ragged twisting thrusts making Gustav howl behind his gag before Georg let out his usual yell of satisfaction and all but collapsed over the blonds limp and contented body.

Gustav opened his eyes and turned a bit toward the door and jumped letting out a muffled yelp. Clearly he and Georg were still attached in some way because when he jumped Georg yelped and reared up onto his forearms.

“What the fuck Gus?” He then noticed that Gustav wasn’t looking up at him, but over toward the door. Tom felt like time slowed down as Georg turned to face them, closed his eyes and turned back to bury his face in Gustav neck with a heartfelt, “Fuck!”

(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 16:50 (UTC)
My One 2/?
part two..

“What the fuck Gus?” He then noticed that Gustav wasn’t looking up at him, but over toward the door. Tom felt like time slowed down as Georg turned to face them, closed his eyes and turned back to bury his face in Gustav neck with a heartfelt, “Fuck!”

Gustav’s response was muffled by the gag, but clearly Georg had understood by tone if nothing else, because he moved to untie Gustavs’ hands and help him take the gag out.

“Sorry babe.” He slowly pulled out and rolled so his back was to the twins in a belated attempt to preserve what little dignity they had left. Soft green eyes made a wordless apology into warm brown ones and got a wry smile in answer. He sat up and turned to fully face their paralyzed band mates. “Okay then, um. Now what?”

Bill was still staring at them with both hands cover his mouth, Tom’s round brown eyes mirrored his twins but he was gaping like a landed fish.

Gustav rolled onto his side and poked Georg in the ribs, making him jump and squeak. There was no reaction from the twins. “I say shower, we seem to have shocked them into statues. If they’re still like this when we get back there’s a fountain out front that could use some nymphs.” His grin was just a hair this side of wicked.

Bill yanked his hands down and pouted. “I am NOT a nymph!”

Georg grinned and trailed his eyes blatantly up and down Bill’s skin tight jeans and to short and way to tight t-shirt that displayed his star tattoo. “I dunno, I think Gusti is on to something here.” The only thing keeping him from carrying off the normal tease was the unease in his eyes and a slight stiffness in his shoulders. Well and the minor fact that he’d been caught balls deep in his best friends ass and had come from said friend all over his stomach.

Gustav sighed and scooted to the end of the bed and bounced a bit to get to his feet. “Okay that’s one statue, Tom close your mouth before something roosts in it.”

Tom shut his jaw with a snap and scowled. “Fuck you.”

Gustav grinned back. “No thank you. I have Georg for that.” He turned and walked apparently completely unconcerned toward the bathroom. Gustav paused in the doorway looking back at Georg. “Shower? I’ll wash your back.”

Georg was off the bed and halfway to the bathroom when he stopped and grinned lopsidedly at the twins. “Make yourselves at home; we’ll be back in a bit.” Then he turned and all but chased Gustav into the bath and shut the door behind them.


Tom felt like his legs wouldn’t hold him so he half staggered to one of the chairs and dropped into it with a groan. He stared blankly at the bed for several minutes before groaning again and dropping his head into his hands to try and think.

Bill got a case of the fidgets and started pacing around the room and peaking into the mall bag that was open beside the bed. What he found made his eyes go round all over again. More of the silky soft rope that had tied Gustav to the bed (and still lay across the sheets almost accusingly) handcuffs with varying lengths of chain connecting them. After a moment he started laying things out in a neat line on the bed. Rope, cuffs with no chain, cuffs with some chain, cuffs with a lot of chain, little clips that he wasn’t sure what were for, a leather cuff with lacings that was to small for even his slender wrist, a leather belt that was stupidly long, paddles, and even things he recognized as sex toys, a jar of something labeled ‘lovers jelly’ in cinnamon another in raspberry, bottles of lube, even a half empty box of condoms made it’s way into the neat line. When he looked up he found his twin staring in fixed and faintly horrified fascination.

“I think,” he started, “that Georg and Gustav are a lot more sexually adventurous than we ever imagined.” Tom sighed and pulled his cap and sweatband off so he could rake agitated fingers through his dreads. He blew a gust of air up to disturb the little wisps of hair on his forehead. “Holy fuck, Gus likes to be tied up.”
(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 16:51 (UTC)
My One 3/?
and three

“I think,” he started, “that Georg and Gustav are a lot more sexually adventurous than we ever imagined.” Tom sighed and pulled his cap and sweatband off so he could rake agitated fingers through his dreads. He blew a gust of air up to disturb the little wisps of hair on his forehead. “Holy fuck, Gus likes to be tied up.”

“Don’t they always say to watch the quiet ones?” asked Bill in a slightly wobbly tone as he walked back over to his twin and dropped into his lap. Tom didn’t fight him like he normally would have, just wrapped his arms around his brother and held on.

“If this is what they were talking about I guess. I thought that was just the librarians in pornos. Hell, this is Gustav! He’s not that quiet.”

“Not with us or the crew. But we’re like family; you know how the media always over look him.” Bill looked like he was thinking hard.

“They gloss over Geo too though, oh hell; he’s the one tying Gustav Up!” He hugged Bill a little tighter and tried no keep calm. The guys couldn’t stay in the shower forever; they’d get answers when they came out.


Georg shut the bathroom door behind him and wrapped his arms tightly around Gustav as they both shook in reaction. They had both known that sooner or later one of the twins would catch them; they just hadn’t expected both of them to just walk in while he and Gus were playing. Gustav had managed to bluff his way out of the room with a lot more flash than he’d managed to do himself. Right now though he was going to cling to his best friend and lover like he’d lose him at any moment, for all he knew when they walked back out that door they would be over.

Gustav wasn’t doing much better as he buried his nose in Georg neck and hung on tight. But he had already made up his mind on one point. “I am not letting you go without a fight.” The words were soft and slightly muffled against Georgs’ neck, but Georg heard them loud and clear and pulled back slightly to look down that little bit into Gustavs’ brown eyes. “Not letting you go, Bill will adapt and drag Tom kicking and screaming with him. You know how he adores love stories.”

Georg didn’t even try to fight down the sappy grin. They weren’t much for lovey words, but every now and again Gustav would say something that just made his heart flip over. Right now it was exactly what he needed to hear to calm back down.

Gustav gently disentangled himself and turned to start the water, he grinned back over his shoulder. “We probably shouldn’t keep them waiting to long or Tom may spontaneously combust.”

Georg had to laugh as he stepped into the shower as well and yanked the curtain closed. For them it was a very fast shower, just a little petting and kissing while getting cleaned up, none of their usual up against the tiles shower sex. Georg still took the opportunity to renew the mark he’d made on Gustavs neck, just because it made him feel a bit better.

A quick toweling off and they were ready to deal with the twins, naked still because neither had grabbed any clothes, but Gustav felt that they would cope until some boxers could be found. After a quick almost chaste kiss they opened the door to hear Tom protest. ‘They gloss over Geo too though, oh hell; he’s the one tying Gustav Up!’ Bill was cuddled up into Tom’s lap and they both looked more than a touch freaked out. On the bed the contents of Georgs’ toy bag was laid out in a neat line. Someone, probably Bill, had gone snooping. At least it was Geos’ bag not Gustavs, that really would have confused them with the paintbrushes, candles, feathers, and fur square and spare drum brushes in it.

They shared a grin and stepped back into their room, Gustav went over to his bag and dug out underwear for both of them, tossing a set at Georg who as usual missed with his hands and caught them with his face. When the twins realized they weren’t alone they both jumped and looked guilty.

“Have fun exploring?” Georg teased watching Bill turn pink, more amusing Tom blushed and fidgeted as well. Predictably Bill was the one who tried to get answers.

(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 16:53 (UTC)
My One 4/?
“Have fun exploring?” Georg teased watching Bill turn pink, more amusing Tom blushed and fidgeted as well. Predictably Bill was the one who tried to get answers.

“Um, you two, ah, are you, you know,” Bill’s voice trailed off under the combined stares of Georg and Gustav, Tom was busy staring at a spot on the floor. Toms’ usual bravado completely deserted him now that he desperately needed a non sexual quip to break the tension.

Gustav let out a soft snort and decided to save Bill, but not without another gentle dig. “You clearly saw that yes we’re fucking.”

“But why?” blurted Tom. Bill half turned and glared at Tom for just stepping into the middle of the problem with his normal lack of tact. “What!? You want to know too.”

Gustav snickered and Georg almost fell over pulling his shorts up as he tried not to laugh. Boxers safely up Georg took the short step to the clear bed and launched himself to sprawl over it. He’d left enough room that when Gustav sat down he wouldn’t be crowded, that didn’t stop him from moving over to cuddle a little though, once Gustav had his shoulders propped against the headboard.

Bill watched Georg wrap his arms around Gustavs’ hips and rest his cheek on one thigh and a small smile crept out when Gustav just started running one hand through Georgs’ damp hair. Gustav looked up from where he was petting Georg and looked right into Bills’ eyes.

“He’s my best friend. We trust each other, a lot more than we can trust any girl out here on tour. More than any girl really.” Gustav looked down at Georg who was starting to doze off, then back up at Bill and smiled that rare sweet happy smile that even the band almost never saw.

Both twins got the message then. Gustav at least loved Georg, as in was IN love with Georg. This wasn’t a fling for the drummer. From how Georg smiled into Gustavs’ thigh he was just as besotted.

Bill blinked and asked in a small voice, “How did this happen without us noticing?” That was the burning question for him; he normally knew what was going on with the band emotionally long before anyone else did.

Georg answered, his voice slightly blurred by being sleepy. “It snuck up on us, we’ve been friends forever.” He half shrugged, “The rest we kind of tripped over.”

“Tripped over while drunk you mean.” Gustavs’ voice was warm with amused memory.

Tom groaned as Bill twisted around in his lap, now they’d done it. Bills’ romantic streak was awake and he wanting all the information he could get, Right Now. He was never going to get any sleep. Tom tried to tune out the conversation, he had he information he needed, this wasn’t going to fuck up the band and it wasn’t going to get out. Then something Georg said made him stop and pay attention.

“You guys have been together How long?” His voice spiraled up into an undignified squeak, he’d thought Georg had said something about when they were still touring while in school. Bill just elbowed him hard in the ribs.

“Pay attention. Three years isn’t that long.” Bill was completely ignoring the fact that they hadn’t been a band for all that much longer. Tom just sighed and rested his forehead on Bill’s shoulder, at least with his dreads loose he could hide behind them for a little while longer. Why had he gotten out of bed this morning anyway, oh yeah, sound check and show.
(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 16:54 (UTC)
My One 5/?
“Pay attention. Three years isn’t that long.” Bill was completely ignoring the fact that they hadn’t been a band for all that much longer. Tom just sighed and rested his forehead on Bill’s shoulder, at least with his dreads loose he could hide behind them for a little while longer. Why had he gotten out of bed this morning anyway, oh yeah, sound check and show.

Bill felt Toms’ withdrawal from the conversation and knew he’d have to cover the critical points with him again later. He just sighed and went back to watching Georg and Gustav interact now that they didn’t have to hide anything. He’d thought before that their play fighting and wrestling was just because they were such good friends and that both were far more athletic than he was. Now he realized some of it was an innocent looking outlet for other desires. All of them were rather more tactile than many boys their age, but that came from living in each other pockets for so long. What he really wanted to know was why Gustav let Georg tie him up; Gustav hated not being in control, even more so than Bill did himself.

He got a long stare before he got a verbal answer. “It’s rather liberating to be able to totally give up control to someone else.” He looked down to where Georg had lost his fight with sleep. Bill got to see a smile he had never seen on Gustavs’ face before, and after a moment he decided that this smile was just for Georg. Gentle fingers carded through the bassists’ soft brown hair as Gustav continued his answer. “He’d never deliberately hurt me. He’s always so careful even though I’m stronger than he is.” Callused fingertips traced an abstract pattern on Georgs’ cheek, then Gustav smiled that sweet happy smile again and it made something in Bill’s chest clench up.

“He’s your One,” whispered Bill.

Gustav grinned back, “Yeah. He’s my one.” His grin turned just a bit impish. “And he lets me tie him up too.”

That last bit was just a bit too much for Tom to ignore. “Fuck. Too much information! Bye!” Bill yelped as Tom stood up dragging him up to his feet as well. Tom followed that up by all by bodily dragging Bill out of the hotel room. Gustavs’ soft laughter followed them out only to be cut off by the closing door.

hope that got the challenge...
(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 20:37 (UTC)
Re: My One 5/?
This was wonderful!
Thanks <3
(Anonymous) on 1st October 2008 20:45 (UTC)
Re: My One 5/?
If the muse bites I may do a follow up of Gus tying Geo down... but that'll be for later after I can put this up elsewhere.

Thank you!
Beren: TH - Georg - I know somethingberen_writes on 2nd October 2008 14:02 (UTC)
Re: My One 5/?
Ooh another new fic - thank you so much for playing.
I love the depth of feeling in this one, it's beautiful, thank you very much for sharing it with us. I have added a link in the main post so hopefully everyone will not realise it's here.
(Anonymous) on 2nd October 2008 20:15 (UTC)
Re: My One 5/?
Thank you for opening it up to everyone to play in... When I can (after the post lock out) I'll put the cleaned up version on the TH Fan Fic page...
(Anonymous) on 16th October 2008 03:01 (UTC)
Re: My One 5/?
OMG i just checked back i had no idea some one had done one for the thing i put forward.


I Love it <3
(Anonymous) on 6th November 2008 15:49 (UTC)
Re: My One 5/?
the edited version is now posted on the Tokio Hotel Fiction ( http://fiction.tokiohotelfiction.com/viewstory.php?sid=6902&index=1 ) and part two is pending approval of the Mod Squad...