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07 July 2008 @ 08:00 Memories
Anonymous Band Kinkathon  
Righty ho, some people said they would be interested, so let's play :). Think of this as the place you can make requests for thinkgs that you wouldn't put into your average prompt exchange ::eg::

The Anonymous Band Kinkathon

How to play

To request:
  1. Click the reply/post a comment link.
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Submit your kink prompt,
    e.g. Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel with chocolate sauce and ice cream
    or David and Timo from Panik, David dominating Timo and making him do unmentionable things with his tongue.

Please if you would like more than one fic with different kinks, separate the requests into more than one comment. If you want all the kinks in the same fic keep it as one comment.

To respond to a request:
  1. Click reply to the comment which contains the kink request. (A request may have as many responses as writers who feel they wish to fulfil it - this is NOT a one request, one response kind of thing :)).
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Paste or type in your response to the kink request and click go (you may use as many replies as it takes if your fic is longer than the max number of characters (4,300 with spaces) for a comment)
    If the fic is a very long one and posting it in comments would be a royal pain, email me and I will sort out an alternative solution :).

N.B. If you want people to be able to see your fic clearly when scrolling down an un-exanded list, I suggest you give it a title and a part number (title can be Untitled Story number 3 if necessary :)). Sorry, this only just occured to me when looking this morning.

  1. This game is open to all bands of all nationalities since some people asked that it should be, and you may mix and match bands of course. You may also mix other celebs/characters in as long as one of the main players is in a band.
  2. The request must be kinky - no vanilla in this game :) Requests may be very detailed, or as simple as a band and a kink (toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme is what this is based on so go look at that if you want some ideas :)).
  3. Please make sure to specify the band(s) you are talking about in the request rather than just member names to avoid confusion.
  4. You may repost an answer to a kink request anywhere you like 30 days after you posted it here, but here, everything must be ANONYMOUS.
  5. No chan - please do not request anything with characters under the age of 14. This is a kinkathon, it's supposed to be risque sexual situations and I simply do not feel comfortable having fic here with characters under that age in such positions.

Suggestions to Participants, Readers and Writers Alike
  • Please try and leave feedback for the writers. You may leave feedback anonymously or under your LJ name, but if you are the requester and are going to mention is, please comment anonymously. If you wish the writer to know how pleased you are under your real account name then you can tell them once they repost it somewhere else or once the 30 days are up :).
  • If you are a writer please try to respond to the requests as well as making them, if you are a reader only, please feel free to still make requests. You may make as many requests as you like and respond to as many requests as you like.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for more info from a requester, just remember to do so anonymously :).
  • Play nice :). If you do not like someone's kink, please ignore it, flames will be deleted.
  • Please pimp this kinkathon to all your friends :)

There is no time limit on this Kinkathon, it will go on as long as people wish to play :)

A very useful link borrowed from toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme: eliade's List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés.

And just a note, if you want to keep up with the entries on this post then the best way is to "track it" with the pin icon at the top :).

Disclaimer: This is a bit of fun, none of this happened and no one is suppose to think it did. K'thnx :)

[Edit: oh my, you kinky beasts you ... this is already going so well ;)]

[Edit2: Y'know writers live on feedback :). We have had two stories so far and a grand total of three people have commented on them, and one of those was me! If you want lots of juicy stories, feed the writers, pretty please :D (or are you all busy beavering away on your entries, in which case, keep writing?)]

[Edit3: This is just getting better and better, thank you everyone who is playing.]

[Edit4: It has come to my attention that someone is afraid to post because IP logging is on. So I thought I would address the point.
1) Only I can see the IP addresses
2) Why did I leave it on? - It never occured to me to turn it off.
3) Will I do anything with IPs? - Nope, I didn't even realise they were there until someone mentioned it
4) Will I turn IP logging off now? - No, thinking about it it is the only defence again Trolls. I will not look at IPs; I will not publish IPs; I will not even think about IPs; unless you start flaming or playing troll games. Then I will only use them to make sure you cannot spoil other people's fun.
5) If you are that worried, send me your request or your fics via email and I will post them for you.]

[Edit5: Can I just say how pleased I am that people are still playing, thank you *hugs*.]

Links to stories so far:
  • Kink request: Panik/Killerpilze Jan/Fabi
    I'd like something with these two in a "first time" situation in a semi-public place (ie. a closet) where there's a chance they might get caught.

    Untilted Fic 1 (Author may repost on 07-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: I would love to see some Bill/Andreas action. If I remember correctly Andreas is/was in a band, though I have no idea what it was called. lol
    Kink rough sex with Bill up against the wall, top Andreas. Punishment is good too.

    In The Air Tonight(Author may repost on 07-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel/Panik (Tom/David/Timo) Tom is sick to death of playing his role in Tokio Hotel; David and Timo know a couple of ways they can cheer him up. Threesome, established relationship between two of the characters.
    Making Friends(Author may repost on 08-Aug-08)
    Working It Out (scroll down) (Author may repost on 08-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: I would very much like to read Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel picking up a groupie and taking her back to his hotel room, only to have her find Hamburg VSD (Saki and Tobi at least) waiting inside. The security team runs a train on her (double penetration is ok too) while Tom watches and gets turned on by calling her a slut. After she leaves, Tom goes to Bill's room for gentle love making.
    Being Straight (Author may repost on 09-Aug-08)
    Mary Sue mit ein Twist (Author may repost on 10-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Jost/Bill with Jost as a sexual mentor for a fully consenting and fully of age Bill (the age difference is the kink). I'd like to see a Jost who is gentle and loving, and a Bill who is innocent but enthusiastic.
    The Joy of Sex (n.b. kinkier than the prompt suggests) (Author may repost on 10-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Man, I'm starting to think I'm not very kinky at all. I want some Torg with Georg rimming Tom and it being Tom's first experience with rimming.
    There's A First Time For Everything (Author may repost on 11-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - one of the twins being fisted by one of the G's with the other two watching and getting off on it. Bonus points if the mobile twin is telling the G doing the fisting what to do.
    The Games We Play (Author may repost on 12-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: For his birthday, Timo from Panik jokingly tells his best friend that he wants twins for a night, and just for a laugh, David arranges for Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel to come over. Timo gets the joke but they are both shocked when it becomes apparent that the twins aren't kidding. David watches Tom doing things to his little brother and it's the hottest thing he's ever seen. Bill and Tom then lure Timo into their game, with certain rules. Timo isn't allowed to fuck Bill, but he can do whatever he wants to Tom. David becomes increasingly more jealous as he watches his best friend have sex with the older twin, exposing feelings he didn't know he had. Of course Bill notices and subtly brings David into the mix, soon arranging things so that Timo and David are kissing and touching, until the friends are all over each other, which is Bill and Tom's queue to quietly make their exit.
    Good One! (Author may repost on 16-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Rough sex outside (hotel roof or in a deserted street or something) at night in the pouring rain. Bill bottoming. Tom/Bill OR Bushido/Bill
    Fire No Rain Can Quench (Author may repost on 10-Sep-08)
    A Place in the Sun (scroll down) (Author may repost on 16-Sep-08
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
    A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (Author may repost on 10-Sep-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel. Please will someone show me why it is that Gustav is so good at getting Georg out of handcuffs. Thanking you in advance.
    Where's the Key? (Author may repost on 11-Sep-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Tom likes sticking various bits of food up Bill's ass and eating it out of him.
    A taste for butter (Author may repost on 12-Sep-08
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Bill/Gustav in a dom/sub or master/slave situation with Bill as the master.
    Fluch (Author may repost on 11-Oct-08)
  • Kink request: Panik. The whole goddamn band. Bonus for any/all of the following: object insertion, humping of inanimate objects to orgasm, voyeurism, gangbanging. All the boys need to come at least once. Everything else is up to you.
    All For One and One for All (Author may repost on 17-Oct-08)
  • Kink request: Gustav/ Georg - Bill and Tom always hear loud noises coming from the G's room when they stay at hotels. What are they doing? Something that would be considered kinky IRL - (nothing too squicky D: no blood or rape)
    My One (Author may repost on 01-Now-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel request. Keyword: EROTIC MASSAGE I don't care about ages (though young twins would be adorable) and it can be any pairing of Bill, Tom, Georg or Bushido. The focus needs to be on the massage, not just a shoulder rub and fuck. Complete PWP, the more erotic details the better. Thanks in advance.
    Simple Touch (Author may repost on 28-Nov-08)
  • Kink request: something with Juri from Panik and Gustav from Tokio Hotel with Gustav all tied up, extra points for being snowed in somewhere.
    Helpless (Author may repost on 30-Nov-08)

( Read 456 commentsLeave a spell )
(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 22:36 (UTC)
Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:20 (UTC)
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (01/05)
"Tell me he's not going through poses from every film we've ever watched!" a voice further down the bus all but wailed.

That called to his attention and he put his head out of his bunk.

"I'm pretty sure Keanu was not naked in the Matrix," another voice replied.

Now he was really interested; that conversation meant only one thing: he was about to get another photograph for his collection. Moving quickly up the bus, he found the other two looking at something on the counter. Georg was of course absent, since Georg liked to leave the photos around for people to just come across, rather than shoving them in people's faces.

He moved up behind the other two and looked over their shoulders at what was on the table. It was a very nice A4 print of Georg in a leather coat, holding two plastic guns, but being, otherwise, naked.

"Nice coat," he said, trying to sound amused, rather than turned on.

His cock was already twitching in his pants, letting him know that he and his cock would need some quiet time together very soon unless he wanted to go crazy.

They all knew Georg was an exhibitionist. Naked and Georg went together like burger and fries and stopping Georg wandering around a communal space without clothes was something they had abandoned years ago. What was different now was the photographs: carefully thought out and arranged poses, taken, printed out and left in places where just about any member of the crew could find them.

It had started as a drunken bet, but by now he was pretty sure Georg was enjoying it far too much to stop. Most everyone took it as a huge joke and there was a pool on what Georg would look like next. There was also a pool on where all the photos disappeared to.

"One day a fan or someone from the press is going to find one of these and then we're all in trouble," one of the other's grouched.

"Georg does have a few brain cells," he replied, pretending not to be overly interested; "they never show up in publicly accessible places and they disappear when necessary. It's just a game."

"Whatever," was the resigned response, "but I'm not giving him the satisfaction of reacting to it. If we say nothing about it all day it will drive him bat-shit crazy."

When his other companion nodded and agreed and the other two both went to leave, he was very glad; it meant he didn't have to wait for much longer.

"I'm going to sleep a bit more," he announced, since, in their day, it was still early; "see you later."

"Don't have nightmares about our resident exhibitionist," one of the other's replied.

He laughed at that and pretended to be amused, but as soon as they were gone he grabbed the picture. He had thought the last one was hot, but this one was even better. Georg had the coat flipped back and was turned half to the side so he could see the curve of Georg's arse and Georg's very erect cock at the same time. What he wouldn't have given to be able to play with that cock, but while Georg might have been an exhibitionist, Georg was also straight. As far as most of the world was concerned, so was he.

Sliding into his bunk, he closed the curtains and then fished under his mattress to a thin plastic case he had hidden there. Placing it on the bed, he opened it carefully and let his eyes run over the pictures that were stuck over the inside of the top and bottom of it. Each one he had lovingly cut out of the printed photos and he had arranged them so he could see them all properly. He reached for the scissors he had stashed in his cubby-hole and carefully began to start the process with the new picture.
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:21 (UTC)
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (02/05)
Once he had Georg's manly pose free from the extraneous background, he took a long time figuring out where to put it. All the cut-outs were stuck in place with a small piece of blu-tac so he could move them around when he wanted to and he shifted the arrangement twice to fit in the new one before he was happy with it. There were porn poses, film poses, even cartoon poses and he loved them all, and each and every one of them made his cock throb with desire.

It was probably sick to be lusting after one of your best friends like that, but he couldn't help himself. He'd seen Georg naked loads of times, but the first one of those pictures had twisted something in his head. Now he couldn't get enough; now he was addicted.

No one would disturb him; he was in his bunk with the curtains closed and that meant big trouble for anyone who interrupted him, so he had no fear when he undid his belt and flies and pushed his trousers and underwear down. His cock was already more than interested in proceedings and bobbed as he freed it from his confines. He pulled his shirt up and out of the way and he was ready.

The fact that these photos made him so hot should have embarrassed him, but by now he was way past that. He had it bad, not that he'd ever tell his friend that, but the pictures just did it for him like nothing else ever had. He didn't know what it was about the poses that had set him off down this path, but he didn't bother trying to lie to himself anymore.

Taking hold of his cock, he gave himself a quick tug and then ran his index finger down over the underside of the head. There was already a bead of precome there waiting for him, that he spread slowly downwards. It felt so good and, with his eyes on his carefully arranged collection, he had more than enough stimuli to start his climb to sexual ecstasy.

Georg had changed over the time he had known him, from stocky, somewhat awkward teenager to, frankly, gossamer-haired sex god. Georg had the most beautiful muscles, all sculptured and touchable and he could imagine them rippling under that perfect skin. Everyone always talked about Bill being beautiful and Bill was, but not in the animal sexual way Georg was. He thought Georg was the epitome of sex on legs.

He moaned low in his throat as he imagined being allowed to touch that perfect body, or those manly hands touching him. What he wouldn't have given to have been thrown down and fucked hard by that thick, long cock. The first time he had thought that he had nearly died of shock, but it was familiar and almost comfortable now.

He stroked himself harder, imagining how it would feel to have Georg over him and in him and he came with a harsh breath, spilling his come onto his stomach. He continued to pump his cock until every last drop was out, squeezing the end gently and watching the final drop drip onto his skin. It was warm when it hit him, but cooled very quickly and he slowly ran one finger through it, spreading it further over his skin.

He didn't know where that little kink had come from either; once upon a time his wank session had been fast and the idea had been to clean up as quickly as possible, but not now. Now he liked to savour every moment and continue to play; not much, but some. His eyes always made their way back to his photo collection when he did and if he let himself he knew that it was a display thing, but usually his brain wasn't working that hard at that point.

Eventually he reached for the tissues on his little shelf and cleaned himself up, but he didn't put his clothes back together. He lay there for a little while and just enjoyed the afterglow, but eventually a noise from further down the bus interrupted him.
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:23 (UTC)
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (03/05)
"Hey, Tom," Bill's voice sounded outside his curtains and he knew his time of reverie was over, "are you done; I kept Gustav out the way, but David's just started talking about a surprise visitor and we need to be ready."

Bill knew about his little obsession, but then Bill knew everything about him and he stuck he head between his curtains without bothering to straighten anything out inside.

"When?" he asked, not overly happy that his relaxing morning was being interrupted.

"Now," Bill replied, looking about as ticked off as he felt.

Surprise visitors were not common, but they weren't unknown either. They had some very surprising fans and when some people turned up there was just no way to tell them to get lost.

"I'll be out in ten," he said and disappeared back behind his curtains.

He hated being rushed, but it was getting to be second nature these days. Hurriedly he put himself and his bunk back together and hurried towards the bathroom to make himself fresh and presentable. He never noticed the new cut out that escaped his precious folder and snagged between the mattress and the side of his bunk.


It seemed to be a rule, if they were going to congregate all together they usually did it on Tom and Bill's bus. They had never really decided that, it had just started happening, so Georg automatically climbed onto the twins' bus after Gustav as they all began to wind down. They wouldn't be leaving the venue for another hour or so, which meant time to kick back and relax before all returning to their own space and sleeping.

"Dammit," Tom said, as they piled into the room at the end, "I left the DVD in my bunk."

"I'll get it," Georg said, since he was at the back of the group.

"Thanks," Tom replied, disappearing into the little room, "it's on the shelf."

Georg leant into Tom's bunk and reached for the DVD that was sitting on the shelf, but his eye was caught by something sticking up at the top side of the bunk. Without thinking, he put his hand out and took it, pulling it free from where the mattress was flattening it to the wall. It became quite obvious what he was looking at very quickly and he couldn't help noticing the blu-tac on the back of the picture.

It occurred to him he was just about to step over a line, but he couldn't help himself and carefully pulled up the edge of the mattress to see what he would find. The folder came into view, and, glancing down the bus, he picked it up and opened it. He almost dropped it again when he realised what he had found. At least that answered the question as to where all the photos had been going. Every time he went to retrieve one in case someone who wasn't supposed to see it found it, it would be gone. He just couldn't believe that it was Tom who had been collecting them, but the evidence was there right in front of him.

There was a little white blob on the very edge of the folder that he bent closer to see and then it dawned on him what it was. His shock really knew no bounds as he slowly put the folder back down on the bunk. He looked at the DVD and then the folder and then the DVD again, trying to decide what to do. In the end he tucked the folder back into place, put the photo back where he had found it and plastered his best couldn't-care-less smile on his face before heading towards the others. This was going to take some thinking about.
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:24 (UTC)
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (04/05)
Tom walked into his hotel room slowly, feeling just a little grumpy. It was their first night off in ages and yet everyone had run away from dinner before he was finished, even Bill, and no one was answering their doors either. It was as if they were all avoiding him.

Closing the door, he walked down the little hallway into the suite, threw his hat onto the sofa and then looked right to the bedroom. He almost died; there in the centre of the bed, in a perfect recreation of the pose he always kept at the centre of his collection was Georg. His thoughts scattered in all directions and his brain all but melted.

"What the hell?" he just about managed to ask.

Georg's exhibitionism was really getting out of hand.

"Don't like what you see?" Georg asked, patented smirk fully in place. "See I thought you would do since you give this one pride of place."

Tom failed to comprehend that on the first try.

"You..." he managed as his thoughts caught up and he looked at the door and actually considered running.

He was so dead; Georg knew about his collection. His life as he knew it was over. If Georg didn't knock him for six he just knew his friend would tease him mercilessly about it for the rest of his miserable existence.

"Tomi, Tomi, Tomi," Georg said, just lounging there with everything he had on show, "hiding away isn't usually your style."

Tom found his eyes wandering, try as he might to keep them focused on Georg's face. Having what he so desperately wanted so close and yet so completely out of reach was killing him.

"I didn't ... I couldn't ..." he didn't know what to say.

"Come here," Georg said and patted the bed next to him.

Tom was so completely at a loss that he meekly did as he was told and sat down right where Georg's hand had been. He was more than a little shocked that he hadn't been decked or laughed at yet.

"You should have come straight to the source."

He heard what Georg said, but he was so busy staring at the bed and waiting to be slapped that he didn't really take it in. When he finally did look up, Georg was only centimetres from his face and he didn't have the remotest chance to object as Georg moved in and kissed him. All sensible thought vanished from his head and he just kissed back.

When the kiss finally broke, he was still lost for words; he didn't really understand what had just happened.

"But you're..." his mouth and brain were not in alignment at all.

"Straight?" Georg asked, way ahead of him it appeared.

He nodded; there was no point in ridiculous face saving manoeuvres now.

"I found your collection," Georg said and Tom was incredibly pleased that his friend was explaining, "the other night when I picked up the DVD one of the photos had come loose."
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:25 (UTC)
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
"I found that," Tom was pleased that he managed to say something sensible.

"So I talked to Bill," Georg continued to explain and Tom began to feel scared again, "because I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting the wrong end of the stick. Seems I'm not, so here I am."

Tom made a mental note to kill Bill for not telling him Georg knew, but at least Bill's odd behaviour over the last couple of days was solved.

"But you are straight," Tom still couldn't get his head round it.

"Yeah," Georg said, grinning again, "about as straight as you."

Tom sat there for a minute and then couldn't help grinning back, then he began to laugh and then he took a good long look at Georg without any shame whatsoever.

"Sex then?" he asked, deciding that playing hard to get was simply not on the cards.

"I was thinking of fucking you within an inch of your life," Georg said as if he was talking about the weather and Tom felt his pulse speed up.

"How did you?" he began to ask.

That was his fantasy; what he had been dreaming about since just after the pictures began to show up and he had only told one person.

"Bill," he realised and rolled his eyes.

He and Bill were going to have a talk about this later.

"I quote, 'This is just so you two macho idiots don't dance around the subject for ages; Tom wants you to top him and I mean top like you mean it'," Georg said and moved towards him.

Tom swallowed hard; he was so going to get it now.

The End
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:46 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
Oooh very nice, very hot.
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2008 18:49 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
Thank you ^__^
sashimi saladsashimi_salad on 11th August 2008 22:24 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
LOL! This was sweet!
(Anonymous) on 12th August 2008 13:21 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
:-D Thank you
Notascam - Don't Wake Menotascam on 12th August 2008 13:19 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
hot damn! This was amazing. It was the perfect mix of humor, anticipation and smut. I be wow'ed
(Anonymous) on 12th August 2008 13:24 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
Many thanks - poor Tom and his obsession, and he was doing so well at hiding it too all but for one mistake ^_~
Beren: TH - Georg - I know somethingberen_writes on 13th August 2008 06:54 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
Ooh, naked!Georg piccies ... who could resist?
(Anonymous) on 13th August 2008 06:54 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
Who indeed? ^_~
(Anonymous) on 14th August 2008 21:24 (UTC)
Re: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (05/05)
This had me giggling insanely. I loved it.