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07 July 2008 @ 08:00 Memories
Anonymous Band Kinkathon  
Righty ho, some people said they would be interested, so let's play :). Think of this as the place you can make requests for thinkgs that you wouldn't put into your average prompt exchange ::eg::

The Anonymous Band Kinkathon

How to play

To request:
  1. Click the reply/post a comment link.
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Submit your kink prompt,
    e.g. Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel with chocolate sauce and ice cream
    or David and Timo from Panik, David dominating Timo and making him do unmentionable things with his tongue.

Please if you would like more than one fic with different kinks, separate the requests into more than one comment. If you want all the kinks in the same fic keep it as one comment.

To respond to a request:
  1. Click reply to the comment which contains the kink request. (A request may have as many responses as writers who feel they wish to fulfil it - this is NOT a one request, one response kind of thing :)).
  2. Click the "more options" button.
  3. Choose "Anonymous" from the list of posting options at the top.
  4. Paste or type in your response to the kink request and click go (you may use as many replies as it takes if your fic is longer than the max number of characters (4,300 with spaces) for a comment)
    If the fic is a very long one and posting it in comments would be a royal pain, email me and I will sort out an alternative solution :).

N.B. If you want people to be able to see your fic clearly when scrolling down an un-exanded list, I suggest you give it a title and a part number (title can be Untitled Story number 3 if necessary :)). Sorry, this only just occured to me when looking this morning.

  1. This game is open to all bands of all nationalities since some people asked that it should be, and you may mix and match bands of course. You may also mix other celebs/characters in as long as one of the main players is in a band.
  2. The request must be kinky - no vanilla in this game :) Requests may be very detailed, or as simple as a band and a kink (toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme is what this is based on so go look at that if you want some ideas :)).
  3. Please make sure to specify the band(s) you are talking about in the request rather than just member names to avoid confusion.
  4. You may repost an answer to a kink request anywhere you like 30 days after you posted it here, but here, everything must be ANONYMOUS.
  5. No chan - please do not request anything with characters under the age of 14. This is a kinkathon, it's supposed to be risque sexual situations and I simply do not feel comfortable having fic here with characters under that age in such positions.

Suggestions to Participants, Readers and Writers Alike
  • Please try and leave feedback for the writers. You may leave feedback anonymously or under your LJ name, but if you are the requester and are going to mention is, please comment anonymously. If you wish the writer to know how pleased you are under your real account name then you can tell them once they repost it somewhere else or once the 30 days are up :).
  • If you are a writer please try to respond to the requests as well as making them, if you are a reader only, please feel free to still make requests. You may make as many requests as you like and respond to as many requests as you like.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for more info from a requester, just remember to do so anonymously :).
  • Play nice :). If you do not like someone's kink, please ignore it, flames will be deleted.
  • Please pimp this kinkathon to all your friends :)

There is no time limit on this Kinkathon, it will go on as long as people wish to play :)

A very useful link borrowed from toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme: eliade's List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés.

And just a note, if you want to keep up with the entries on this post then the best way is to "track it" with the pin icon at the top :).

Disclaimer: This is a bit of fun, none of this happened and no one is suppose to think it did. K'thnx :)

[Edit: oh my, you kinky beasts you ... this is already going so well ;)]

[Edit2: Y'know writers live on feedback :). We have had two stories so far and a grand total of three people have commented on them, and one of those was me! If you want lots of juicy stories, feed the writers, pretty please :D (or are you all busy beavering away on your entries, in which case, keep writing?)]

[Edit3: This is just getting better and better, thank you everyone who is playing.]

[Edit4: It has come to my attention that someone is afraid to post because IP logging is on. So I thought I would address the point.
1) Only I can see the IP addresses
2) Why did I leave it on? - It never occured to me to turn it off.
3) Will I do anything with IPs? - Nope, I didn't even realise they were there until someone mentioned it
4) Will I turn IP logging off now? - No, thinking about it it is the only defence again Trolls. I will not look at IPs; I will not publish IPs; I will not even think about IPs; unless you start flaming or playing troll games. Then I will only use them to make sure you cannot spoil other people's fun.
5) If you are that worried, send me your request or your fics via email and I will post them for you.]

[Edit5: Can I just say how pleased I am that people are still playing, thank you *hugs*.]

Links to stories so far:
  • Kink request: Panik/Killerpilze Jan/Fabi
    I'd like something with these two in a "first time" situation in a semi-public place (ie. a closet) where there's a chance they might get caught.

    Untilted Fic 1 (Author may repost on 07-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: I would love to see some Bill/Andreas action. If I remember correctly Andreas is/was in a band, though I have no idea what it was called. lol
    Kink rough sex with Bill up against the wall, top Andreas. Punishment is good too.

    In The Air Tonight(Author may repost on 07-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel/Panik (Tom/David/Timo) Tom is sick to death of playing his role in Tokio Hotel; David and Timo know a couple of ways they can cheer him up. Threesome, established relationship between two of the characters.
    Making Friends(Author may repost on 08-Aug-08)
    Working It Out (scroll down) (Author may repost on 08-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: I would very much like to read Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel picking up a groupie and taking her back to his hotel room, only to have her find Hamburg VSD (Saki and Tobi at least) waiting inside. The security team runs a train on her (double penetration is ok too) while Tom watches and gets turned on by calling her a slut. After she leaves, Tom goes to Bill's room for gentle love making.
    Being Straight (Author may repost on 09-Aug-08)
    Mary Sue mit ein Twist (Author may repost on 10-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Jost/Bill with Jost as a sexual mentor for a fully consenting and fully of age Bill (the age difference is the kink). I'd like to see a Jost who is gentle and loving, and a Bill who is innocent but enthusiastic.
    The Joy of Sex (n.b. kinkier than the prompt suggests) (Author may repost on 10-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Man, I'm starting to think I'm not very kinky at all. I want some Torg with Georg rimming Tom and it being Tom's first experience with rimming.
    There's A First Time For Everything (Author may repost on 11-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - one of the twins being fisted by one of the G's with the other two watching and getting off on it. Bonus points if the mobile twin is telling the G doing the fisting what to do.
    The Games We Play (Author may repost on 12-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: For his birthday, Timo from Panik jokingly tells his best friend that he wants twins for a night, and just for a laugh, David arranges for Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel to come over. Timo gets the joke but they are both shocked when it becomes apparent that the twins aren't kidding. David watches Tom doing things to his little brother and it's the hottest thing he's ever seen. Bill and Tom then lure Timo into their game, with certain rules. Timo isn't allowed to fuck Bill, but he can do whatever he wants to Tom. David becomes increasingly more jealous as he watches his best friend have sex with the older twin, exposing feelings he didn't know he had. Of course Bill notices and subtly brings David into the mix, soon arranging things so that Timo and David are kissing and touching, until the friends are all over each other, which is Bill and Tom's queue to quietly make their exit.
    Good One! (Author may repost on 16-Aug-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Rough sex outside (hotel roof or in a deserted street or something) at night in the pouring rain. Bill bottoming. Tom/Bill OR Bushido/Bill
    Fire No Rain Can Quench (Author may repost on 10-Sep-08)
    A Place in the Sun (scroll down) (Author may repost on 16-Sep-08
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
    A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (Author may repost on 10-Sep-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel. Please will someone show me why it is that Gustav is so good at getting Georg out of handcuffs. Thanking you in advance.
    Where's the Key? (Author may repost on 11-Sep-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Tom likes sticking various bits of food up Bill's ass and eating it out of him.
    A taste for butter (Author may repost on 12-Sep-08
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Bill/Gustav in a dom/sub or master/slave situation with Bill as the master.
    Fluch (Author may repost on 11-Oct-08)
  • Kink request: Panik. The whole goddamn band. Bonus for any/all of the following: object insertion, humping of inanimate objects to orgasm, voyeurism, gangbanging. All the boys need to come at least once. Everything else is up to you.
    All For One and One for All (Author may repost on 17-Oct-08)
  • Kink request: Gustav/ Georg - Bill and Tom always hear loud noises coming from the G's room when they stay at hotels. What are they doing? Something that would be considered kinky IRL - (nothing too squicky D: no blood or rape)
    My One (Author may repost on 01-Now-08)
  • Kink request: Tokio Hotel request. Keyword: EROTIC MASSAGE I don't care about ages (though young twins would be adorable) and it can be any pairing of Bill, Tom, Georg or Bushido. The focus needs to be on the massage, not just a shoulder rub and fuck. Complete PWP, the more erotic details the better. Thanks in advance.
    Simple Touch (Author may repost on 28-Nov-08)
  • Kink request: something with Juri from Panik and Gustav from Tokio Hotel with Gustav all tied up, extra points for being snowed in somewhere.
    Helpless (Author may repost on 30-Nov-08)

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(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 11:24 (UTC)
Mary Sue mit ein Twist
I totes had to do this too

Tom spotted her immediately. It wasn’t hard. She was standing right in front of his spot on the stage, leaning over the barrier, doing that thing they all did; the ones who really wanted his attention. Not screaming too much, not crying or being hysterical. That wasn’t attractive, after all. But she did have her breasts pushed up. Her bra was clearly too small, her top too low. Her hair was straightened to the point of flatness. Even from the stage Tom could see the amount of makeup she had on. A lip piercing, of course. They always thought he liked that for some reason.

He raised a brow at her and watched her mouth open in a perfected imitation of porn. If Tom had been into that sort of thing he might have thought it was hot. She put one finger in her mouth and he fought the urge to roll his eyes. Instead he shook his head, feigning shyness and watched her puff up in pleasure.

When Bill approached between songs, pretending to adjust his earpiece Tom flicked his eyes in the girl’s direction. “Her,” he muttered.

Bill glanced over, not bothering to hide his distain as his eyes rolled over too much cleavage and overly plucked brows. “Yellow shirt?”


Bill pursed his lips. “Perfect.”

It was perfect; and easy too. All Tom had to do was make sure he shot just enough glances in her direction, just enough shy smiles and she was theirs. Who was he kidding; she was theirs before he even looked in her direction. That was kind of the point. She was getting sassy, no doubt pissing Bill off, and making faces at Tom.

When the encore was over he made sure she saw him talking to Saki and pointing in her direction and watched with amusement as she tried to play it cool as the bodyguard helped her over the barrier. Her friends shot her dark looks of jealousy as she smoothed her hands over her hair and the short skirt around her waist. It was amusing imagining exactly what she’d tell those friends in the morning. Not the truth at any rate. Tom threw her a smirk and watched her practically shiver.

Backstage, Saki handed Tom a piece of paper. “Her number.”

“Oh, clever,” Bill said, rolling his eyes. “Because you pull girls out of the front row for no reason. You’d better call her, Tomi, or she won’t think you’re going to fuck her.”

Tom screwed up the small piece of paper and flicked it away with finger and thumb, watching the smile slide across Bill’s face.

She could have travelled from the venue to their hotel in their van with them, nobody would have had a problem. Only, Bill didn’t like that. Or rather, Tom knew he’d liked to think of the girl sitting in the other van by herself, wet between the legs and shaking. Compulsively reapplying lip gloss that would be slick and greasy when Tom finally kissed her.

Her cheeks were flushed under the hotel lobby lights. She was doing that thing, that sassy, hair tossing thing. They all did that too. Thought that they were being cool or cute by teasing them. Flirting.

Tom slid his hand around her lower back, under her shirt right away. “What’s your name?”
(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 11:25 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
She told him and he nodded, grinning down at her but it went in one ear and out the other. Irrelevant at any rate. Was a city name, a concert date if anything at all. One drink in the hotel bar, then another. It was better to start straight away. It never took long. The girls right in front didn’t eat or drink for hours before concerts and it always made them especially compliant.

“I think you’re trying to get me drunk,” she said, her voice already a little slurred. She narrowed her eyes at him in her best imitation of sexy. She scratched at his shirt. “You don’t have to get me drunk to get me, you know,” she said, nuzzling close.

Tom just grinned, held up the salt shaker and handed her another lemon slice.

He kissed her in the elevator, glad Bill had already disappeared into his own room by then. Occasionally in the past, Bill hadn’t been able to refrain himself from saying something biting about the girl’s choice of clothing or hair. That only resulted in an indignant and insulted girl and an even more indignant Bill and nobody got laid at all. Well, Tom always got laid but some ways were more fun than others.

She moaned, pressing right up against him and rubbing her tits against his chest. The elevator dinged as the door slid open and Tom shoved her out into the hallway, one hand suavely pressed to her ass. It was amazing how little style one had to have around these girls. When he squeezed, she panted hard in his ear. Bill had helpfully left a sneaker to prop open Tom’s door so he didn’t have to mess with the swipe card but there was no sign of his brother when Tom walked the girl into the room. He wiped the gloss off his mouth with the back of his hand and raised an eyebrow at her as she bit her lip and made a show of looking around the room.

“Nice place,” she said.

Tom pulled off his hat, rolling his eyes because she couldn’t see. “Yeah, yeah, nice. Come on.”

He sat down on the end of the bed and looked at her expectantly.

She was playing the role to a T and her mouth dropped open as her hands went to her hips, just as he knew it would. “Oh, like that is it?”

“Exactly like that,” he said, seriously. “Come on. Let’s not fuck around.”

She thought about it for a moment, they always did. But only for a moment. Then she pulled her top up over her head, exposing that two small bra and the way it pushed her breasts up. It looked painful, cutting into her skin.

“Off,” Tom said.

She stumbled a little bit then pushed her skirt down her hips, leaving her heels on. How she’d managed to survive the concert wearing those was beyond him. She wobbled forward, hair sliding over her shoulders. Tom fought the urge to wrinkle his nose, wondering exactly how long she’d been standing in line for the show.

Then, right on time, there was a knock on the door. Tom stood up and the girl made a surprised sound, stumbling back a little and grabbing his arm.

“What are you ”

Tom shrugged her off. Not answering her he strode over to the door and pulled it open with a flourish, hearing her squeak as she tried to find something to cover her half-naked body.

“Guys, come on in.”

That was one of the benefits of having such big bodyguards. Even when it was just two of them, Saki and Tobi their presence filled a room, making it feel like there was a crowd. Tom shut the door behind them saying, “Drinks?”

Saki was eyeing the girl. “No minibar, Tom.”

“Tom, what’s going on?” The girl was standing with her knees awkwardly pressed together, her tiny shirt pressed against her stomach, as if that was supposed to cover the fact that her bra was nearly falling off.

Tom spread his palms, giving her an innocent look. “What, baby? Just thought we’d have some fun.”

“Fun?” Her mouth was open, this time in shock.

“You want to, don’t you?” Tom said, as if genuinely confused. “I thought you were special. That you were up for it. But whatever, I mean you can just go.”

“No!” She stepped forward. “I mean, what? I just... I thought it was going to be you know.... you and me.”
(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 11:26 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
“Aw,” Tom made a face. “But that’s no fun! Come on. This is totally hot.” He stepped up behind her, putting his mouth against her ear. “Want me to fuck you?” he asked, pulling the tshirt out of her hands.

Her head tipped back, though she was still tense.

“Yeah, you do,” Tom said. He grinned at Saki and Tobi. “I’m real good. But you know that, don’t you. You want Tom Kaulitz’s dick in your pussy. Don’t you.”

She moaned. “Yes.”

“I want that too,” Tom said. “And you know, maybe afterwards we could... eat some pasta.”

That did it, she melted, trying to reach one hand behind herself to grab at his groin.

He scooted his hips back. “But you gotta do something for me first.”

“What?” she asked, breathlessly. “Want me to suck it? I will.”

Tom’s lip curled. “No, no,” he said, keeping his voice low. “I want to watch a bit, first, y’know? I like that kind of thing.”

She turned her head a little saying hesitantly, “Watch?” Her voice still slurred.

“Mmm.” Tom nodded towards Tobi and Saki. “I want to watch them and you.”

She bit her lip. “Um...”

“And then I’ll fuck you baby,” Tom said. “Just like you want. Come on, three dicks are better than one. Dont’ you think?”

“We’ll order pasta?” She asked, hopefully.

“Twenty-four hour room service,” Tom said.

He could already see it, that hazy, dark look in the girl’s eye that said she was going to agree. He’d seen it from the stage too. He had enough practice now not to waste his time on the duds. She was still trying to play it cool though and Tom wasn’t having any of that; he had his own sex to get to. He pushed her lightly and she sprawled back on the bed.

“You know you want to.”

Saki went first, he always did; VSD hierarchy and he didn’t go easy. Tom wondered if the constant hysteria and screaming got to him too, it must. He had to put up with it just as much as Tom. Or maybe he just took advantage of the situation to fuck an easy, young girl. Either way, it made for great viewing, Tom had to admit.

The girls’ mouth was open, her face screwed up. Tom had to give her credit though, she was still keeping up the porno impression, moaning loudly even though Saki’s thick cock can’t have been comfortable.

“Oh, oh—“ she rubbed her hands over her chest and turned her face to Tom, pouting at him. “Tomi...”

Tom didn’t bother to hide his disgust then; they always thought they could do that. It was a good thing Bill wasn’t here to hear her use his nickname. He had been once and Bill had been exiled to the connecting room for all future engagements.

“Tomi?” he repeated scornfully, watching her face flicker with confusion. “Don’t call me that, you don’t know me.”

Saki’s low rumble of a laugh and the girl gasped as the bodyguard quickened his movements.

“How much?” Tom asked.

“I’ll have another go after this,” Saki said, shoving into her hard.

Tom turned to the girl. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he asked, leaning over her. He let all of the disgust from the evening drip into his voice. “As many rounds as possible, right?”

She tried to speak but was distracted by Saki slamming into her. “Uh—“

“Think I like sloppy seconds?” Tom demanded. He grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at him. “Think I want you? Want to share my pasta with you?”
(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 11:27 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
She was panting. “But I thought...”

“Think you’re so fucking hot, don’t you,” Tom said, releasing her and standing up again. “Think all you had to do was shake your tits at me and I’d want to stick it in you. Or more, right? Thought you’d be so good in bed, you’d be the special one. The one I’d stop fucking all the other groupies for.”

Tom’s tirade was interrupted when Saki abruptly pulled out of her and shot his load all over her stomach. She let out a cry of surprise; one that was quickly cut off into a grunt as Saki stepped aside and Tobi smoothly took his place.

“Guess what,” Tom said, pointing at her. “I don’t fuck groupies! I don’t fuck pathetic little sluts like you.”

“But, Tom—“

“I’m not just a piece of meat. I like more than just tits!” Tom yelled. He wiped a hand over his face, he was getting carried away.

He watched her lying limp and helpless on the bed, but still moaning like the slut she was. “Even if I did fuck groupies,” he said. “It wouldn’t be some skanky ho like you who hasn’t had a shower in three days. I have standards!”

It was over then, for him anyway. For Saki and Tobi it might go on for another couple of hours, but Tom didn’t care either way. He slipped through the connecting door into the next room before it clicked shut behind him, Bill was on him.


“Same as always,” Tom said, his head tipping back to thud against the door.

“Was she shocked,” Bill asked, his eyes dark, deft fingers already working on Tom’s belt.

“Of course,” Tom said, eyes slipping closed as long fingers curled around his dick.

“She was clinging all over you in the lobby,” Bill said, his voice thick with jealousy.

“Oh, Bill, it was so gross,” Tom moaned. “She asked if we could order pasta.”

Bill recoiled, pulling back a little. “What? Oh, no she didn’t. That little whore.”

He huffed a little but the rhythmic thumping of the headboard from the room next door was more than enough proof that the girl was being taught her lesson. Bill kissed Tom’s lips and face, gently stroking away the girl’s sweaty, drunken touch. The lube was already waiting and when Bill’s fingers slipped in, Tom groaned loudly.

“Oh, yes...”

“Nobody like me,” Bill purred when his cock replaced his fingers. Tom nodded in agreement.

It was aching and slow, like it always was on nights like this; completely out of time to the groans from next door. Tom got sweat on him but he didn’t mind because it was Bill’s not some random girls, and Bill’s mouth was at his ear whispering endearments as he was loved so gently.

“I love you, Bill.”

“I love you.”

The next morning Tom woke to a kiss on his cheek and a Polaroid on his pillow.

“When did you take this?” he asked, squinting at the over exposed image of the girl from the night before, sprawled, limp on messy sheets slick with sweat and come.

“After,” Bill said, stretching out and looking fondly over Tom’s shoulder. “I went in after they finished.” He took the picture from Tom and carefully placed it in the next free page in his photo album with all the other pictures, of all the other girls, from all the other cities.

“You always fall asleep so fast. You’re such a light weight.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The End
(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 12:28 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
Jesus. LOL this was kind of exactly what I pictured when I read the prompt. It's so sick and perverse but I couldn't stop reading.

Even though he's barely in it, Bill totally steals this for me, I love him in this.

The whole thing is so sordid! >_____> I love the kinkathon.
(Anonymous) on 10th July 2008 17:37 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
Wow! Wow! Tom is so wicked and bitter. I love it! Love that Bill was part of the plan too, with his sick little book of polaroids.

I especially liked how dark he got when she called him Tomi, like she knew him and the reference to the front row girls not showering and still thinking he'd want that.

Tom bottoming after the whole thing was an intense twist too.

Thank you so much! I can't believe I got two incredible fics for my request. :D
(Anonymous) on 12th July 2008 08:57 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
Wow, Tom is so twisted and perverse. And Saki as his minion... For some reason this makes me think of 'Cruel Intentions.'
Lita: Tom: Idoit_dark_ocean_ on 18th July 2008 12:31 (UTC)
Haven't slept in days..I don't have impaired judgement *shifty eyes*
“Think I want you? Want to share my pasta with you?”

Oh man, this fic was hilarious and deliciously twisted. *licks you* Very good =D

ou la laradioporn on 28th October 2008 10:29 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
I love that you had Bill top. Very nice surprise. :)
(Anonymous) on 27th September 2010 20:35 (UTC)
Re: Mary Sue mit ein Twist
I don't believe that T&B would ever be so cruel and disrespectful to anyone especially a fan. Try again.