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05 July 2007 @ 08:04 Memories
Tokio Hotel pimp post  
Okay, so the other day I posted a link to Tokio Hotel's new English language single that's being released in the UK and I had some good responses, but people wanted more info, so consider this the TH Pimp Post of Doom TM :).

Tokio Hotel are four young men from Germany:
Bill (17, vocals), Tom (17, lead guitar), Georg (20, bass) and Gustav (18, drums)

Bill and Tom are identical twins - yes really; look at the bone structure and the band have been together for seven years. Before they were Tokio Hotel they were Devilish and they used to play around where they lived.

A piccie from the Early Days
Weren't they cute :)

Then Bill went on Star Search (a German TV show) and didn't win, but it did get him noticed and some people saw the band and they were approached by producers. Since then Tokio Hotel have managed to first take over Germany, then France and then the rest of Europe.

The Progression of the Image Tokio Hotel

The Albums
They have two German language albums that have both gone multi-platinum.
First came Schrei, which was realeased in two versions:

Schrei which is the first recording
Schrei - so laut du kannst when Bill voice had deepened
Then came Zimmer 483 - a much rockier sound
Zimmer 483
Then in 2007 they released their first English language album with translations of songs from both their German language albums.

The version of this album released to the German market was called Room 483.

There will a new UK version of this album released in Aug 2007 as well.

The English Language Songs with Vids
TH have three English language songs that have vids out there at the moment (embed is not working sorry):

Ready, Set, Go! - the new single
Direct link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzJDXfsQyL8

Scream! - not the best version of the song and not their greatest vid, but fun never the less
Direct link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXnEe5673bo

Monsoon - a remake of their first hit and an absolutely brilliant vid
Direct link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfMnM5Y2rw8

There are several comms for TH on LJ as well:
Discussion/Pic spam/Vids
thfanclub (takes all things TH including fanfic), th_cult (no fanfic or twincest discussion), tokiohotel (again takes all things TH), kaulitzest all things twincest including fic
th_fanfic (all fic pairing and genred), tokiohotelslash
th_macros - very funny
th_media - if you want clips of them on TV shows etc this is the place to look
Fan Organisations
tokiohoteluk - Official UK Street Team, th_invasion_uk - UK affiliate of the Street Team
miyu_th, mikaelasth, tokio_hotel_sub, th_translations

Official UK Street Team
Tokio Hotel Invasion UK - Jump Point Lots of links to lots of sites all over the world
Official UK Site - join the mailing list for exclusive news

Oh and as an aside - here is a list of my fanfic for Tokio Hotel:
The Mating Habits of Twins? ??? PG13/12 812wds 05-Feb-07
Humour (Tokio Hotel) - Georg overhears things he's not sure he's supposed to.
Better Late Than Never Bill/Georg/Tom NC17/18 ~5,330wds 13-Apr-07
Summary - Georg gets sex. (What? That's the whole story.)
Straight Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~7,102wds 23-Jun-07
Summary - Tom is straight, Bill knows this, but he also knows that there are exceptions to every rule and some things are meant to be.
Regression none PG ~3,394wds 3rd-Jul-07
Summary - Some people should never be hypnotised.
Das Geschenk (The Gift) Series (Series listing with MSWord downloads)
*Beauty and Talent Bill(Tokio Hotel)/Gackt NC17/18 15,520wds 21-Feb-07
Summary: The members of Tokio Hotel are in the UK to launch the English version of their album and Bill has caught the eye of another visiting rock star. When they meet Bill finds out that some things he thought were just fantasy do, in fact, exist.
*Be Like You Bill(TH)/Gustav(TH) NC17/18 17,190wds 11-Apr-07
Summary: Tom has decided he wants to be a vampire like Bill, but Bill's not so sure it's a good idea. There could be consequences.
*Three Missing Scenes various PG-13 to R ??wds 12-Apr-07
Summary: Three missing scenes that do not fit in part 2 or 3 of the series.

Merry Month of Masturbation 2007 - the majority of stories are TH RPS
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Yanaya: i hate math!yanaya on 5th July 2007 11:28 (UTC)
*is very annoying and not even a TH fan*

The one album's name is probably 'Schrei - so laut du kanNst', second n missing above. Probably just a typo, but I thought I'd let you know. :-)

Sorry! I'm weird like that. And really sorry...
Beren: TH - tom smileberen_writes on 5th July 2007 11:58 (UTC)
Thanks, have corrected it - I think it's actually my complete inability to spell in any language :).
Karadinkaradin on 5th July 2007 11:30 (UTC)
Ever notice how its the people who don't win the talent contests that end up being successful?
Beren: TH - sweet and innocent?beren_writes on 5th July 2007 11:59 (UTC)
Well except Will Young :).
cyane_snapecyane_snape on 5th July 2007 16:28 (UTC)
Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard this band at all and I followed your links to the vids. I'm a convert. I'll be picking up that CD when I'm in London later this month. (I had been wondering about the band after reading all your posts that pimped them. I finally got around to checking them out.)

Cyane Snape
Beren: TH - tom smileberen_writes on 5th July 2007 17:36 (UTC)
Yay :) Welcome to the madness. We are a friendly bunch of nutters ;).
Musical_lifeaetas_lupus on 5th July 2007 19:18 (UTC)
The twins look female a bit, imho.. (am I the only one who notices this?)
Beren: TH - Bill boyberen_writes on 6th July 2007 06:24 (UTC)
No, really you're not :). They have very fine bone structure and Bill does like to choose some ambiguous clothes.

I have to say though, that in person, there is no doubt they're male, but in piccies there is often confusion. :)
poisoned pond: yummy you!purpledna on 5th July 2007 19:23 (UTC)
waaa thanks for putting in so much effort to promote them! *feels warm & fuzzy inside
Beren: TH - tom smileberen_writes on 6th July 2007 06:26 (UTC)
Spreading the love if worth all the effort :). Y'know those religious nuts who stand on street corners and try and convert people - that's me with Tokio Hotel ::g::.
Tifsuztifsuz on 5th July 2007 20:08 (UTC)
Is it bad that I've held no interest in this until seeing how very slashable Bill looks...?

*bookmarks for checking out*
Beren: TH - identical twinsberen_writes on 6th July 2007 06:37 (UTC)
Not bad at all ... whatever entices you in ;). He looks really good paired with any other member of the band (including his twin ::eg::) and works well in crossovers too. Please allow me to give you some more food for thought :)

(note the tiny t-shirt and the star tattoo :))

fairyeyez27: TH mud playtimefairyeyez27 on 6th July 2007 01:58 (UTC)
oo, i really like gustav's hair in 2005... hotness! and yay! -huggles them- actually, you're gift series was really what first got me into tokio hotel... even though i'd heard them a little on IMF before that... hehe, so yay you! -huggles you!-
Beren: TH - tom smileberen_writes on 6th July 2007 06:39 (UTC)
*hugs back*
He sort of had surfer boy hair in 2005 didn't he. He's so cute.
Talking of the gift series I really must finish the third one, right after I complete my Torchwood/TH xover :).
fairyeyez27fairyeyez27 on 6th July 2007 19:49 (UTC)
oo... sounds intriguing... are you going to get me addicted to something else?
minya; soft kisses & beautiful melodies ~ ☆ ☆ ♉ ♊: Tom Kaulitz - Jibson Liebeladyminya on 6th July 2007 13:21 (UTC)
This post is absolutely amazing. (*___*) I am adding this to my memories in case I need to convert more people. (what am I saying? I should always be trying to convert more people! :O VIVA LE TOKIO HOTEL! *salutes*)
Beren: Th - Love not warberen_writes on 6th July 2007 13:30 (UTC)
*salutes back*

We may have the bodies of weak ... possibly that's the wrong speech.

Up the revolution! We shall overcome ... and all that jazz ;)
The Sarcastic Typoraphsody606 on 7th July 2007 03:11 (UTC)
So, where can I buy their albums digitally seeing as itunes is stupid and they don't have them?
midnight_elfmidnight_elf on 14th August 2007 23:04 (UTC)
So far, I've looked everywhere and it looks like you need to actually live in the EU (or maybe even in Germany) to be able to buy them for digital download.

to Beren: Thanks much for the explanation. It was becoming a pain to try and figure out the differences between some of the albums (the whole diff between Schrei and Schrei etc. ). I am really loving the coloring style of Bill's hair... Any idea if they're extentions or color/bleach?

BTW, I'm REALLY loving both the song and vid 'Spring Nicht'. Hauntingly beautiful...
Mistress of Insanityzeenell on 13th December 2007 16:40 (UTC)
just thought you should know that the link to youtube for ready, set, go has been taken down for copyright violations.

oh youtube.
Beren: TH - sweet and innocent?beren_writes on 13th December 2007 16:41 (UTC)
Thanks - I shall have to look for another one when I have a mo :)
tsuki no yamiblack_myst on 27th August 2008 02:31 (UTC)
i love ur HP writing (especially the corruption series)
and u have no idea how happy i am to find out that ur a TH fan YAY!
subtle_liltsubtle_lilt on 22nd September 2008 21:15 (UTC)
yeah i pretty much lurve tokio hotel. anddd the boyss are so very gorgeous. i love their english album, and i listened to a few of their germish songs, but i don't like it when i can't sing along properly:)

anyways, i would never have checked them out if i hadn't followed harry potter to heree!

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