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22 December 2006 @ 06:57 Memories
Dec22, Weiss Kreuz, Aya/Yoji, R (for language)  
Fandom Advent Calendar
Dec 22
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz (AU)
Pairing: Aya/Yoji
Rating: R for language

Aya looked at the book on the table and carefully closed down his expression completely; he had been waiting for someone to figure it out, but he hadn't expected it to be Yoji. Then again if he ever found out who had given his lover the book for Christmas he was going to make them eat their own heart.

"You're a fucking demon, Aya," Yoji said as if he still didn't believe it.

"Half-demon," Aya corrected quietly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Yoji asked plaintively.

"It does not change the fact that I love you," he replied with complete honesty.
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Priscillammariep2 on 22nd December 2006 08:10 (UTC)
Oooh, I really liked this. It has a real bite to it too.
Developer, Geek, Photographerangelsk on 22nd December 2006 10:24 (UTC)
What is this fandom from?
feikoi: dancefeikoi on 22nd December 2006 18:37 (UTC)
ooo, teh shine...
tippingjugtippingjug on 23rd December 2006 16:58 (UTC)
Beren...I demand a longer story then this...this...this...DRABBLE!!

Oh gods, I love this drabble and it sounds like the start of something longer....IMOHO....6_6;;
inthefire2002 on 24th December 2006 05:41 (UTC)
*sporks Yoji* It shouldn't matter if Aya is a demon or not! *pets Aya*
Firmly Under Cat's Pawphoenix_starr on 24th December 2006 13:47 (UTC)
What series is this? I think I may want to track it down and read/watch it.
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