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To all those new to my LJ, my name is Tasha (aka Beren for fanfic purposes). I am a full time author and run a small publishing company (Wittegen Press) with my sister thwax. On this journal you will find me talking about my books, my fanfic, my favourite movies, my favourite bands, recipes and anything else that strikes my fancy.

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21 June 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
Apologies for this not being up yesterday - I'm kind of on hols because Soph is on hols and we've been heading out to do fun things.

Happy Birthday to:

20th: kaalee, dramaticpirate, feltons_world
21st: [personal profile] tootiredtosleep
22nd: the4ts,[personal profile] the4ts, myjadedhavok
23rd: [personal profile] perotessad
24th: [personal profile] lirren,[personal profile] jeannie81
25th: missmarauder2
26th: [personal profile] askani

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Conjuring 2

So as I mentioned at the top, Soph and I have been bombing around doing stuff and, yesterday, because it was tipping it down, we went to the cinema to see The Conjuring 2. Now I enjoyed the first movie, except I thought it lost it a bit at the end. This one I enjoyed right up and through the closing credits.

The story is based on the Enfield Poltegeist (with a bit of Amityville thrown in for good measure), which Ed and Lorraine Warren (the main protagonists) really did attend for a little while. Of course in the movie they are the heroes of the piece when in fact the Enfield Poltergeist just kind of went away in real life :).

This film has lots of scares and the evil entity is brilliantly done. It's a 15 so it's not a really gory horror movie, it's just a really good spooky one. Soph and I were hiding behind scarves and things from time to time in the cinema :). The characters are great too and Madison Wolfe is very, very good as Janet Hodgson - this girl being haunted.

I thoroughly recommend this film to horror fans who like a good scare.


Thanks to  mee_eep 's recommendation I now own a spiralizer. It is awesome and I used it in earnest for the first time yesterday. It's brillaint! I gushed about it over on my Tasha's Thinkings blog and posted the recipe I made last night, which was delicious: Spiralizers are Awesome (and Healthy) #TipsTuesdays 32. It's courgetti (zucchini noodles) for me all the way now :)
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20 June 2016 @ 19:54 Memories
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The moment I saw the whole Tom Hiddleston/Taylor Swift thing, all I could think was, wow, that's going to be one perky relationship :). BTW - if it makes them happy, good for them!

So Soph and I had a lovely time in town yesterday doing our ladies that lunch thing :). We shopped for about an hour and 3/4 (we're get bored quickly when shopping :)) and then when to lunch in a lovely tea shop called Tiny Tims Tearooms. It is a really lovely little place with more types of tea and coffee than you can shake a stick at, and wonderful, freshly made food.

We had the sharing platter:
  • ham (lovely off the bone type)
  • smoked salmon (so soft and succulent)
  • cheddar (more than we could possibly eat)
  • goats cheese (a whole round)
  • pickles, coleslaw and chutney
  • bread
Could not finish it :) They also have lots of different cakes and they do afternoon tea in various versions. Their scones are to die for.

Later we watched Suburban Gothic. It was what you might called quirky, but it stars Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings, so what's not to love?
Suburban Gothic

It's about a young man called Raymond who has to move back in with his parents because he can't find a job. He can interact with the paranormal and when the landscapers find a body in the back garden of his parents' house, bad things start to happen that only Raymond can sort out. He enlists the help of bar tender Becca as they try and figure out what's going on.

Frankly there were points when my brain was going WTF, but the ending makes up for any issues I may have had with the rest of the film. :)

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15 June 2016 @ 15:49 Memories
15 June 2016 @ 09:34 Memories
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Soph and I are doing the whole "Ladies that Lunch" thing today :) Should be fun.

Of course it means I won't get much work on the novel done today. I am almost done with the alpha read, just sorting out those little - 'oh, I changed my mind about that' moments and the obvious typos before it goes to my alpha readers. It takes much longer than normal reading because I have to go so slowly so I don't miss things :) Sometimes my brain is too impatient and I have to go back and read bits again.

Next will be the read it outloud stage - the cats are going to love that - NOT! :)

Recording extracts is always fun too, because Ruby and Amber have to come see who I'm talking to and ask me questions. Both of them can make very loud noises when they want to. Don't you just love concerned kitties? :D

Bad Horror Film

I saw a terrible film yesterday - well, okay, not completely terrible, just not gripping (it's better than some I have seen): The Merchant (aka Devil's Deal).

The problem was it didn't make a whole lot of sense and I couldn't really be bothered to watch it because none of the characters grabbed me. Probably would have made more sense if I hadn't been fast forwarding large chunks because I was bored :). The beginning was really promising - low budget, but it looked like it was going to be interesting, unfortunately it went downhill from there. I recognised some of the cast, but I have no idea from where :)

Seen any terrible movies lately? I'd love to share your pain :)
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13 June 2016 @ 15:50 Memories

Happy Birthday to:

14th: demonesskage,[personal profile] writing_pumpkin ,[personal profile] ladyphoenixfyre
15th: talaria_now, morganlefay1958
16th: reddwarf75, ai_no_ame, kissmyassterisk
17th: [personal profile] tatgoat
18th: tabitharjones, aphy_snape
19th: zou2, kawaiililme

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Why did no one tell me how awesome Pride and Prejudice and Zombie is? I've finally seen it and it has immediately gone into the pre-order queue.

I've done a proper review over here at my Tasha's Thinings blog: Zombies! With a little Pride and a little Prejudice. But here I just intend to squee a bit.
Sam Riley as Darcy

Sam Riley is just so lovely as Darcy. He's all cold and serious and then with a centre of marshmallow where he's really all worried about people ... and zombies.
Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet

Which of course doesn't lessen how incredibly wonderful the ladies in this film are. So very, very good. I want more!

My only complaint is lack of diversity in the cast. I know it's regency England, but they could have done what most Shakespeare plays do these days and ignore race in the context of the setting. 
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13 June 2016 @ 06:42 Memories
  • Sun, 14:56: Why did no one tell me how awesome Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is?
  • Mon, 06:39: RT @solomongeorgio: FYI: The gay agenda has always been "enjoy every moment you can before a hateful person takes it away."
11 June 2016 @ 15:52 Memories
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10 June 2016 @ 14:52 Memories
Base draft of the new novel is done - yay!

*does happy dance*

I now have to alpha read it and send it to the other alpha readers before I can put it away for a while, but I don't care! It's finished. Last scene was 1000 words longer than I expected :). Nothing like making me work for the finish line.

Let's not even mention editing it, yet ;)

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