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This is me making use of LJ's new sticky posts to put a Welcome message at the top of my LJ.

To all those new to my LJ, my name is Tasha (aka Beren for fanfic purposes). I am a full time author and run a small publishing company (Wittegen Press) with my sister thwax. On this journal you will find me talking about my books, my fanfic, my favourite movies, my favourite bands, recipes and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Check out my user info or the links down the side for my fanfic listings and below are all my books.

I welcome all friends, but please don't be offended if I don't friend you back if you have nothing on your LJ or your don't post much or you're under 16. If you are new to LJ, so your LJ is empty, drop me a comment here so I know you're not a troll/spam bot. 98% of all my posts are public, so it makes no difference.

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Title: Knights of Badassdom
Peter Dinklage ... Hung
Summer Glau ... Gwen
Brett Gipson ... Gunther
Ryan Kwanten ... Joe
Steve Zahn ... Eric
Margarita Levieva ... Beth
Jimmi Simpson ... Ronnie Kwok

Joe's girlfriend, Beth, just broke up with him and he gets dragged to a live-action role playing event by his housemates while in a drugged out, drunken stupor. When Eric, one of said housemates, accidentally conjures up a demon from hell the role playing suddenly turns out very real.

Okay, I admit it, I thought this was going to be terrible. Rob and I only turned it on because we had nothing else to watch and Peter Dinklage is in it. HOW WRONG we were - this film is AWESOME.

It's silly and it's corny and it's downright wrong in places, but it is also brilliant.

First thing it has going for it, is the message that it doesn't matter if you're male or female, tall or small, atheist or Jewish, walking or in a wheel chair - you still get to play. This is never thrown in the audience's face, but the cast is very diverse. Frankly there are three badass warriors and one of them is Peter Dinklage and another is Summer Glau, so, yay for diversity.

The plot is ridiculous and yet so entertaining. It also hold together within it's own rules. No gaping holes in this one.

The cast have their comic timing down brilliantly, but this isn't simply a comedy, at one point it's truly heartbreaking and the actors are superb.

The only thing that is not the greatest is the monster at the end. It's not CGI, it's prosthetics and animatronics and, well, it's not what I would call totally there. It'd good, but it's not Jupiter Ascending good, but that, I assume is the difference between a budget in the hundred of millions and whatever they had for this film ;).

The fight scenes are cool, whether they are with foam weapons or real ones and the stunt guys did a great job.

I have LARPed in my time and our games master was never as much of a prick as Ronnie (Jimmi Simpson), but the fun of the whole thing is definitely in the film.

I think the thing I liked most about this movie was I didn't see how it would end at all. That and the characters, who I really became fond of, even the ones who are assholes :).

This is not a deep film. It is not a literary classic, but it is wildly entertaining. Not a movie for kids though, mostly because of adult bad behaviour and some gore. I have purchased the blu-ray because Rob and I liked it so much.

Have you seen it? Have you LARPed?
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I'm looking for advance reviewers for my new novel Dreams and Reality.

The book is superhero sci-fi with a side of male/male erotic romance - actually at one point it's male/male/male (protagonist is actually bisexual, but pairing is male only).

I'm looking for honest reviews to go live on or around the 28th March 30th March (just realised 28th is Sat) when the book goes on sale and for the reviewers to post them to Amazon (most important :)), any other eBook sites they frequent, Goodreads if possible and wherever else they may wish to (e.g. blog, Tumblr, LJ etc). It's not a huge novel at just over 50K so shouldn't bog anyone down :).

If you are interested, please drop me a comment or get back to be at and I'll send you an advanced reader copy (ARC). The only thing I would ask is that in the review you state you received a free copy to review so that everything is above board. [Edit: forgot to mention, please LMK if you want mobi, ePub or PDF - thanks :)]

This is the second book in the Dark Reflections series, but you shouldn't need to have read #1 to get #2. I test all the books out on my husband who can barely remember he read the previous book let alone what happened from one book to the next to make sure :). However, if you do want a copy of "Me, Myself and I" - the first one, it's a freebie so can be downloaded from any of the major eBook sites:
Amazon | Smashwords | Google Play | Nook | iBooks | Kobo.

Dreams and Reality by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Dreams and reality by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Tristan Havering believes all the crazy things he experienced in an alternative dimension, real-world version of the superhero saga ‘Power Up’ were a dream brought on by concussion; he’s about to find out how terrifyingly wrong he is.

Four months after the steamy, narcissistic liaison he shared with Devon, the supervillain he plays in the movies, dangerous things begin spilling over into his world, and Tristan has no choice but to believe the impossible: superheroes and supervillains are real.

His only hope is Devon, mercurial and unstable, once driven completely out of his mind by his own power, but will he help Tristan a second time? Tristan has no choice but to frantically reach out and return to Devon’s crazy reality or face insanity at the whim of a power he cannot hope to control.

~50.5K words

I've recorded the first scene for those who would like to listen to it.

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