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26 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
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26 May 2016 @ 08:53 Memories
Please help me - I am trying to decide what Fairy Tales to include in my new series and so I would love to know what everyone's favourite fairy tale(s) is/are.

So far on my list I have Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, but there are so many more to choose from. If there isn't enough room in the poll, please feel free to comment with your answer instead.

Many thanks :)

Poll #2045691 Favourite Fairy Tales

Which of these do you enjoy?

The Little Mermaid
The Princess and the Pea
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
Jack and the Beanstalk
Hansel and Gretel
The Frog Prince

What is/are your other favourite fairy tale(s)

25 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
Yesterday it was bright and sunny in the morning and I bounced out of bed ready to face the world. This morning it is grey and uck and my brain is like 'Give me a minute, jeez, what is your problem?!'

I was also having the weirdest dream before waking up. I was watching them make American Idol, only it looked more like a bad UK panto and was about as organised. Oh and my friend Janet was one of the competitors.

At first the contestants were random and the judges had this electronic judging system where they sat in booths like game show contestants or something, that all failed. Then Adam Lambert showed up (I know why he was in the dream at least - I watched his #ItGotBetter vid yesterday :)) and he was kind of a contestant, but not.
Adam Lambert

Kris Allen wasn't there, he was off doing something where he was pretending to be old and walking with a stick. I told you it was weird.

As I woke up the contestants were trying to find costumes for something to do with a Thor musical number. So far they had a plastic helmet with bad pigtails attached to it. Oh and someone was complaining that they only brought Adam back to fix the result. No, I have no idea either!

Yesterday I was pootling around IMDB, as you do, and I found a list of cancelled TV shows - recent ones (well 2009 onwards at least). A good half of them I'd never heard of and they sounded interesting - this is so unfair. It seems like so often dross gets made and good stuff gets canned.

One I did used to watch was The Finder - I loved it. For those unaware, it was a Bones spinoff about an Iraq war vet who suffered a brain injury that makes him an amazing finder of people and things. Only problem is, it also left him with a compulsion - if he accepts a case, he can't stop until he finds what he's looking for.
The Finder

It had some great plots, quirky characters and Michael Clarke Duncan (RiP). What was not to love?

How easy was it for you to wake up this morning? It is bright and sunny with you or grey and miserable? Did you see The Finder? Any analysis of my American Idol dream? :)

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24 May 2016 @ 15:53 Memories
Medical Investigation:

I have just rediscovered Medical Investigation - I'd forgotten how much I used to enjoy that show. Anyone else remember it? They are a team from the "National Institute of Health" who go in and figure out why people are dying, then sort it all out. It was surprisingly upbeat considering the number of people who kick the proverbial bucket in it :).
Medical Investigation

It was back in early 90s and stared, among others, Christopher Gorham (young chap on the far right of the piccie). That was back when it seemed that anything he was in was doomed to only last one season :). Oddyssey 5, Jake 2.0, this one - they all got cancelled, which was very frustrating. Good god, he's only 2 years younger than me (just checked his IMDB) - one of those baby faced actors, I guess.

I also love Neal McDonough who has the most amazing eyes (chap in the middle) and seems to show up playing baddies a lot. Actually - I really like all the main cast. Kelli Williams went on to be my fav in Lie to Me; Anna Belknap was awesome in CSI: NY; Troy Winbush is one of those actors who shows up in everything :). They were a great ensemble cast - it's a shame the series didn't go any further. Of course I suspect the writers were running out of deadly outbreaks that made good drama without being utterly icky.

Other stuff:

My schedule still seems to be working - manages to write 16K words last week and have already produced 3.5K this week, so the whole alarms telling me what to do when seems to be working :) Need to set up a different set for Mondays though, because I do the weekly shop first thing in the morning, which buggers up my schedule a bit.

Nearly have a new short story finished - just one scene to go. Of course it's THAT scene - y'know the one. It's supposed to be easy, but it refuses to reveal how it's supposed to go. I've written it twice so far and discarded both. With me luck for getting it done today. It's part of a series I'm planning called Re-Forged Fairy Tales with main characters with alternative sexualities to the usual heterosexual, CIS focus of these things. This one is a bigender Little Red Riding Hood. The next will hopefully be asexual Cinderella. I haven't planned any farther than that :).

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23 May 2016 @ 17:23 Memories

Happy Birthday to:

23rd: mangobiscuit
24th: naruke_chan,[personal profile] calime, scary_rob, ragdollwhore, jewelle_sprite
25th: heard_the_owl, desolate_noir, aeron_lanart
26th: hellish_icons,[personal profile] nursedarry/ nursedarry, laila2605
27th: magdelena1969
28th: mctabby/[personal profile] mctabby, ravenpan, saladbats/[personal profile] saladbats
29th: falconoflight,[personal profile] thegingerninja

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Other stuff:

Had a pleasant weekend, but boy to I ache today. I had my personal trainer session on Saturday and I was silly enough to ask for a core only session. If I cough or sneeze it really hurts - LOL. It's not as bad as last time I asked for a core session though - so I know I'm getting better at these things. Steve really is a great PT - he knows when to push and when not to.

Rob did his first 10K run this weekend too. He managed it in just over 1hr5mins and he was running with our friend Claire and her knee went on the final hill and they had to slow down for mud and stuff, so he reckons they could have done it in under 1hr in perfect circumstances. I am most proud of him :).

Things I have posted elsewhere:

You all know I love vampires, right? Of course you do :). Well today I have compiled a list of terrible vampire films I have seen/own so you don't have to share my pain ::g::

Fangs, But No Thanks - 10 Terrible Vampire Films #MonsterMondays 36

Y'know if I can't bring myself to watch a vampire movie again, it's got to be pretty bad ;)

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21 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
20 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
I am really getting into South Korean dramas at the moment, but I mourn the fact there seems to be very little fanfic for the ones I really like. There are a total of 8 stories on AO3 for the series I am interested in.

My favourite 2 are Vampire Prosecutor (2 seasons - which I talked about back in Feb) and Cheo Yong - Ghost Seeing Detective which I have been raving about today over at my Tasha's Thinkings blog.

Vampire Prosecutor Cheo Yong

They hit so many of my buttons. Both are police procedural dramas, kinda, but with the added extra of one having a vampire as the main protagonist and the other having the lead being able to see ghosts. The clues are in the names :)

They also have very handsome, stoic leads and great ensemble casts.

The only problem is I can't find the fanfic :(. What I would really, really love is a crossover that slashes the leads, but I'm guessing I'll have to write that myself if I want to read it ::g:: I'm probably looking in the wrong place. 

P.S. if you want to check out these KDramas - type the names into google - they will pop up :). There are DVDs, but they are horrendously expensive. I would love to add them to my collection, but I'm not spending £151 for 12 episodes - sorry! Also it worries me when a title stipulates "Good English Subtitles" :). I believe they are on DramaFever where the subscription is available, it comes up on Amazon US, but it's not on UK.

Can anyone point me at fanfic or is it all in Korean? :)
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19 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
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19 May 2016 @ 07:31 Memories
I as having the most bizarre dreams all night, but I think one of them might make a good story - so there is that :) Thank you brain for the inspiration, but a quiet night's sleep would also be appreciated!

The whole schedule thing is still working, yesterday I managed to turn out:
  • 2 blog posts,
  • the preparation for another blog post
  • half a different short story from day 1 that I intend to try and finish today
  • half a chapter on my current WiP novel
If I keep this up I'll have the novel finished by the end of the month since it's been almost done for a while now. It would be nice to get it into the editing stage.

I am so glad I have Buffer as well - it means I can schedule a whole day of tweets and then not worry about it. Well unless I see something really interesting fly past on Tweetdeck :).

Does anyone remember Misfits of Science? I never realised it was a TV series when I first saw it because over in the UK we only ever got the movie, which was actually the pilot. I was going through some old VHS tapes and found it :) It was one of those Soph and I picked up from the second hand bin at Blockbuster I think :)
Misfits of Science

I may have to go check out Youtube to see if anyone has uploaded it ... ohh, I just discovered it's finally available on DVD. Hmm ... but having never seen the series I don't know if it's worth the price. Anyone see it? Was it good or bad?

Had any good dreams lately? What do you think happened to Amelia Earhart? (in case you are wondering, this is a Misfits of Science reference - I'm not quite that random ;)). 

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18 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
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 I have decided to use a schedule to organise myself and make me more disciplined. I wrote all about it on my Tasha's Thinkings blog today:
Time to Take the Random Out of Writing #WriterlyWednesdays 28

It seems to be working too. Yesterday I made myself follow the schedule and I turned out:
  • two blog posts,
  • half a new short story (that may worryingly turn into a novella if my brain has anything to say about it)
  • and managed to re-read all my current WiP novel so I can start writing it properly again today.
I also got on top of my social media and emails. This makes me happy.

It's working so far today too - I already have all my scheduled tweets done and ready to go and two blog posts done.

Looks like I'm going to have to swap things around a bit because, apparently, when I set my mind to it, I can churn out blog posts far faster than I thought I could :).

I'm thinking of adding fanfic writing into the schedule too, because I really want to get some more of that in and I have to finish the sequel to GTS asap.

For some reason my brain seems to fall into line much better if I make telling it to do things official by scheduling actual alarms on my PC, rather than just mentally telling myself I should do something. I always knew I worked better with deadlines, but I never realised it was quite this specific :).

Who knew something as simple as a few bells could make me do things ... oh yes, Pavlov! ;)

I have also rediscovered a show I used to watch back in the 90s and early 2000s - PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (back in the days when if a show didn't have a ':' in the title it was nothing ;)). Some eps are really bad, but it's still entertaining. Haven't got to season 2 yet, Rob and I are working our way through s1, which had a different format and was more about the cases than the characters. It's fun :).
Psi Factor Logo

Are you a deadline person - do you work better in a structured environment?
How many TV shows can you name with a ':' in the title?

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17 May 2016 @ 12:00 Memories
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I have always loved Livejournal and by extension Dreamwidth and I've finally decided to stop neglecting them.

Yesterday I posted about Eurovision (LJ | DW) and I actually got to communicate with people - I even commented on some other posts about Eurovision too. It was lovely and it took me back to when I used to do this every day.

Hence I have decided to try and post much more often on these accounts.

So, how is everybody? :)

Any new fandoms I should know about?

I've decided to be more organised because I don't think I'm getting enough done, so I've scheduled my day. In case you were wondering, 9 - 11 is for blogging and such things, because I do a lot of it for my work and I'm slipping LJ and DW in there too, because I can :). It's after 11 that the "proper" writing starts.

Soph ([personal profile] thwax  ) made the most amazing cake for our little Eurovision gathering at the weekend:

Eurovision cake

Rob and I had a piece for dessert last night after dinner too, since Soph left us with some. She took the rest to work because we couldn't finish it all :).

Well, lovely to chat - now I need a cup of tea, since Ruby got me out of bed this morning way before the alarm should have gone off, but jumping on my head ... TWICE! I love my cats, but sometimes ....  ;)

What I posted elsewhere:

Review: We Still Kill the Old Way (18) #MonsterMondays 35 (yesterday) - Rob and I happened to click in this on one of the movie channels and it was good, so I reviewed it.
How To Rename Multiple Files with Windows Powershell #TipsTuesdays 28 - I've been reorganising our NAS box and found Powershell really useful for renaming files, hence I wrote a blog post about it.
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16 May 2016 @ 14:24 Memories
We had a very small Eurovision gathering on Saturday, only five of us, but a great time was had by all.

Way too much food was consumed, but surprisingly, not a lot of alcohol :).

Rob and I watched the two semi-finals too. Petra and Mans were both brilliant as presenters and their interval song about how to win the song contest in the live final was amazing and hilarious :).

I had four favourites, only one of which did really well:
Click here to see the vidsCollapse )

I didn't think ours deserved to come down so low in the ranks, but it's clear the popular vote was not with us, even though the juries seemed to like the song.

I have purchased the album and some of the songs work better recorded and others worked better live, but it's a great bouncy album that makes me smile.

The new voting format was actually interesting and did make it more exciting. Who knew the phone vote was more political than the juries. I suspect actually the juries worked very hard to not be political because everyone could see all their votes. :)

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16 May 2016 @ 13:17 Memories

Happy Birthday to:

16th: quoshara, mefeather
17th: [personal profile] scaramouch81
18th: witchyemerald, silverhope2, me_lon, emeraldpink, [personal profile] nikibee/ nikibee, southernjade
19th: amariel
20th: tracy7307, mellamin
21st: [personal profile] janebuzjane

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

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